Saturday, October 18, 2014

The cult of gay white bigotry...

Several years ago, I had a Black male co-worker who I'll call Jim; and Jim was good at his job, but for a short stretch, he'd been having problems due to some sort of glitch in his work flow. 

Come to find out, the glitch Jim was experiencing was due to his bigoted, gay white male co-worker's throwing his client's mailings in the garbage after hours, 'cause this caucasoid cocksucker didn't like working around Black people. 

Fortunately, the pale-skinned degenerate fudge packer was fired.  

And this was the same gay white guy I heard talking about how his community's 'rights' were being infringed upon because he belonged to a 'marginalized faction of society'. 

Now, through the years the two loudest protests I've heard from the gay white community, at least pertaining to the Black Diaspora, are how the 'Black Civil Rights movement' and its community, should recognize white gays as an 'oppressed' minority and how Black people, especially Black men, are the most 'homophobic' in america, or possibly the world. 

So, without further ado, let's debunk these asinine theories with some cold, hard logic.  

First off, I think it's awfully audacious of the gay white community to look to the Black Diaspora to validate them, when the majority of these white men and women choose to hide their sexual orientation in the first place. The overwhelming majority of them don't come 'outta' the closet', so, if you're so ashamed of what you're doing behind closed doors with same-gendered people, why the hell should the Black Diaspora bend over backwards to validate your 'oppressed' status? 

Especially when you're not being oppressed!

And if you're a white gay man saying you still can't marry in some american states, stick around, gay marriages are being made legal in every state in this country, and it'll be coming to your state soon. 

Moreover, when you say the Black 'Civil Rights community' should acknowledge you, let me ask your community a question, where were you guys when your heterosexual peers were turning fire hoses on us and siccing dogs on our women and children during those Civil Rights marches? I'll tell you where you were, you were right behind them concealing your sexual orientation and enjoying the perks of the white male/female privilege. 

So stop asking us to validate you, when in most cases, you've shown you don't even wanna' identify yourselves sexually. 

And when I hear the arguments of how Black men are so anti-gay, I wanna' ask several gay white men, why doesn't your community acknowledge the covert bigotry in its ranks?

See, the problem with these kinds of pale-skinned inbreds is they wanna' have their cake and eat it too; meaning, white gay men want the perks of the white male privilege AND they want to be acknowledged as an oppressed minority. 

And if you happen to be a gay white man reading this, I just wanna' tell you, YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!

If you want to enjoy the perks of the white male privilege, shut up and do that, but don't tell me I'm suppose to empathize with you 'cause you can't get married in a particular state. Use your white male privilege, get a job and MOVE! Problem solved!

What also gets my goat about this group is their insistence that everyone must acknowledge that gays are born that way. That's nonsense...and what they really don't like about Black people in particular is, Black men and women, consciously or subconsciously, understand this.

Like I've said in the past, homosexuality is the result of a childhood trauma, don't believe me? Look into the history of anyone you know who's homosexual and you will find a trauma that made them that way. Like I've said before, homosexuality is a 'deathstyle', not a 'lifestyle', that's why two same sexed partners can't have children.

On top of this, the white elites are doing their level best to mainstream homosexuality for a generation of young Black men and women as a means of ensuring they'll be less of us in the future. Don't believe me?

Well then, check out this June 9th, 2014 issue of 'Time' magazine. The sweet, blonde-haired biddy pictured left, used to be named Roderick Laverne it's just Leverne Cox (gotta' love the last name). This, whatever-it-is, bills itself as an american 'actress' fighting for 'transgendered' rights. And it's currently starring in a 'Netflix' dramatic series called 'Orange is the new Black' (read: gay is the new Black). This is what they're putting in the minds of our young men and women, and if there's no real parental guidance for the Black youth, what are they suppose to think? And if you are a Black young man or woman reading this, understand, you can't 'transcend' your gender, you're either born male or female...there's only two choices!

Besides this fact, there are perks for Black men giving up their heterosexuality, usually they're given more access to better jobs in the corporate world, or I've even read cases where Black male prison inmates who identify as homosexual, get certain privileges like better meals and living quarters. That's because, the white elite know Black male gays aren't going to reproduce more children, especially Black male children who could possibly breed them out of existence. 

So, I've said all that to say this, if you are a Black man or woman, know that THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR ALLIES OR FRIENDS! 

They may pretend to be, but when the chips are really down, you'll see these perverted pale-skinned types show their true colors...and they won't be rainbow colors either, they'll still be the colors that contrast most...Black and white. 


MontUHURU Mimia


If you don't believe what I'm saying about the bigotry of gay white men, especially towards Black men, then check out this vid of a homosexual white guy who saw this with his own two eyes. 

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