Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sarah Silverman and the inbred bigot blues...(Special Hanukkah and Christmas edition)

Sarah Kate Silverman was born on December 1, 1970 in Manchester, New Hampshire. She grew up in a household subscribed to the jewish religion, but like most jews, Sarah wasn't practicing her faith. 

And for those who still don't know, judaism is a's not an ETHNICITY. Meaning, no one's BORN jewish; and believe it or not, there are still people in denial about this. 

Her parents divorced when she was young and after middle and high school, she attended New York University where she began her stand up comedy career in New York City's Greenwich Village.  

Now, when I learned about Sarah going to a private middle school (The Derryfield School in New Hamshire) and her attending NYU, it didn't surprise me. 

Reason being, it's usually mediocre talents coming from relatively stable households who fail at trying to make an impact in the artistic world. I mean, outside of the fact Sarah saw her parents divorce when she was young, she never really wanted for anything growing up; and anyone who knows something about comedians especially, knows it's the ones who come from extremely unstable and abusive households who wind up having the most talent and setting the world on fire. Reference Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. 

Sarah first came on the national radar after her stint in NYU as a comedy writer for 'Saturday Night Live'. 

She was fired after a year because none of her skits made it past the dress rehearsal phase. 

But in keeping with the theme of white people's ability to 'fail upwards', Sarah got parts acting in other people's comedy shows like the Larry Sander's Show, Mr. Show and she even made an appearance on Seinfeld.

She also got bit parts in a couple of movies like: There's something about Mary, Say it isn't so, School of Rock, The way of the gun, Overnight Delivery, Screwed, Heartbreakers, Evolution, School for Scoundrels and Rent. 

After her failures as a local stand up comic and comedy writer, her career got the boost it needed when she performed on the David Letterman Show in 2007. 

You see, the biggest reason Sarah didn't become famous after her first tries at Sarah's not funny. 

I've seen Sarah Silverman bomb so many times in front of crowds, that it had me wondering, who's responsible for keeping this woman's career afloat? 

Point being, it's Dave Letterman and the other white elites who control the industry keeping this 'craptastic' and corny comic in stardom's spotlight. 

Coincidentally, this doesn't just happen with whites. 

Remember, Chris Rock didn't officially 'blow up' until he did his joke about 'Ni@gers and Black people' on his HBO comedy special 'Bring the pain'. 

Difference is, for Black people, you have to do something self-debasing like wearing a dress, or getting shot in the behind to get in the good graces of the white elite; especially as a Black man. 

So I kinda' liken Sarah to the Spice Girls, 'cause she's a completely industry created celebrity; and some might say this rule goes for all celebrities, difference is, someone like Chris Rock is five times smarter and funnier than Sarah.

And as Chris elucidated in one of his comedy specials: "Black people have to fly to get to a status whites can just waltz into..."

And one more difference between Sarah and Chris is, Sarah's a complete bigot. 

In my header's triptych, you'll see how Sarah did an episode of her show, The Sarah Silverman show, in complete 'blackface'. 

And mind you, Sarah's show debuted shortly after she made her appearance on Dave Letterman. So again, it was the white elites, not the public recognizing her talent, getting her where she was and is. 

The episode Sarah did in 'blackface' was her experiment in seeing if Black people are being hyperbolic about their harsh treatment by the white establishment. But as you can see by the picture, Sarah looks nothing like a Black person, she just looks like Al Jolson's sister. 

It's obvious Sarah didn't want a real answer to her question, she just wanted to lob insults at Black people. 

Which brings me to another incident where miss thing used the term 'chink' to describe asians on Late Night with Conan O'brien in 2001.

She'd explained how a friend told her she could get out of jury duty by putting an ethnic slur on her selection form. So the inbred bigot bi#ch wrote: "I love chinks...and who doesn't." 

What she didn't realize is no one would find this funny except her. 

And it's one thing to do this privately, but why would you be stupid enough to announce this on national TV?

Another time I saw her on Bill Maher's HBO talk show, and after Dr. Cornell West (one of today's preeminent Black scholars) addressed her on the show's topic, dumbass Sarah responded by saying: "...I disliked your interruption of Taylor Swift on the VMA's."

She was calling Dr. West, Kanye West.

And I guess to her we do all look alike. 

And when Dr. West retorted saying how blind ignorance can lead her off a cliff, Sarah said: "What rhymes with cliff?"

All you could hear in the audience was crickets. 

Sarah was astonished that no one found her joke funny; again, she doesn't have any kind of grasp on the true skill set(s) of stand up comedy...or just being funny period. In terms of timing, delivery and just a heightened sense of observational wit, Sarah proves time and time again how she doesn't have a clue. 

But I've seen this happen to her continuously; and what's even funnier, is Sarah genuinely looks for sympathy when she tells bad jokes. 

She dons this dumbfounded look when she bombs on stage or on TV; ask if she's asking, don't you guys realize I'm funny?

But ditzy broads like Sarah don't have a clue, and frankly, she doesn't want one. 

You see, not only doesn't she realize how external forces have kept her stardom going, she also doesn't realize how her success is due to white americans needing a voice for their dumb, bigoted masses...and Sarah has been tasked to speak for them.

I remember back in the day when Howard Stern's first book came out. A good number of white guys who bought it said it was their first time inside a book store. 

