Tuesday, December 31, 2013

YouTube's 'The black authority' and why Black people are the poorest in america...

People...I don't wanna' end this year without mentioning a 'YouTuber' who claims to be an authority on Black people.

After discovering Tommy Sotomayor, I came into the knowledge of his coterie of fiends...I mean friends. 

And along with David Carroll, one of Uncle Tommy's other prominent allies is a YouTuber who calls himself 'The black authority'. 

Now, if you check out this post's header, the first picture you'll see is a black and white photo of the former Black Panther Party's Eldridge Cleaver. And this is the image The black authority uses to represent himself. 

So, right off the bat I had a problem with 'mr. authority' because unbeknownst to him, Eldridge was an informant for the FBI. 

This is well documented, so please, DON'T take my word for this, go do the research and find it out yourself. 

Now, one of the black authority's latest videos is a promo for a documentary he's got coming out, and the question he poses to Claude Anderson, who's a finance guru is this: "...after the Emancipation Proclamation, the Civil Rights movement, the NBA, NFL, Oprah and Barack Obama, why are Black people the poorest in america?"

And there's a very simple answer...but before I expose it, let's take a few components of his argument, namely the Emancipation Procrastination...I mean Proclamation and the Civil Rights movement, and break them down. 

Firstly, the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 didn't free any Black people who were slaves because it wasn't recognized by the southern states who had broken away from the 'american' union. 

The 'confederate' or slave states wanted nothing to do with the more liberal 'northern' states (even though they were rife with white bigotry too), so again, they seceded...or broke away from the north. That's why we have North and South Dakota, Carolina, etc. 

And this is why the 'Civil War' was fought to see which faction, southern or northern, would win the right to rule over the whole of this country. 

A proclamation is a statement or declaration of something; so the emancipation proclamation is a statement of freedom...it doesn't mean anyone is gonna' actually be set free; it's like an empty promise of freedom. 

As for the Civil Rights movement, this was nothing but a trick played on Black people by the white elites...let me elaborate...

The Black Wall Street was an area in Tulsa, Oklahoma where Black businesses were thriving during the early 1900's (about 1910) in this country. 

Mind you, this was when america was ethnically segregated. Now, when I say this area was thriving, I do mean thriving, many Black businessmen were multimillionaires at the time. 

Problem was the white elites didn't want Black people being this financially strong and independent, so they (the white elites) bombed the Black Wall Street. 

But they were smart enough to know if they kept us segregated, we would just build these businesses back up and continue to thrive. So they wondered how they could more effectively get our money into their pockets. 

Answer: Integration. 

Enter Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement. 

And yes, Martin Luther King was a white supremacist freemason; this is why he always talked about passive, non-violent resistance. 

So this movement was just a play to get Black folks money into white folks pockets...and it worked. 

Black people haven't been as powerful since. 

So to the black authority...the Civil Rights movement was enacted to hurt us, not help us. 

And finally, after the NBA, NFL, rap music, Oprah and Barack Obama...why are Black people the poorest in america?

Here's the answer...WE'RE NOT!!

For anyone who wants to do five minutes worth of research, you'll find out the majority of people on welfare in this country ARE WHITE!


I was looking at a Pew Research study which I'll leave a link for at the end of this post, and it proves not only how Black people aren't this country's poorest, but how there's more poor spanish and white people in this country than Black people. 

And in this study, even though it says only 10% of white people are living in poverty, understand there's about 300 million whites living in america as opposed to america's Black population which is at about 12% (This comes out to about 30 million Black people in america). 

So there are roughly 30 million whites living in poverty. This study also says poverty rates for Blacks are at 27%, meaning less than 10 million of us are living in poverty.  

And I know some will say, well Black people are disproportionately poor according to our numbers; but here's something else these pseudo-intellectual Black men fail to realize. 

Whites have the 'white privilege'; meaning any white person, white men especially, has more access to more resources than the most educated Black person. And you can't argue with this, no matter how much you love whitey. 

To top this off, jews (who are white people as well...don't let anyone fool you) have gotten hundreds of billions of dollars in reparations for their holocaust; meaning, any white person who practices the jewish faith could easily employ another white person (jew or not) if they feel so inclined. If they can't, they know someone who can. 

Black people don't have these kind of advantages, so there's NO reason why white people should make up the majority of the welfare recipients in this country AT ALL!

