Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Why do 'pop tarts' turn into tramps? (Extra special christmas edition)

Now, in keeping with the holidays, celebrity talk shows like 'Entertainment Tonight' and 'Access Hollywood' have an episode dedicated to talking about the most sensational events of the year. 

And for 2013, without fail, every show talked about Miley Cyrus and the 'twerking' exhibition she performed with or on Robin Thicke.

But here's a question I'd been pondering for a while: what's on these 'pop tarts' minds when they go whole hog on turning into tramps?

And why would they take this kinda' chance to repulse so many people and possibly lose what credibility they've built up with their fans?

Well...before I give you the answer, let's look into the beginnings of Miley's career.

Remember, Miley first came to national prominence on
the Disney Channel network as 'Hannah Montana'; and she played a character named 'Miley Stewart'.

Thereafter, she recorded albums as 'Hannah', and they sold exceptionally well to her fan-base.

Now, this doesn't look like anything out of the norm, until you look at the Disney corporation and the man who started this company, Walt Disney. 

Walt was a 33rd degree mason; and early on, he was tasked with conditioning the youth for the white elite. 

And think about the other 'pop tarts' who came out of the Disney corporation's 'machine'...most notably, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. 

Both these starlets started out with squeaky clean, 'girl next door' images; and when they came of age, they wound up looking like ten dollar hookers. 

But back to Miley...

Ms. Cyrus went through the usual paces of her 'homespun' image, until 2007 when she put out the album 'Can't be tamed'. 

Now, the white elites usually wait 'til their starlets are about 15 to 18 years of age before they 'turn them out'. 

And Miley was 15 here; long gone were the days of Hannah Montana...just like any other pimp, the white elites were basically giving her a pair of clear-heeled pumps so she could 'hit the streets' for their cause. 

Now, the reason these secret societies do this, is so young women listening to these artists will grow up adopting a 'loose, partying' and ultimately dysfunctional lifestyle. 

When women, and people period, come from and are influenced by unstable and abusive lifestyles or living conditions, their morals are relaxed and they're less likely to be fully in control of their behavior(s). Thus, they are more easily conditioned than the person who comes from a stable two parent household.   

And one of the main tenets of white supremacist secret societies is the latin saying 'Ordo Ab chao'; which roughly translates into 'order out of chaos'. 

Meaning, in order to better control a person, people or a nation-state; the priority is to destabilize the target. 

Coincidentally, this is why there's such rapacious and never-ending civil wars in places like Africa's Congo. 

Even though the ground beneath the Congo is mineral rich, the Black populus is kept dirt poor through covert operations of white supremacists who fund local/tribal armies to fight and kill one another; while their people extract all the diamonds, gold, coltan, etc. from this nation. (And if you don't know what coltan is, please google it)

And once Miley was properly turned out and ready to hit the 'streets', she came out with her album 'Bangerz'; which is a euphemism for youths who like to have sex. Then she went on MTV and presented the 'twerk-gate' scandal to viewers. (I call this scandal 'twerk-gate' 'cause the white elites used to add the word 'gate' to anything salacious behind president Nixon's 'watergate' scandal...again, google this if you don't know what I'm talking about)

Now, notice how Miley's hair is cut short like a mans? This sends the image of Miley being bi-sexual, read: sexually conflicted and confused. Here, she looks like she'll have sex with anything that walks (Eminem). And if her hair cut doesn't send this message, her crotch grab surely does.

This is suppose to send an empowering message to young women, but it's ultimately telling them, they should feel free to cater to every and any whim they fancy; irregardless of its consequences. It also says, they should be anything but monogamous; see, the white elites don't want women who'll be good wives or mothers, this would produce too many morally grounded children. 

They want women, especially young women, to be just as corrupted and whorish as Miley is. 

And notice when Miley was 'twerking' on Robin, she made this repugnant gesture with her face...

I was wondering where I'd seen this before. Then I realized one of my favorite authors had this gesture on the face of his first novel.

To the left, is author Victor Lavalle's cover art for his first book, The Ecstatic. 

By the way, this is where the rapper 'Mos Def' got the name for his album, 'The Ecstatic'. And both these brothas are white supremacist freemasons. 

Now, notice Miley's hair is made to look like two horns, with her tongue hanging out just like this photo's. This tells us where she and her handlers are getting their inspiration from; a Luciferian/Satanic doctrine. 

One thing I can say about Vic Lavalle though; he is an exceptionally talented writer. And I remember reading the novel he wrote after this called 'Big Machine'; it didn't have any satanic references, but he did write about a secret society called the 'Unlikely Scholars'; and what all the Unlikely Scholars had in common, was they came from unstable and abusive households.