Sarah is catering to this demographic.

And Sarah's bout of stardom is also a cautionary tale to Black men. 

In so much as, a lot of us think by dating a white woman, we're automatically going to find someone who's more caring, nurturing, sweet and loving than any Black woman can be.

And then a lot of us get a rude awakening. 

I've wrote about this in a previous post, '3 reasons why Black men should not date fat white women'; and I'll leave a link for it at the end of this one. 

I remember Sarah talking about the late comedian Don Rickles, and how he was famous for riffing on ethnic jokes; implying she's taking the same comedic route he did. Difference is, Don was playing the role of a white bigot, Sarah is one. And she's too dumb to make this distinction.  

Now, Sarah's been known to take medications for her bouts of depression. But since she's not a deep thinker, she wouldn't look into her past to find out what trauma(s) causes her to be so depressed; she's just gonna' self medicate. 

I guess she's down 'cause of the myriad times she's bombed at one of her shows; and judging by her dumbfounded countenance when this happens, you could tell she's really hurt by no one finding her brand of hyper-bigoted comedy funny. 

So, if you happen to be a white person reading this, do me a favor and send sister Sarah a sympathy card. 

Saying something to the effect of, 'I have the same bigoted thoughts too and no one likes me either; but stay strong, 'cause you're fighting the good fight'.

Or send her an e-mail saying: I'm a current or former klansman/woman, and I don't know why people don't take a likin' to you...keep america free.

And the sooner you do this the better; 'cause just like so many things Sarah's not aware of; she has no idea her fifteen minutes of fame are just about up. 

Personally though, I hope I can see her bomb once more before it is; 'cause any time I watch a white bigot go down in flames...especially on national televison, it just gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. 

And that's definitely keeping in the tradition of the holidays.

Happy Kwanzaa, 

MontUHURU Mimia

You can find a link to my post: '3 reasons why Black men shouldn't date fat white women' right here.


  1. It's crazy to see how long she stayed in the spotlight and show business. I remember watching her host an awards show, and her jokes were SO corny and wack. My jaws dropped. It was just... baffling. I can't believe how anyone could find her even remotely humorous or entertaining. Anyways, good blog. Keep posting.

  2. She must've had sex with the right TV executive for several years, 'cause this untalented slug of a woman should have been taken off the air a decade ago.

    There's no accounting for taste, as long as you have a miniscule amount of talent.

    Sarah's obviously got I say good riddens to this vile piece of trailer trash.

    And I'm usually not this hard on people...but in this case I think I'm justified.

    Glad you liked the post and thanks for commenting!

  3. have u ever heard of Lisa Lampinelli? She is the perfect example of 'why black men shouldn'tdate fat ww'. she screws black men (and admits its because no white man wants her fat ass), and she talks about black men like a dog in her comedy.

    1. I've heard of Lisa Lampinelli, but I didn't know she dated Black men exclusively.

      And I'm not surprised by her comments about Black men.

      That's the reason I'm warning Black men to leave these slovenly fat white women alone; too many of us think ANY kind of white woman will treat us better than black women; and I want brothas to know the TRUTH when it comes to dealing with these milk colored monsters.

      Fat white woman are just as cantankerous and abrasive towards Black men as SOME black women are.

      I'm saying don't put up with ANY kind of woman's bad attitude, period.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. I feel that Sarah Silverman so desperate for attention. That she would do anything to get attention, good or bad. She is NOT FUNNY!! At all her and Kevin Hart. All I'm going to say that she is going to offend the wrong people like Jews or Gays. And she really will not have a so-called career. When I was growing up, real comedians make fun of their childhood. Like Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Bernie Mac RIP, so we can relate to them. I even like Stir Crazy with Steve Martin because he was really funny, when he did Saturday Night Live back in the day. After Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin and Dan Aykroid left SNL. I don't watch much anymore. Me and deceased husband love Blues Brothers movie and Eddie and Dan were great in Trading Places back in the day. But there are some very good comedians out there. I love Katt Williams. But like I said Sarah Silverman her time has come and gone and like I said she getting desperate for attention. And the best way to do it for her is to be in Black face. Which is not AT ALL FUNNY!!! And the black friends she did have, I feel will totally shun her now. If it were me I personally wouldn't answer her calls, if she comes to my house, she wouldn't be invited. If I see her in public, I personally act like I didn't know her. You did a great blog, Happy Kwanzaa and you have a Happy New Year.

    1. Hi Patsy...

      I'm glad you're diggin' this post.

      I love your comment about Kevin Hart! (LOL)

      I've always disliked miss thing Sarah Silverman; she's an epic bigot who's jokes are just vile and corny.

      I love your pedigree as a 'child of the 70's'; what I remember of it was pretty magical, but again, I was a kid; I didn't know what the political landscape was like. What I did figure out early on though, was the 80's were infinitely more oppressive than the 70's!

      You have a happy New Year as well...and, I've been wanting to ask you, why does your onscreen name say 'thomas7777'? Is that your last or family's name?

  5. It's my maiden name. I had the account before I was married.

    1. Hey Pat...

      Didn't know Thomas was your maiden name; very nice.

      Once again, thanks for commenting and thanks for hangin' in their with a brotha!