Friday, November 8, 2013

Nia Long, Tommy Sotomayor and why I won't go see 'The Best Man Holiday'...

Last night, I was watching my local PBS station, waiting for the start of the Tavis Smiley show. 

Now, usually I know from the night before who Tavis will have on his show; but being that I missed a couple of airings, I didn't know who his guest would be. 

To my surprise, it was Nia Long from the movies 'Friday' and 'Boyz in the Hood'.

Now, I kind of liken the popularity of Nia Long to that of Halle Berry; in that they're both considered exceptionally good looking because they have european facial features, but neither one of these women is an exceptionally good actress.

But, one thing I know about Tavis, is he's a masterful interviewer; on many a night he's talked with what I thought was a mediocre half-celebrity, and had a dynamite interview. So I kept watching. 

Now, Nia is starring in a upcoming movie called 'The Best Man Holiday', and the first movie of this series was pretty solid; there was some things I could take or leave, but overall, it was a decent movie about working class and upper-scale Black people. And I'm always for that. 

So, as is customary with Tavis, before the interview started, he rolled a clip of the film.

What came on the screen was a shot of Nia kissing some random white guy while Taye Diggs' character looked on. At one point, Nia and this white guy were kissing so much that Taye's character asked if they needed a moment alone. Nia's character said no, in an effort to rub the fact that she was kissing a white guy in his face. Then the clip ended.

Tavis held his head in his hands and asked, "Why is your character kissing this white guy?"

Nia replied, "Oh, well...she's dating him."

When Tavis continued to voice his dismay about it, Nia replied that he would piss off his white male viewers. 

Now, Tavis prides himself on being more politically correct than not, so when he openly said this, even I was kinda' shocked. 

Then Tavis asked emphatically, "So you're in a relationship with this guy throughout the film?"

And Nia responded in the affirmative. 

Now, I'm sorry if this is a spoiler alert to some, but this is exactly the reason why I won't see this film. 

And I can hear sistas now saying, oh, here's another Black man who's mad when we date white guys. 

Listen, my theory is this, go find love wherever you can; and if that's with a white person, so be's my problem with that in this film though; 'The Best Man Holiday' is billing itself as a relationship movie made exclusively for Black people. 

Now, if they're gonna' introduce some inter-ethnic, jungle fever type stuff, they should put that on the flyer, or in the trailer.    

It's kinda' like the cinematic version of a retailer's 'bait and switch' technique. 

This is just another sign of the white elite getting their Black stooges to push inter-ethnic relationships, especially for our people, so we won't have a chance to rebuild Black families in this country or in the diaspora. 

You'd think the producers of this film would be especially sensitive to this kind of cinematic skullduggery, in light of the fact that Black people really enjoyed the first film and were eager to see a sequel. 

Nope, they're just content to take whitey's money and push whitey's agenda. Sad. 

This led me to think about Tommy Sotomayor. 'Cause recently, a fellow blogger e-mailed me a vid of his titled: 'Why men should boycott marriage', or something to that effect. 

The person who sent it said Tommy was waxing philosophic about 'gender superiority' and how men get the shaft in marital court disputes. 

Now, can the court system be favorable towards women? It can be; it can also be favorable towards whites (look up the court case of the Black actress Tonya Pinkins).

But that's not the point. The point is, this is another attempt by Uncle Tommy to keep Black people from marrying, period. 

Again, Tommy's a white supremacist stooge who's being well paid to do their bidding. That's why I stopped listening to that sell out in the first place. 

Now, I can also hear you guys thinking, c'mon're asking people to boycott another film?

Actually no. On this post I'm not telling anyone what I think they should do, I'm saying I won't be going to see this flick. 

And it's a shame, 'cause this is a film I wanted to see. 

I remember watching an episode of the Wendy Williams show back in the day...yeah, I watched a couple of her shows too; and Wendy had on Chris Rock and Nia as guests. 

Wendy asked both of them about their early dating lives and Nia said that she and Chris went out on a date, she also said at the end of it, Chris gave her a wrong number.

Wendy asked Chirs if he'd done that purposely, and Chris announced emphatically that he did; which made the whole audience erupt with laughter. 

And the reason Chris said he did this was because he asked Nia if she was seeing anyone, and Nia said no, but she could get dick if she wanted it. 

Then Chris admonished the females in the audience not to do that on a first date. Good stuff Chris. 

That was several years ago and Nia's still unmarried. 

Beyond the reasons I've never been impressed with Nia, this movie is a prime example again, of the lengths the white elite are going through to keep Black men and women separated and hating each other.

And is it working?

Stats from the u.s. census bureau say that Black people are the least likely to marry, and the current marriage rate for us is at approximately 35%.

Now, even though these numbers might be exaggerated, we know, that not enough of us are married, and not enough of us come from two parent households. 

Nia even mentioned that in the cast of 'The Best Man Holiday', all of the Black men with lead roles are married and all of the black women in lead roles are unmarried. 

She also went on to say that cast members would have discussions about why Black men couldn't handle strong, independent black women. 

But this argument will ultimately lead to a stalemate. 

'Cause after Black men and women talk about everything they can't stand about each other, the real question is this: if Black men and women are conditioned to hate themselves, how can they love one another?

And like I've said in the past, the real, real question is: how do we heal the rift between Black men and women?

Until we talk about that, everything else will ultimately result in a moot point. And this is a topic I promise I'll bring up in a future blog posting. 

'Cause the solution is much like curing cancer naturally, in that it's simple, but it's not easy.  

So, this is one holiday flick I'll pass on. And if you're a 'conscious' or even a semi-conscious Black person, you might wanna' consider whether or not you'll give your money to a movie that promotes our division. 

'Cause someone saying they're kind of pro-Black, or kind of a Black nationalist, is like saying you're kinda' pregnant; either you are or you're not...there is no in between. 

And I know where I stand.

"...I'm an African...not an African-american."
--Dead Prez 

Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia

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