Thursday, October 23, 2014

What this Blog CAN and CAN NOT do for its readers...

"...the bitter medicines are usually the most effective."
--Shahrazad Ali

Recently, I wrote a Blog post titled 'Are you a sex toy for white people', in response to what I see as the Black Diaspora's willingness to avoid dating each other, so we can wind up oversexed and alone in decade-long pursuits of whites and other fair-skinned folk to marry.

Now, on this post, a commenter emphatically stated how they attempted to share the concepts of this Blog with other Black people who had a complete aversion to its message. This person also said, looking from someone else's perspective, that the concepts presented here were a 'bitter, painful pill to swallow, when you realize how your people as a whole have been systematically destroyed and exploited'; (and if it was 'Clair' who made this statement, I just wanna' say thanks for the insight and thANKHS for hangin' in there with a brotha, 'cause I know it ain't easy). But after reading this comment, the above quote (beneath my pictured header) from Shahrazad Ali popped into my mind (and once again, if you don't know who she is, google her). 

And I agree, the concepts presented here are 'bitter pills' for the Black Diaspora, but I'm presenting them to not only stop our 'systematic destruction', but to help us see how our loneliness, relationship-wise at least, comes from the self-hatred bred into us, so we can finally get out of it.

Now, the above comment was preceded by another comment made by someone calling themselves, 'Conga Dan'. 

This person basically made points stating why this Blog's doctrines are not helping anyone, especially not Black people; and how I'm just engaging in a self-righteous recital of stats and meditative exercises...especially pertaining to how our diaspora would be able to find relationships with 'good' Black men and women through these meditative practices. 

So, I've decided to emphatically declare what a reader of this Blog can and can not expect from it; thus eradicating any doubts about what someone can or can't glean from frequenting this space. 

First, let's explore what someone CAN NOT expect from this Blog:

1.) This Blog CAN NOT get you into a relationship with a 'good' Black man or woman within a week!

If you want a 'microwaved' solution to the complex problem of why so many Black men and women wind up oversexed and alone at fifty, this is not the Blog you wanna' read!

Let me say again, if you're looking to snap your fingers and make the ideal Black man or woman appear, or to get rid of the subconscious self-hatred keeping you out of relationships with 'good' Black men and women in minutes, this is not where you're going to find it.

Beyond that, here's the sentiment I'm starting to hear over and over again from commenters on this Blog...'is meditation all you can offer me?'

Let me make one thing abundantly clear...and this fact is really why I started this Blog in the first place...




You will wind up another statistical Black man or woman who's again, oversexed and alone at fifty after spending years being a sex toy for white, asian and spanish people...especially if you have a college degree!

And here's the real rub, 99.9% of Black people are conditioned to hate themselves and Black people as a whole...AND THEY DON'T KNOW IT!

And it's the not knowing that's a killer!

Why do you think white supremacists have done so much work, especially in the american educational system, to condition us to think of ourselves only in the context of slavery and Martin Luther King, a pacifist who died violently? It's cause they want our psyches riddled with shame and self-loathing, so we won't start relationships where we could pro-create and consequently breed them out of existence, 'cause we have the most power to. 

Let me give you an example of how well white supremacists have done their job of making us hate ourselves; this was 'Conga's' first question on the comment she last left on my Blog:  

'how the hell can the white man abuse us more than our own people....'

Here's the answer: By conditioning us to hate ourselves through two decades of covert programming via the american educational system and the media, almost guaranteeing Black men and women will have problems forming relationships for the rest of their lives! And making sure the programming we, Black men and women, get to hate ourselves, is ten times worse than what's given to any other ethnic group! 

And you can bet your bottom dollar, whitey sure as hell doesn't get this kinda' conditioning to hate himself, even though he's the most wicked and murderous person on the planet!

So here's my question to Conga, why are you so willing to forgive whitey but not Black people? Do you even see this as a problem?

So when people say they need more than 'meditation', understand what this mediation is's offering a way to recondition us out of those decades of subconscious programming, so we can in fact, love ourselves enough to attract that 'good' Black man or woman again. 

