Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What Melissa Ortiz found out about (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor...

I'm guessing the majority of people looking at this Blog know I was an advocate of (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor's a couple of years back; (and if you're new to this Blog, you can look up my first post about him titled, 'Why I no longer listen to Tommy Sotomayor', it's currently third on my 'Posts people dig most' listing).

Well occasionally, I'd see one of his 'cheerleaders' named Melissa Ortiz corroborating every word coming out of his fool mouth. 

Now, ever since I knew about this woman, she's rubbed me the wrong way. 'Cause beyond taking Uncle Tom's opinion as the gospel, this woman would swear up and down, even with a spanish sirname, that she's Black. Now understand, I know you can be Black with a spanish sirname, 'cause one of the largest Black populations outside of Africa is in Brazil. But try telling any dark-skinned, spanish-speaking person that they're Black...you'd better be ready to fist fight, 'cause that's what you'll probably wind up doing.

One thing I can give her is, she's a prolific maker of videos promoting herself; and in one particular video, titled, 'Why are Black women so argumentative', she goes on a tangential rant about the flaws of every Black women pertaining to the attitudes she sees exhibited by some of them.

This pissed me off!

What I did in response to viewing that video, was make a comment saying, 'Do you consider yourself Black or latino? Because your last name suggests you're latino, in which case I'd like to know who made you an authority on Black men or women?' 

And I did this more specifically because when I asked her a similar question on one of her other vids, she replied back, 'Don't let the good hair fool you, I'm Black.' 

This made me even more upset, for two reasons; one, if she is a Black woman, I'm wondering, is she still so brainwashed that she'd call a european's hair 'good' and a Black person's 'bad'? And two, if she really is a Black woman...which she's not...how dare you even imply that a Black woman's hair is bad, or worse than a white person's?

What got me peeved at her more than anything is, I know she's just pretending to be Black so she won't get any flack for dissin' Black people in general and Black women in particular. But after a couple of the debates I had with her via YouTube, I just moved on. 

Now recently, a friend of mine advised me to look at her YouTube account, 'cause I heard she'd changed her tune...not about Black women, but about being a cheerleader for Uncle Tommy. And sure enough, when I did, I found out that the two are now bitter rivals...I just sat back and laughed.

There's even rumors and speculation about Uncle Tom and Melissa 'tripping the light fantastic' when they met up sometime in the not-so-distant past. 

If you go to Melissa's YouTube channel, the first vid you see, is one titled, 'Addressing fabricated YouTube beef...there's a reason for everything'. On it she details why her and Tommy had a fall out, along with some footage of Uncle Tom cursing her out. Now, I'm not happy Melissa got cursed out, not really...lol, but she shoulda' seen this coming. Here's why...

As deep a thinker as Melissa fancies herself to be, she forgot one very basic rule on who and who not to associate yourself with theoretically, or in this case maybe even romantically or sexually; and that's someone who completely hates themselves...which (Uncle) Tommy obviously does!

And this further proves to me why Melissa's not Black, because any self-respecting Black woman wouldn't be so quick to take Tom's side on his ideologies about them. Even if they were just a frequent viewer of Uncle Tom's vids; on some level, if she were really a Black woman, she'd have seen through the self-hatred inherent in all Tom's rantings. 

Funny enough, the reason she was so drawn to Tom in the first place is, in reality, she's just another spanish person who can't stand Black people...she just won't admit it to herself or anyone else. And, she found a Black man who hated Black people as much as she did. So it's no wonder why they clicked so much, so fast, at first. 

I guess the moral to this whole sordid fiasco is, especially for Black women, stay away from self-hating Black men, whether they're celebrities or not. And, don't ever wonder whether spanish people are cool with our kind...like I've said many times on this Blog, they hate you possibly more than white people do, 'cause they know they're not white themselves and never will be. 

And if you're a Black woman who works around spanish people and think they're really fond of our kind, try moving next door to your co-worker, then you'll find out what they really think about you and yours. 

I'll reiterate this for anyone who hasn't read my Blog before. We, Black people, have lost everything to our self-hatred...and we need to take care of it, before it takes care of us!

And in my next post, I'll show you why we need to rid ourselves of this self-hatred ASAP behind what's being done by the white elites as I'm writing this...so stay tuned!


MontUHURU Mimia


Here's a video of how Melissa used to feel about (Uncle) Tom. Warning: This video contains mature language, viewer discretion is advised!


  1. I've discovered your blog last Friday and spent hours reading current posts and the archives. I love that you, a black man is addressing the fragile relationship between many bm/bw due to hundreds of years of white supremacist braintrashing. I see black women addressing this all the time, but not enough black men, especially when comes to colorism. Keep up the good work, brotha!

    I've been reading for a while now many around the blogoshphere saying Tommy's anti-black women lectures are ugggly. I remember a while back I listened to one Tommy's anti-black woman lectures for a short while. It started off alright, but then came the ugly and I never listened to him again. What a sick self-hating negro. As for Melissa Ortiz, I think about what I believe Paul Mooney said...."Everybody wanna be a nigga, but don't wanna be a nigga!" She need to make up her damn mind, not that we should claim her.

    1. Nina...

      As I've said before in past posts, (Uncle) Tommy's self-hating rants are irksome, but they're not our REAL problem.

      The reason Uncle Tom is so attractive to the Black Diaspora is he's operating under the same white supremacist mindset that's been conditioned into all of us, and this conditioned self-hatred has been with us so long and is so familiar to us that it feels totally NATURAL...


      As for Melissa, she's just another spanish woman/person mired in her hatred for Black people; and I'm willing to bet money around her spanish friends, she never even hints at being Black. But don't expect her to claim her spanish heritage 'cause she's having too much fun dissin' Black folks in the guise of a Black woman. And we're letting her!

      If anything I want the Black Diaspora to rebuke her, 'cause she'll never 'fess up and tell the truth.

      But I'm glad her and Uncle Tom are feuding...serves that orange pickin', leaf blowin' and refried bean eating heffer right!

      Thanks for commenting!