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Ferguson, Missouri...and the ingenuity of young Black looters...

I came late to the awareness of the Michael Brown Jr. slaying due to being away on a vacation; so I felt the opportunity to really offer any sound debates on my part would be severely belated and downright negligible. I also felt the Black Diaspora might be feeling a bit of Micheal Brown Jr. fatigue behind the constant media coverage this story was given. So, I decided to leave this story to the Bloggers who'd already offered their two cents on this travesty. 

That was until I saw a dispassionate apology issued by police chief Thom Jackson, that not only came off as insincere, but wasn't issued to the parents of Micheal Brown Jr. in person, but via video tape. Thom wasn't even wearing his police uniform when he delivered this wildly late apology. So, I thought I needed to throw in my opinionated two cents and comment on a different perspective of this case.

For the uninitiated, Michael Brown Jr. was shot to death on August 9th, 2014, by officer Darren Wilson after a convenience store clerk called in a robbery. Supposedly, after the robbery call went out, squad cars rolled and Darren came upon Micheal walking with his friend. Now, Darren says Micheal's shooting was the result of a tussle he and Mike got in. But eyewitness reports say, Mike was retreating from the officer with his hands up when he was shot down. 

And, as is mandatory, the Reverend Al Sharpton appeared shortly after this incident to quell the civil strife and on-going revolts staged behind Mike's killing. 
Note how Al Sharpton is holding his hands while accentuing his 'inter-locked' fingers...this is one of the hand signals of a white supremacist freemason. So you know what Al's agenda is, to keep the protests passively non-violent, so these kinds of tragedies will continue to happen; Rev. Al sold us out decades ago.

Beyond Rev. Al, the propaganda machine has been smoking hot around this issue being that this incident was too public to sweep under the rug, in regards to Mike Brown's body being left laying in the street for hours after he was shot to death and neighbors taking video and camera pictures of Mike's body as his blood streamed down the pavement. 

Fortunately, the tensions boiled over and Black people took to the streets for several days of revolts, the likes of which we haven't seen in years. And the state's response to this was tantamount to the National Guard being called to impose martial law on this city. Officers arrived at our people's peaceful protests in full riot gear, throwing tear gas and siccing dogs on us; they did whatever else they could to deter these swelling masses of Black residents from taking to the streets...and fortunately, none of those tactics worked.

Now, Rev. Al touched on one aspect of these uprisings that made me take pause; at several occasions he's made references to the selfishness of the looting taking place in the city behind Micheal Brown's death. He said at Micheal Brown's funeral, in reference to the looters, "...this isn't about you."

Here's an image I pulled up, which is suppose to represent the most egregious of these 'violators' to the (in)justice system of Ferguson, Missouri. 

Now, when you look at this young man, are you appalled by his flagrant disregard for the law? Or are you more appalled at how he wears his pants sagging below his backside? Clearly this young thug has no reverence for the judicial system and it's many ancillary components and he has no problem mocking the police officers who've taken a sworn oath to uphold the law; but here's the real question...WHY SHOULD HE?

What kind of disrespect haven't law officers shown him and his peers? And I'd be willing to bet this store was owned by a spanish or asian person, and if it wasn't, one of those two groups definitely made up the majority of the workers there, and you know how disrespectful they are towards us and our children. Moreover, when these slayings happen time and time again, this young man understands how any legal recourse to fight injustices like what happened to brotha Mike Brown usually wind up as exercises in futility. So this young brotha is smart enough to strike a righteously indignant blow at the system in the best way he knows how.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm NOT condoning stealing; but when incidents like this keep happening, and the face of the Black Diaspora continually gets spat in, I have Chris Rock's opinion of these issues...meaning, I'm not saying this young brotha should'a did it...but I understand!

Ya' see, what's so lovely about this young man is he hasn't been conditioned out of his right mind yet, like so many of us mature Black people. He's still in touch with his better instincts; which allows him to act and operate on more of a visceral level.

Now, don't get me wrong; it's imperative that we temper this spirit with wisdom as we get older; but that doesn't mean we have to continually compromise our principals of self preservation. By that I mean, it doesn't always require my making whitey feel comfortable while me and mine are getting our heads beat in. If someone steps on your foot, you have the right to say ouch! And you have the right to swing at your oppressor's head to make sure he knows not to do it again.

And with that said, let me piggyback this sentiment with one controversial debate that continues raging in the Black community; that of young Black boys and their penchant for sagging jeans.

Now, when you see these two young Black men, what's your immediate reaction? Are you instantly repulsed by the extremity of their fashion statement? I gotta' admit, this did bother me back in the day. I would think, why would any person do something as silly looking as this? Well, let me see if I can shed some light on this particular trend. 

I've seen and heard people, Black and otherwise, talk about our youth like they're senseless for wearing their pants this way; supposedly, it goes against any common sense of what looks good on the human form. 

