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Why Eminem is NOT the best rapper...

In the spring of 2003, Shawn Corey Carter a.k.a Jay-Z, came out with a line of Reebok sneakers called the 'S.Carter's'; they were a run-away success. 

And according to Jay-Z's white supremacist handlers, the entire inventory of this sneaker sold out the same day of its release. Mind you, I prefaced this factoid saying 'according to Jay's white supremacist handlers'; 'cause I don't take the white elites on their word for anything anymore. They've shown themselves to be pathological liars, and to believe them would mean I as a Black man, would have to imbibe in a ritualized self-hatred that I'd have to reinforce daily via the TV news, newspapers, radio, film, etc. 

But I digress...

Oddly enough though, Jay's partner Damon Dash, not only wasn't a part of Jay's sneaker enterprise, but he seemed to be out of Jay's business dealings entirely. This seemed strange being they were inseparable just years before. This was because the white supremacist factions exalting Jay to the status he's enjoying now, employed a centuries old technique called 'divide and conquer' to play the two against one another. And you're probably wondering why I'm waxing philosophic on the misadventures of Dame and Jay while my header's purporting to explain the reason(s) Em is not the best rapper; well, the tale of Dame and Jay ties into why Em's not the best rapper/emcee, and you'll see this once I'm done. So, I ask once again, that you indulge me for a sec'.

'Roc-a-fella' records was created in 1996 as the brainchild of Jay-Z, Damon Dash and Kareem 'Biggs' Burke. This was basically the story Jay and Dame sold to the public to tout themselves as an 'organically' grown 'boutique label' that somehow achieved success through the sheer wit and sweat equity of the three entrepreneurs involved.

Mind you, this company was named after the 'Rockefeller' family, who are/were famous oil magnates; and were equally famous for their predatory lending practices (read, 'loan sharking') and colluding with other companies to freeze out or literally 'kill off' their competition...this concept will be expounded on later in this post. 

So if we're gonna' talk about how Jay, Dame and Kareem came to a place of prominence, you have to know how all three of these men were already foot soldiers in a white supremacist secret society back then. This is evidenced in Jay-Z's first solo video 'I can't get with that' in 1994. And I'll embed the video at the end of this post. What you'll see in several scenes is Jay wearing a shirt with the word 'Columbia' on it. And for anyone who's not familiar with this Blog, I'll just briefly explain how the word Columbia is used a lot in these secret societies; if you notice several organizations bare this name like Columbia University, Columbia records, CBS (Columbia Broadcasting Station), Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) and in one of the most historically famous instances, Christopher 'Columbus' who was not an Italian, but a Spaniard originally named Cristobal Colon. 'Crist' was given the last name of Columbus (an offshoot of Columbia) to identify him as belonging to these secret societies. 

Side note: To any white persons reading this, lately I've seen a trend as to where young white guys are talking about Jay-Z like he is at the head of the 'illuminati'...understand, that's absurd!

If anything it's families or the current generations of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds who put Jay 'on'...they're the ones at the heads of these hyper-dastardly and wicked tables; SO STOP ATTRIBUTING EVERYTHING THAT'S NEGATIVE TO BLACK PEOPLE! IF YOU WANNA' SEE WHICH KIND OF PEOPLE ARE REALLY DESTROYING THIS WORLD, LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

So, essentially, Jay and Dame started at the same place, as puppets of white supremacist freemasons; but something went awry with their 'friendship'; see, Damon was really independence-minded and wanted ownership of his companies, while Jay was content to work for other people. 

Now, coming back to Jay's Reebok sneakers, Damon said he wasn't with that because he didn't want a 'sneaker deal'...he wanted to 'own the company'; and on every level, he was seeing how Black people created the fashion trends for all of mainstream america in the first place. 

