Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Do I hate white people?

About a year ago, a friend of mine and I were driving to see one of his good acquaintances. Once we got to the guy's residence, my friend made a point to tell me, pretty emphatically, that his friend was white. 

I responded by telling him, it wasn't a problem, being that I'm comfortable in mixed company. Besides this fact, I've worked with a good amount of these people for the overwhelming majority of my life. Now, I understand how I can sound when I speak on the machinations of white supremacy, but I didn't know I came off as that intolerant around him. So, I wanted to address this issue here. 

And, like I've said in previous posts, there's been an upswing of activity on my Tommy Sotomayor threads, and I don't know what this is attributable to; maybe Uncle Tom has a new white woman friend he's trying to show off or something. But there was a woman recently who left a comment on my post: 'Why I no longer listen to Tommy Sotomayor', who said my rants about white people are just as bad as how Uncle Tom talks about Black women. I told this woman why that was non-sense; but once again, I'd like to expound on how I talk about whites on this blog. 

Now, for the Black men and women reading this Blog, frequently or infrequently, I'd like everyone of you to know, that I'm not sitting in some small room, 24 hours a day, obsessing over how much I hate Uncle Tom or white people. I do have a life.

And I want to state this emphatically, I am NOT going around hitting whites over the head with a! And I am not encouraging any Black person reading this to either. My intention with these posts, and my Blog, isn't to 'radicalize' people into physical violence against whites; I am trying to give you a different perspective on the dysfunction in the Black Diaspora, for purposes of us coming out of our conditioned self-hatred. 

I'd also like to say, I can get along with any INDIVIDUAL! And this includes white people. What I'm commenting on here, is the collective 1% of white fascists who are essentially out to exterminate Black people. The other 99% of whites, really don't have a clue as to how these fascists operate, although, they should know how they benefit from white fascism. I'd also like to add, endeavoring to hate anyone, will ultimately wind up in a 'self-hatred'. And the last thing Black people need more of, is that.

I'd also like to say, the reason I probably come off as harshly as I do towards whites, is 'cause I've not only seen how this white supremacist sickness, has affected my mind and the mind of my people; but I've also seen how its affected my own 'nuclear' family. 

My father was severely affected by the disease of white supremacy; and it resulted in creating a deep schism amongst us. 

Now, what we usually hear about the Black 'nuclear' family, is how young Black men and women are raised in fatherless, single mother headed households. I didn't have that experience. My father was always present in my life and was very hard-working. I'd seen him work two, and sometimes, three jobs at a time. And one of my earliest childhood memories, was looking in my kitchen's refrigerator, and seeing it completely stocked with food. So much so, that it seemed nothing else could fit. I never went to bed hungry and I never had to worry about the lights being cut off, or enduring winters with no heat. I'd heard about those things, but I'd never encountered them personally. I spent my grade school years in a catholic school, and my high school years in a specialized arts school. So my parents provided me with a very good education; my mother especially, wanted to make sure I read well, because she encountered too many Black men that couldn't. 

So for all intents and purposes, we were a very financially stable, and functioning Black family. With one exception.

I remember my father telling me, one of his earliest childhood memories, was of being yanked to the ground, and out of the way of white people walking towards him, on the same side of the street. His mother did this to him. Because in mississippi, where my father was born, back in the day, if you unintentionally bumped into a white person, the consequences could be deadly. An example of this might be the Emmett Till story; even though young Emmett whistled at a white woman, and was brutally murdered for this. And if you don't know who this young brotha was, google him. But the environment my father grew up in, was so extremely hostile to Black people, that whenever you were in the proximity of whites, you were almost literally, walking on egg shells to make sure they were comfortable with you. Now, given this environment, coupled with the american educational system's curriculum, that's specifically designed to make Black people hate themselves and each other, my father almost had no psychic defense against the force-fed self-loathing he'd been indoctrinated into, for being born a Black man. 

As a result of growing up in such a hostile environment, my father had a life-long indignation towards whites. But there was a flip side to his indignation; you see, consciously, he had this animosity towards white people...which I have to admit, I picked up on a little, lol. But subconsciously, my father had been made to love white people, just as much, or possibly more, than he loved himself. Now, I do have a brother. And my brother is darker-skinned than I am. Behind this, and my father's subconscious conditioning, he doted on me because I was lighter-skinned, and shunned him. And I really don't know, if my father realized why he was doing this. But it resulted not only in my brother's home-life being made very unstable, but it created a deep schism between my brother and I, that exists to this day.

This destroyed our relationship, and I don't think that will ever be resolved. 

Now, to top this off, I see not only what this white supremacist school system has done to my father's mind, but my own and the minds of my people. Black people have been so conditioned to hate ourselves and each other, that Black men and women now-a-days, can barely form loving relationships anymore. Back in my father's day, there was still a cohesion between Black men and women. That's also been totally destroyed by these fascist, pale-skinned degenerates. 

So, I hope this sheds some light on why I'm hard on whitey. 

And this should also explain, how my views against white fascists were formulated; so you can understand, how my gripe with white supremacists isn't business, it's personal. 

Now, armed with this information, the readers of this Blog, can decide for themselves, whether or not they want to stick around for what I'll be posting here in the future. 

And understand, I'm fully aware that this blog could be three times as popular, if I'd adopt an 'ethnically neutral' or 'multicultural' stance. 

If I really wanted to 'hustle' on this blog, I'd tout myself as a Black male christian, and post bible verses about prosperity; and talk about how we're all the same under the skin...and all that non-sense. 

And I'd say to any white, spanish, asian or american indian person who visits this blog, and is offended by something I say about them, that you should find another blog to visit. 


And quite frankly, I'd prefer you didn't come back. 

And to the Black men and women looking at my Blog, I'd say, stay tuned. If for no other reason, than I'm in the intermediate phases of curating this blog, and I've got some very interesting projects coming up in the future; and this includes a full length novel I've been working on, which is almost finished.  

And one last thing, seeing how my father was mentally conflicted about his relationship with whites, is why I continuously stress, that Black people need to recondition themselves out of our self-hatred, at the 'sub-conscious' level(s). 'Cause that's what's truly running the whole of our bodies and minds. 

And ultimately, this is the only thing, that will truly set us free.


MontUHURU Mimia 

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  1. Funny thing...I am obviously a new reader to this blog and I never got from your messages that you actually hate white people. People get things twisted. There is a different between being aware and being hateful. Your work isn't hateful, spiteful, nor birthed out of ignorance at least your opinions and views are supported by historical events and based on accessible material if someone did in fact feel your opinion was false. It isnt. I also liked this post because I identify with it. I grew up much like you and have a father who deals with the same self-loathing. It's actually paralyzed him from being able to function around really anyone. Whites, and having to deal with their ignorance and hatred only enraged my father. Although my sister is light skinned as well, we weren't treated differently. Real talk. I hate what white supremacy has done to our men. I can't repeat that enough. And I don't like how it depicts us negatively. Maybe I'm wrong for saying I have an issue with interracial dating. Not because I don't like whites. In fact I get along with them. But it's the entire psychological war that exists inside me like a barrier I have placed around myself to never be able to want or feel a white man in a romantic way because of how we have been treated by them, it's almost treasonous in a way to my culture I guess. Couldn't find anything other word for it. But thanks for clearing up that so people can get out they feelings. If the message is too deep, maybe they drifted in the wrong part of the ocean.
    Later. Keep Doing your thing!