But have you ever noticed how Black men who are directly from Africa always wear loose and free flowing cloths like the brothas to the right? In terms of fashion, this just makes more sense, because tight, body hugging attire can cut off circulation which leads to disease. So, these young brothas are just going back to their roots, whether or not they, or we, know it. And, isn't if funny how we can bag on our youth for wearing sagging jeans, but mature Black people have no problems wearing the tight, european suits of their oppressors. The people who've indiscriminately slaughtered us for centuries, conditioned us to hate ourselves, made us pay higher interest rates on any kind of loan we apply for, have us paying more for lesser quality foods in our neighborhoods and have made every attempt to wipe us off the face of this earth through laboratory invented viruses...we have no problems wearing their cloths proudly.

Side note: The modern neck tie, which resembles a 'noose' more than anything else, was created by the elites because it physically separates the head from the rest of the body; meaning, it separates the 'logical thinking' head from the 'emotional' body (heart, gut reaction, etc.), so if you're kept in your 'logical' mind and out of your feelings, you tend to act more like an 'automaton' or robot. You're not questioning what you're doing, your more content to just take orders and follow them through.

Another note; about the picture on the left, I just 'binged' images of modern day neck-ties, and isn't it funny how there just happened to be a 'skull and bones' logo on this tie's clip? And I'm sure everyone is familiar with the famous and infamous 'skull and bones' fraternity out of Yale U. which George Bush Sr. and Jr. both belong to. The evidence of their fascist markings isn't hard to find if you look for it. 

But enough about the problem, and the symptoms therein...what about the solution(s)?

The Black Panther Party for self defense was founded in 1966 by Dr. Huey P. Newton (yes, he is 'Dr.' Huey P. Newton...the man was a PhD) and Bobby Seale; it was conceived by these men due to the gestapo like tactics of local law enforcement agencies, and their tendencies to run rough-shod through Black neighborhoods.  

Oddly enough, James Edgar Hoover...we call him J. Edgar, said about this party, that the most 'insidious' facet of its initiatives was not the party's talk of taking up arms against white cops; and yes, he did consider this a threat, that's why in 1967, there was a law passed called 'The Mulford Act' making it illegal for Black Panthers to carry loaded firearms in public, this was after their famous march into the California State Capitol with loaded weapons. Even more odd was that Ronald Regan, the actor who became a politician, and eventually was (s)elected to be president was the one who signed this bill into law; but J. Edgar said the most dangerous initiative of the Black Panthers, was the 'free breakfast' program for children. 

Now, this was because J. Edgar knew the nature of mental conditioning and how this program would create future Black Panthers when those children grew up. 'Chuck D' of the extraordinary rap group 'Public Enemy' said he'd eaten breakfast at those Black Panther programs. And we see how it affected him.

I'm making this point to say, it's not always about stock piling weapons and yelling 'kill whitey', there'll be time for that; I'm saying the MOST effective way to free someone mentally and physically of white supremacist machinations is through 'mental re-conditioning'.

So what we have to do is employ a better strategy for combating the gunning down of our young people in the streets...and I suggest what we need to do is start threatening our Black politicians.

Now, let me clarify what I mean when I say 'threaten', I'm not suggesting threatening them with physical violence, 'cause ultimately all that's gonna' do is land you in jail...what I'm talking about is forming a grassroots organization that will target one Black alderman, councilperson, congressperson, etc., and we tell him/her, if you don't help us to stop these thrill-kill white policemen from shooting down our babies in the street, we're gonna' organize a campaign to vote you out of office. 

And if they don't comply, then we follow through with our threat. Mind you, it's better if we keep these initiatives at a local level, so these politicians are more dependent on people's votes than not. 'Cause once you get to the mayoral level, those votes began to count less and less, see, those politicians are usually (s)elected by corporate magnates and the fascist forces behind them.

We find a local politician and force them to do something about the killing of our children; that's the only way we'll see any real results. And once they say no, which will inevitably happen, we make an example out of this person by doing whatever is necessary to get them voted out. 

Then, when we get to the next politician, they'll know we mean business.   

To the Black Diaspora, this is what it will take to save our children! We have to get serious about making sure our women and children are safe!


Black men, we've made strides individually...we have; if for nothing else, we have a Black president. And anyone who says Obama ain't Black, doesn't realize a 'teabagger' never existed before he became president, and a popular white supremacist website crashed the day he was sworn in; also, gun manufacturers can't keep up with white america's demand for guns 'cause these bigoted degenerates are arming themselves for an ethnic war, when all we've ever shown them was forgiveness and empathy. 

So this is the task we have before us...will we get it done? Or will several more Michael Brown Jr.'s have to get shot down in the street by pale-skinned degenerate cops for us to finally do something?

To my Black Nationalist's time to get to work!

Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia


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