Also, understand, if you are stuck in a mental paradigm of self-hatred, you could go to work five days a week and sit directly next to a 'good' Black man or woman, and you will not see them; 'cause you're either too busy pursuing a white, asian or spanish person; or, if you do go out on a date/dates with that Black man or woman, some differing doctrine, theory or ideology will cause you to kick this person to the curb, triggered by your subconscious hatred for them, and you will wind up back at square one, being a sex toy for fair-skinned folks again.

And this is NO theory, I see this happening EVERYDAY!

I can hear people saying, well if the differing theory, dogma, ideology, etc. causes you to get in screaming arguments all the time, who wants to stick around for that? I'm not including screaming arguments or physical violence in the above example, 'cause I remember seeing one date between a Black man and woman on TV, and because one of them literally pointed at the other person to make a point, and not in a malicious way mind you, the other person canceled the date right there and then. 

I mean, think about it, why would any sane Black person choose hating themselves and other Black people over hating whites and the white supremacist institutions that made them hate themselves in the first place? It's because you've lived with your self-hatred so long that it's familiar, comfortable and it FEELS COMPLETELY NATURAL!  

I understand people wanna' be able to say a phrase, a prayer or swallow a pill to make this problem magically disappear; and hey, if you can find that, by all means go for it. But the human condition shows us that even techniques with speedy results like hypnosis have to be 'maintained' daily, bi-weekly or monthly, to keep their effects. 

So please understand, this Blog's doctrine is not a quick fix for the Black is a fix, but not an instant one.

2.) This Blog CAN NOT make you change if you really don't want to!

Meaning, if you, in your heart of hearts, really don't want to change, then be honest with yourself...and DON'T!

What has me shaking my head is how people like 'Conga Dan' will go on these tangential rants with zero intention of ever doing anything to correct their methodologies or ideologies on how to attract a 'good' Black man or woman...they just wanna' argue reasons why they can't or why my doctrines won't work. 

And understand, I know how frustrating it is to go through this, 'cause after all, we only have one life to live; but bickering and lobbing condescending insults isn't the answer.

Moreover, I bet not one of the people reading this Blog even TRIED the meditative exercise I detailed on another post. Yet they wanna' that all you can offer me?

I want to make this perfectly clear...this is WORK! It is not easy or passive; you have to make an effort to actually do it. 

Now, for the intrepid and diligent persons who actually do the exercise(s), I can assure you, the results will be miraculous. 

And again, if you're currently content and happy with your life, by all means, please go be happy! But if you're not and you want an answer to why it is so hard to find a 'good' Black man or woman to marry, then you're going to have to do something different than you've been doing!

And that may not include my meditative exercises...but you're going to have to do SOMETHING DIFFERENT! 

And I know a lot of you are saying, I am doing 'something different' by dating a white, spanish or asian person...and this is why so many of us wind up, like I continually say, oversexed and alone at fifty; 'cause all we're getting by dating these people is SCREWED!

So, by all means, let's stop letting white, spanish and asian people use us for their sexual conquests like handi-wipes! Unless you just don't care what happens to you in terms of future relationships...and if that's the case, you, as a Black man or woman, shouldn't be reading this Blog in the first place!'s what you CAN expect from this Blog...

1.) You can expect when you actually do the meditative exercises I offer, to, as a Black man or woman, love yourself more than you ever have in your life. 

And this is not hyperbole. 

Once you do the meditative work and offer your subconscious self-loving affirmations, especially pertaining to your African skin, facial features, hair texture, etc. a new world of peace and witnessing how much better we look than whites will appear before your eyes where it never existed.

And this is how our natural melanated minds are suppose to be working everyday!

Once you begin to truly love yourself for being Black, THEN you can attract other Black men and women who feel the same way...i.e. those 'good' Black men and women we're all wanting to be with.

Then, when you go out with this Black man or woman, you won't have such a guard up where any little thing that goes wrong will be an excuse to get rid of that person and go 'wasp-hunting' again. 

You see how this works?

And these changes can take place within the span of two to four weeks...and I'm saying the first 'noticeable' changes can occur during this time. 

