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The real message behind Madonna's 'Papa don't preach'?

"We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the negro population..."
--Margaret Sanger, founder of 'Planned Parenthood'

"Papa don't preach, I'm in trouble deep, Papa don't preach, I've been losing sleep...but I've made up my mind, I'm keepin' my baby."
--Madonna, from the song 'Papa don't preach'

On June 30th, 1986, Madonna released her third studio album, 'True Blue' through Sire records. 

The single, 'Papa don't preach' was released several days before the album (June 11th), and was the LP's second single coming out after her song 'Live to tell'.  

When this song came out I was in high school; and I always remembered thinking how this was an odd subject for Madonna to sing about. Basically, this song is the story of a girl in her later teens telling her father how she's keeping her baby, despite the stigmas surrounding teenage pregnancy. 

Now, when I was growing up, Black children born out of wedlock were called 'illegitimate'; but since whitey adopting the trend, this is now called 'single parenting'. (Shouts out to Shahrazad Ali for my paraphrasing of her quote; if you don't know who she is, google her.)

Fast forward decades later, and now we have shows like '16 and pregnant' on MTV, basically showing the travails of pregnant white girls to everyone. 

Now, everyday on my way to work, I pass a 'Planned Parenthood' clinic, and I see several 'pro-lifers' discouraging women from aborting their children. Now, outside this clinic is a picture of a Black woman and beneath her is a caption stating there are alternatives to abortion; and the 'pro-lifers', some of them anyway, are carrying placards and signs with this same sentiment. Now, a casual observer would think that these pro-lifers are interested in saving Black babies from termination...but nothing could be further from the truth. 

See, a couple of years back, I wondered why the white elite would close scores of abortion clinics, when stats show how the majority of aborted babies are Black. 

Mind you, the teen pregnancy rate among Black girls is down something like 51% and are also below the rates of teen pregnancy for spanish women; but they say Black girls are still more likely to get pregnant than white girls, but I'd have to do more research on the subject in the future for verification...'cause again, I don't take whitey's word for anything anymore as the gospel truth; and like I've said in past posts, you always have to consider the source of whitey's information...but at one time, before I came into the knowledge I have now, I thought maybe whitey had a change of heart about Black babies and abortions...then I read about Ms. Margaret Sanger. 

See, good ole' Margaret dedicated her life to the promotion of birth control, and it's no coincidence that the 'Planned Parenthood' organization is the largest provider of abortions 'in the world'. 

And, over 78% of her clinics just happen to be in or near Black neighborhoods.

Just a little history about these clinics, the first Planned Parenthood clinic in the u.s. was opened in Brooklyn, New York in 1916, and guess what kinda' neighborhood this was got it, poor and Black. And in 1960, when the first birth control pill was approved by the FDA, guess which neighborhoods got 'em first through Planned Parenthood clinics? You get the idea. 

One of Sangers biggest influences was a eugenicist by the name of Dr. Havelock Ellis, who she had an affair with, which led to the divorce of her first husband by the way; he urged mandatory sterilization for the poor as a prerequisite to public aid. (Mind you, to this day, if you're a woman who receives welfare, you can't have a man living in your house)

Thing is, what whitey didn't realize, was white women, not Black women, represented the majority of females on welfare in this country. So, unbeknownst to them, Margaret and her pal Dr. Ellis basically started the campaign to get rid of white children in droves. And, it was three years ago when I found out how white birth rates are currently falling below replacement levels, and again...good ole' Margaret was a major contributor to this. 

Thanks Marge!

But coming back to Madonna, this is when I got the real message behind her song 'Papa don't preach' was for white women/girls to 'keep' and produce more babies, 'cause whitey knew in a century or two...he/they'd be history.

See, whitey's about to go the way of the dinosaur...and there's NOT A DAMN THING HE/THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT!  

But, they're not gonna' go quietly.

There's gonna' be a manic race by whitey to produce as many laboratory born biological weapons as they can put out, and their effectiveness at killing off Black people is gonna' jump exponentially. That's what the whole 'Ebola in the u.s.' craze is about now. And if you look at one of my last posts, 'The gospel of white supremacy (Part 2)...Who created the Ebola virus?', you'll see how this disease came to being.  

That's why I'm imploring every Black person reading this to work towards healing the rift between Black men and women; this is a matter of survival...and that's not hyperbole!

Between gentrification, biological weapons extermination, and covert methods of sterilization, white people intend to go down fighting 'til their very last breathe. So we have to be that much more vigilant in our quest to reunite and put a stop to this world-wide parasitic nuisance called the pale-skinned caucasian.  

Now, can we do this...absolutely! Will we do this in time? That's the 64,000 question.

So, let's get to work now...'cause this really is a matter of life and death!

Kem Wesir!

MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to check out my Blog post that explains how the 'Ebola' virus was created, you can look at it here.

Here's the video for Madonna's song 'Papa don't preach'. I had no idea how the white elite were campaigning for their girls to have more children even back then. In this video's opening, notice how the camera focuses on several white children in the park, especially the ones hanging on the gate; and notice Madonna's Black slinky outfit when she does her primary dance moves, the juxtaposition of this and the completely Black background against Madonna's white skin and bleached blonde hair, is sending the message that more white children need to be produced than Black, sublimely. 

And, at the end of the video, when Madonna tells her father played by actor Danny Aiello that she's pregnant, at first, he's dismayed; then at the end, he hugs her; this shows he's approved of her keeping the child. Thus, mainstreaming the approval of teen pregnancy for a generation of white girls. 

Also, Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy's daughter, made a cover version of this song in 2002...go figure.  

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