Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why Teabaggers don't deserve tax exemptions...

On Wednesday, May 15th of this year, Steven Miller, the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, resigned from his position due to what the media is calling an 'inappropriate scrutiny' of the american teabagger party. Conservatives feel this scandal is bigger than Nixon's Watergate crimes and is a highly impeachable offense. Now...I wonder why anyone would think they had to unfairly scrutinize the teabaggers? After all, it's their first amendment right to be highly scrutinizing of this government themselves; and seeing as they want to reform the ills of this particular presidential administration, I think they're within their rights to use their influence to have whole states secede from this government. (Mind you, the number of states filing for succession under the Obama administration is now at 21) So why would the IRS have any issue with the innocuous teabaggers? Let's take a look at one reason among many:

On April 19th, 2010, The teabagger party held a gun rally nearly eight miles away from the White House. These fundamentalists literally had high powered assault rifles slung over their shoulder as a means to clarify their message. In the above right sided picture, you can see one of these teabagging nuts looking directly at the Washington Monument, that's how close they were to the White House. And their message seemed to be...'restoration' is coming. Restoration of what you might ask? Well, if you listen to their story, it's the restoration of the american government which is being taken over by communist/socialist forces meaning to undermine the sanctity of their constitiutional rights, ala the second amendment. They say they're worried about martial law being instituted and their access to guns and ammunition being restricted. 

A side note: while the teabaggers are worried about martial law being instituted, recently it was in Brooklyn, NY behind a sixteen year old Black young man named Kimani Gray being shot to death by white cops. The community revolts following the incident were the cause of Flatbush, Brooklyn being put under martial law and the media being 'frozen out' so no one could hear about the abuses the community's citizens were suffering. Kimani Gray's sister was actually arrested for protesting her brother's murder, and it was revealed that the cops who shot Kimani all have pending lawsuits against them because of civil rights violations. 

Interspersed with the teabaggers were an assortment of militia groups saying they too feel their civil rights are being infringed upon due to recent gun control measures. But let's get down to brass tacks--these militia groups along with the teabaggers are nothing but gun-toting bigots who are mad at the fact that a Black man is sitting in the White House. This has nothing to do with constitutional rights or law...hell, half these people can't even define socialism. It turns my stomach to think a government official lost their job because he was unfairly 'scrutinizing' a damn terrorist group in this country. That's what they are! They're nothing but un-hooded klansmen/women. I remember when the Black Panthers marched into Sacramento, California's City Hall brandishing guns. Remember what happened to them? If not, here's a little reminder: there was a law created called the 'Panther Law' stating you couldn't bring guns into or around any government offiice, moreover, it said the Panther's no longer had a right to carry guns, period. And I don't have to tell you what J. Edgar Hoover did after this incident; if ya' don't know, he instituted the Cointelpro initiatives that got nearly everyone of them killed. And teabaggers are worried about improper scrutiny from the IRS?!

Please! *facepalm*

They should be glad Obama didn't dispatch the FBI, CIA, or whatever lettered organization you could name, to take 'em out Hoover style.   

And now they want welfare in the form of tax exemptions?! It's bad enough that the majority of people on welfare in this country look like them; these people don't need any more hand-outs! If ya' wanna' be a bigot in this country, that's your right; but it doesn't entitle you to tax breaks. Imagine the Black Panthers asking this government for a tax exemption status! (LOL!) Again, these people have been sniffing gun polish too long!

So in closing I'll say this, not only shouldn't these people be complaining about IRS scrutiny when they're holding gun rallies literally miles away from the White House, but they shouldn't have the temerity to ask for government hand-outs either. Oh, and let's see what we can do about getting Steve Miller his job back! This man should definitely be reinstated since the teabaggers have shown themselves to be a domestic terrorist group without any scruples whatsoever. 

'Til next time,

Ma'at Hotep (Peace and Justice) 

You can read more about the crooked cops who shot sixteen year old Kimani Gray here.

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