But the white supremacist elites will only let you get so far up the food-chain (i.e. they don't want you really competing with them on a monetary level). So a different faction of pale-skinned inbred got in Jay's ear and told him how Dame wouldn't listen to reason and how difficult he was being, so they essentially offered Jay the whole of Roc-a-fella records and its ancillary franchises; and they basically pushed Damon out the side door. 

So the degenerates, with Jay's help, effectively 'killed off' their (internal) competition. 

Now, in every press outlet and periodical, when it comes to the Hip-Hop culture and Rap music, every white music journalist says, Eminem is the best rapper.

And I'm not gonna' lie, he is exceptionally good; and if you were someone who only listened to mainstream rap music, i.e. what's on the radio, you'd probably think he was the best. 

Now, being a writer, I gather people have recognized I've got a love for words; at least I hope they have, and I've always said, the coolest films, music, books, etc. aren't on the mainstream status quo's 'best-sellers' list(s); they're on/in the underground markets. So, I've always been a listener of college radio and a viewer of 'art house' cinema; and in the last couple of years, rather than listen to what's on top 40 'Hip-Hop' radio, I've been listening or following 'Battle Rap circles'.

This is actually where Eminem came from; and in my opinion, it's really the only place where you can find 'authentic' Hip-Hop anymore. But there's a problem...with the advent of downloadable and basically 'free' music, mainstream audiences are no longer buying records like they used to, and they've gotten pretty disenchanted with the same five artists the record companies are promoting; so, more mainstream Rap audiences are coming to 'Battle Rap' as an alternative to artists like 'Lil Wayne' and '2 chains'. And as you know, once mainstream culture gets a hold of something, they pretty much destroy any 'cool points' associated with it. 

Now, because I'm a fan of the 'Battle Rap' culture, I've seen other 'emcees' or one other 'emcee' that's pound-for-pound, better, or just as good as Em; and his name is 'Loaded Lux' (Pictured left).

Now, Lux comes from Harlem, New York City, and being that NYC is the birthplace of the genre, it's seems only right how this man could win an emcee battle with Em; moreover, I've been salivating to see a battle between Lux and Em for, I'd love to see Lux take down the whiteboi and claim his rightful place on the seat of Hip-Hop and Rap music supremacy. 

Now, there's another emcee who would give Em a run for his money; and his name is 'Murda Mook', but I think more people in the mainstream world know about Mook than Lux. Mook and Lux have actually battled before and it was pretty much a draw, but I say Lux bested Mook; but the battle was 'debatable'.

I also have to give a shout-out to Mook on his win against the whiteboi 'Iron Solomon'. Everyone pretty much had Mook losin' to Solomon; and even I was thinking, maybe Mook has met his match. But Mook did a lovely job of completely dismantling and retiring the inbred in one night's battle. It was masterful stuff and I might include that vid at the end of this post also.  

Getting back to Em though...I was looking at an interview with another emcee who's worthy of the title, Talib Kweli...and for the uninitiated, let me expound on the difference between a 'rapper' and an 'emcee'...a rapper is someone who might have a bit of rhyming skills, but they're mostly people who've gotten the greatest push from the music industry because of their looks or their knowing the right people in the industry; and these types usually come across a hot hook on a song and have careers that span about two to four years before they fall off into obscurity. They basically exploit the culture. An 'emcee' is a person who's 'of' the culture, not just 'in' it; they've usually spent a solid decade studying the craft of rhyming before jumping into the industry themselves and they're able to deliver captivating live performances with their original uses of punchlines, simile, flow (cadence) and most importantly, they've got something pithy to say in their music; these include people like Tupac Shakur, Rakim, Chuck D, KRS-ONE, Black Thought (of The Roots-very under-rated emcee), Kool G Rap, etc. 

At least this is my estimation of this difference, but back to what I was saying about Talib...he had an interview where he said he was touring with his group 'Black Star' (Black Star is the duo of Talib and Mos Def...another strong emcee) and eminem was their opening act; this was before em became a 'celebrity', and Talib said by the time they performed that show, the 'Slim Shady' LP had dropped and Em was on the cover of 'RollingStone' magazine; Talib says, this was the fastest any rap artist had gotten the cover of RollingStone. 