See the pattern here folks?

Even in 'Big Machine's' acknowledgements at the end of the book, Vic gives a shout out to the 'real life' Unlikely Scholars and not only says he's a part of them, but tells them 'your secret's safe with me'.

And Vic recently put out another novel, and it's title? 'The Devil in Silver'...check this if you don't believe me. 

Mind you, these edicts feed into white feminism as well. 

I remember hearing how one of the Rockefellers were having a conversation with a friend at a dinner party. And the Rockerfeller asked his friend, "What do you think about the feminist movement?" 

The friend responded, "I think it's positive...equal work for equal pay."

To which the Rockefeller replied, "Look, we funded women's lib...and the main reason was we couldn't tax half the population if they were staying home and being housewives. We had to get women into the work force to tax that revenue...and, we knew with both parents out of the house, what would be raising their kids is the television." Thus, their kids would be more easily conditioned.

So I've said all that to say this...here's another reason any sane Black person should dislike Disney films, or any of their other products. 

Here's another reason to boycott their asses too. 

And if you happen to be a mother reading this, please keep your daughters away from Disney's material; 'cause like Britney, Christina and now Miley...they're looking to turn your daughters out so they'll wind up like the women of 'Sex and the City'...middle aged tramps who are doomed to be single for the rest of their lives. 

Again, Happy Kwanzaa,

MontUHURU Mimia


  1. Miley Cyrus is apart of the Disney MK Ultra mind control machine. What do you expect? She is doing what her handlers are telling her to do.

    1. I was watching these year end review shows and each one of them were talking about Miley's 'twerking'; and a lot of people were debating about what's gotten into Miley. So that's why I wrote this post.

      I understood why people on TV couldn't divulge this information, but I wanted anyone who might be in a quandary about this and looking at my Blog to be 'in the know' about the star making machinations of not only Miley but Britney, Christina, Madonna and any of the other 'pop tarts' who came down the pike.

      I think more people than ever know about Disney's MK Ultra factions, but again, in case someone wasn't hip to what that's all about, I wanted them to be able to get some of that here.

      Thanks again for commenting Patsy.

  2. I also like to add in she is mocking the black culture just without the blackface. Now, while I don't care for black women twerking (all races of females twerks, but i only care about the black ones, fuck the rest) it is part of our culture. Disney is known to sell sex to kids, this aint nothing new.

    1. Andrew...

      While it's true Disney, and damn near every other corporation uses sex to sell stuff; I don't know if the majority of 'casual' music listeners, especially young girls know what kinda' game is being run on them when they lend an ear to these artists.

      Now, I know I'm gonna' date myself...but, I remember when Madonna had her 'Sex' book out; you know the one with all the nude photos, and her friend Rosie O'donnell was in a quandary about why she'd do something like that.

      So not everyone is 'in the know'.

      But we ALL know the deal about whitey's copying everything Black people do culturally.

      That's the game of the white elites and working class; they'll dress, dance, sing and talk like us, while trying to make us hate ourselves.

      Unfortunately, it's working. And in terms of Black people hating themselves, it's working a little too well. And this is the reason I curated this Blog. To counter whitey's agenda and show them for the inbred degenerates they really are.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Hey Andrew...why the two jacksons?

    2. I did not know that Mos Def was a freemason (a White Supremacist freemason at that!). He always used to be one of the poster guys for Conscious Hip-Hop, especially with the two albums "Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Blackstar" and "Black on Both Sides". (Then again, that does explain him having a net worth currently of $275 million.) *SMH* Why is always the good ones that go? (Oh well.)

    3. One of the white elites greatest weapons against the Black diaspora is the 'white supremacist Black freemason'; two of the most famous of these are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

      The most effective kind of white supremacist Black freemason are the 'militant' variety of these traitors. Again, Al Sharpton being a prime example of this.

      Mos Def is now calling himself 'Yasiin Bey' and is donning 'jewish' attire; so, he's completely entrenched in white supremacist circles. He may say that he's a Moor (Muur) but at the higher echelons of the Muslims and Moors, are white supremacist freemasons.

      Elijah Muhammad, who I really respect, came out and said he was a mason; but, he had the heart and temerity enough to let his followers KNOW THAT.

      He was basically saying (Elijah), you know who I'm affiliated with, now if you still wanna' follow me, that's up to you. That's why I still respect the man.

      As far as Mos donning a jews attire, check out this vid, this will tell you where his loyalty LIES! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHWjK6h-NZA