Doing this over the course of months and years will yield even greater benefits. And, since repetition is the key to this, it has to be done daily or at least every other day.

Thus, I've dedicated myself to doing this meditative work daily for the rest of my life, so I don't ever lose any of it's benefits. Remember, we're reconditioning ourselves out of decades of self-hating conditioning, you can't do that overnight. 

Also remember, the finding of a 'good' Black man or woman starts with YOU!

The saying 'opposites attract' is incomplete. What it doesn't tell you is opposites attract up until the point where the novelty of their differences ware off and you usually wind up with someone who's just like YOU.

Now, this should be all the reason you need to do these meditative exercises, but there's one more perk they offer...

2.) These meditative exercises can be applied to ANY goal or behavioral modification you want to do in the future.

You want to stop biting your nails?

Apply the right affirmation and your nail biting will stop.

You want to lose weight?

Apply the right affirmation and the weight will come off.

Scared of the dark or public speaking?

Again, apply the right affirmation and these will slowly disappear.

Are you seeing the benefits of these meditative exercises now?

It's all about the subconscious mind people!

If you really want to change behavior, this is where you must go!

And this is why you can't pray this self-hatred away. It's because not only does prayer leave you in the limiting confines of 'praying and hoping', but it only deals in the 'conscious' mind. And anyone who knows anything about behavioral conditioning can tell you, in the battle between the conscious and subconscious...THE SUBCONSCIOUS WILL ALWAYS WIN OUT!!

The reason for this is, your subconscious needs to be the more powerful of the two because it controls more vital biological functions. 

For instance, imagine if you had to think about breathing. How would you sleep?

Imagine if you had to think about keeping your heart beating...any lapse in 'consciousness' could be fatal.

But we don't have to worry about this because the 'subconscious' takes care of all that, and again, that's why it's the most powerful part of the mind. 

And that's why it's such a bit@h to recondition!

So, I hope this answers the majority of people's questions about this Blog's doctrine and mission. 

Now, if what I detailed is something you can get wit', hey, let's get down...if it ain't...well, thanks for the time. I didn't come into this thinking my credo was going to be massively popular. But rest assured, I'm still working on the tome that will detail more in-depth and comprehensive methods of meditative exercises for us to heal ourselves; my e-book 'How to heal the rift between Black men and women' is on its way! So please, stay tuned!

Truthfully, I'm really looking for a handful of dedicated souls who I can eventually meet up with in real life, so we can actually build something to benefit the diaspora. 

So, again, if that's you...welcome aboard; if not, I ain't mad at ya', there's literally millions of other Blogs to choose from...I hope you find one that's more suited to your sensibilities.

Peace and be well...


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. Hello Uhuru. Yes, that was me "Clair". Lol. How deductive of you to know it was me. Well written post. I tried using the meditative practices you had mentioned in earlier posts -- once -- and then I thought of how I could help myself in a way that was more comfortable to me: writing. See you around in blogosphere.

    1. 'Clair'...

      There is actually a 'self-hypnosis' technique in the tome I'll soon put out where you can 'write' down your affirmations and it's said to be more effective than verbalizing them out loud or mentally.

      Moreover, If I could start this Blog all over again, what I might have done differently is wait until I had an example or examples of how miraculous these meditative techniques I'd learned were at affecting behavior.

      I may have been too fired up over finally feeling like being Black was a blessing instead of a burden to the point where I wanted to tell the world about it, or I might have done a better job communicating just how much these techniques have changed and improved my life.

      Or, I might have put my e-book on these techniques out first, and then expounded on how they can really change and affect the Black Diaspora's behavior for the better.

      It pains me to think of how our diaspora is so ready to physically exercise for an hour a day or do something trendy like Yoga for an hour a day, but when it comes to reconditioning ourselves out of our self-hatred, we're not half as ready to dedicate ourselves to this cause.

      But I also understand, the burden's on me to prove my claims; and I'm hoping the ancestors give me the wisdom enough to find a way to make these techniques seem more tangibly 'do-able' than not...and more attractive.

      'Cause whether we know it or not, our survival depends on it!

      And again, I have more work to do to get this Blog there...but I'll get it there.