And mind you, there are also more poor spanish people in this country than Black people, regardless of how they wanna' think they're whiter than us.

Not only are Black people NOT the poorest in this country, but we're not the poorest people in the WORLD...contrary to popular belief. 

Again, I'll leave another link for a study showing that in terms of world hunger rates, the continent ranking highest, is ASIA NOT AFRICA!

Roughly 552 million people in Asia are considered to be living in hunger or famine like conditions, as opposed to Africa where the numbers are at roughly 227 million.

So Black people, stop hanging your head in shame; YOU ARE NOT THE WORST CASE EXAMPLE IN EVERY NEGATIVE STATISTIC!

Now, this may not be my best written post 'cause I'm writing angry. And it just pisses me off when these kiss ass, anglophilic Black men wanna' dis Black people and make it seem as though they have our best interest at heart (Uncle Tommy Sotomayor, Dave Carroll).

And with a name like the 'black authority' you'd think he'd do some research before he goes off on these dumb diatribes. 

I've heard this guy say things like: "Black men are lazy...they want something for nothing...and this is how the welfare mentality is created..." 

Well, if that's the case, again, why are the majority of people in this country who collect county checks white people?

So...here's the message of this post, and ultimately my Blog: Black man and woman, know the american status quo IS POISONOUS TO THE BLACK PSYCHE! 

And if you subscribe to it, even though you think you're helping Black people, you'll be so mired in self-hatred that any contribution you make will be poisonous too!  

So, to the black authority, Uncle Tommy Sotomayor and David Carroll...if you wanna' be the white man's lapdog fine; just stop pretending you have Black people's best interests at heart. 

Problem is, these boys are so infected with the white supremacist disease of self hatred, they can't see how much they HATE THEMSELVES FOR BEING BLACK!

So whenever you hear someone with some bogus stats, trying to tell you how bad off Black people are...you can tell 'em where to go and how to get there!

And I think this is an appropriate way to end this Blog off for 2013. 

It's been a lovely experience curating this Blog and seeing some of the feedback I've gotten. 

Thanks to all who've commented, pro or con. 

Honestly, I never expected to learn anything from writing this Blog; but one thing the feedback has showed me is how to be less divisive when it comes to my contributions to the Black diaspora.

Remember, I was an advocate of Uncle Tommy Sotomayor earlier this year; but this Blog and feedback from the people who took time to comment, has given me the proper balance I've searched for to make this site more healing and unifying. 

And I promise at some point I'm gonna' get to the post addressing how the Black diaspora can definitively heal the rift between Black men and women. 

Until then, have a very prosperous and Happy New Year...and I'll see you in 2014!

Kem Wesir (Black Power!)

MontUHURU Mimia 


Here's the link for ethnic poverty rates in america here. 

And here's the link for world hunger rates here.


  1. I don't follow where you're coming from. You answer TBA's question with integration, which makes sense, then you go on a tangent how we're really not compared to white folks. But you were only looking at poverty not the other end of the spectrum which is where the real wealth lies. Where is our Black Wall Streets today?

    1. Huey...

      Our Black Wall Street(s) went the way of the dinosaur when we (Black people) fell for the trick of integration. Again, once we were offered the chance to sit next to white people, we gladly gave up our businesses and our dollars to whitey.

      And as far as my comparisons of poverty rates for Black and white people, I don't see where the confusion lies.

      I'm saying that there's more poor whites and spanish people in this country than Black people. And the links I left to research studies proves this...that's all.

      And don't take my word for it, do your own research.

      If it's the whole 'more whites on welfare thing' that's puzzling you, again, go look up the stats; and I'm saying if whites, and white men especially, have the white male privilege, why do they make up the majority of the people on welfare in america?

      I don't get why you're confused.

  2. Have you listen to harvey superboy on youtube. If so what do you think about him. Is he like tommy or carroll

    1. I saw Harvey's YouTube video, 'I got a story to tell...'; and that was right on and righteous, but I haven't listened to enough of his work to really judge what I definitively think about him or his videos.

      My one critic is his using the word 'superboy' to describe himself; anyone who thinks as deeply as he does should claim his 'manhood'.

      But, if all his vids are like that one, more power to the brotha.

  3. Wow and I thought the black authority was a low iq throwback