And he also said 
Em was slated to perform their show when he was still a brunette; and I'd never known em to have dark hair, but when I did some research, sure enough it revealed he's a brunette. Which means it was 'industry' folk that made him a blonde.

And notice on this cover of RollingStone (right), which deals with em's bout with drug addiction, how he's suddenly draped in all Black.

Now recently, and unbeknownst to me, Eminem got his own 'Battle Rap league'. Mind you, the league I usually rock with is 'Smack's URL'; because, brotha Smack was doin' it for years before it got popular and I used to watch and purchase Smack DVD's all the time a decade or so ago when DVD's weren't being bootlegged as much (google 'Smack URL' if ya' don't know what or who I'm talking about). 

I remember Hip-Hop heads used to go crazy over Smack DVD's! 'Cause it was one of the only franchises that rightly represented the culture without exploiting it. He and his DVD's were that revolutionary. 

Now, recently Lux and Mook battled in Em's league. I really didn't want this to happen, because to me, it would represent a schism between the two best Black emcees of this generation, in my opinion. I wanted them to just drop albums and continue beating the pants off white rappers. But white fascists got slick after Mook took Iron Solomon to school; so what they recently did was, again, give Em his own rap league; and they put up the monies for Lux and Mook to battle one another. 

Now, if these two were gonna' battle, I say, at least let 'Smack' get the revenues from this event. 'Cause Smack was the one who not only nurtured the careers of Lux and Mook, but he basically took the Battle Rap genre/culture to the prominent spot it's enjoying now. 

Now, I haven't seen the recent battle between Lux and Mook, but the 'industry' is saying Mook won. And I can't seem to find the battle on-line to judge for myself. 

Now, Mook has a reputation for retiring emcees/rappers he battles, like he did with Iron Solomon. So it stands to reason that if he won against Lux, then Lux's career is pretty much over; and where the mainstream rap world is concerned, if Mook did beat him, Lux could kiss those dreams goodbye forever. 

But what this looks like to me is the white fascist technique of effectively 'killing off' the competition; just like they did to Damon Dash who wanted too much ownership of his company. They knew Lux was the Black emcee who had the best chance to de-throne Em; and they couldn't let that happen. 

Now, what could happen is Em could get in the ring with Lux in his own league...but again, Em would have too much to lose; and that would pretty much mark the end of his league, and quite possibly, his career. Or they, Em and Lux, could go to another league and battle it out, but that's just wishful thinking too. Note, Lux has/had a battle rap league called the 'Lionz Den'; but he couldn't get sponsors to fund the bouts or the venues needed to hold these battles in. Smack himself had to get in bed with white supremacist freemasons in order to promote and expand his league; Lux just became one of them too, but Smack's been with them longer. 

So, it looks like we'll never see the epic battle between Lux and Em, and the Hip-Hop world and rap culture will be all the worse off for it. 

Because they know if Em was usurped as the world's 'best' rapper, that could lead to the most revolutionary and influential culture our generation has ever seen (Hip-Hop) affirming once and for all how the Black man is genetically and culturally superior to every other kind of man...WHICH WE ARE!



MontUHURU Mimia


Here's a vid of Damon Dash's travails with Def Jam when white supremacists wanted him expelled 'cause he sought too much ownership of his company. Note: some of this footage is blurred due to its being live and the camera having to move frequently. Please note, due to the copious amounts of profanity used in this clip, viewer discretion is advised!

Here's a vid showcasing the best of Loaded Lux's oeuvre; this is really a treat for anyone who's a fan of 'bars' over 'hot 16's'...shouts out to 'Themupdy' who put this together...Again, due to mature language, viewer discretion is advised. Enjoy this!

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