Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Project H.E.A.R. and why haitians, jamaicans and Black africans love Tommy Sotomayor...

"...everything associated with Black americans is bad."
--Tommy Sotomayor

When I was an advocate of Tommy Sotomayor and his diatribes of Black self-hatred, I'd roam through his several hundred YouTube channels looking for his latest post.

And one sentiment I seemed to run into time and time again...which no one contested by the way, was the fact that Black americans were the most insipid and ignorant kinds of Black people in the diaspora.

This, and Uncle Tommy's rants about how much he hated Black people, eventually led me to tune him out all together.

But recently, I saw this statement on a YouTube channel that wasn't Tommy's; so I investigated the person who posted the comment. Turns out, this person was a Black Jamacian living in the UK. And in his statement he wrote: I'm a Black british educated man, and these Black americans are some of the dumbest people in the world. And one person even gave it a thumbs up...mind you, not one Black american contested or protested this statement.

As a Black american myself, I've known some Jamaicans who are very cool...and the majority of them usually are; but there's a large contingent of Black island people, i.e. Jamaicans, Haitians, dominicans, etc. who can't stand Black americans. And I'm like, what's up with that?

Now, I kinda' know what's going on here, because once anyone from outside this country gets here, they're automatically told, or it's intimated, that they shouldn't like Black americans. It's almost like, welcome to america...we all hate Black americans and you should too. 

What kills me about this is, some Black immigrants don't realize they're here because the white elite has so oppressed them in their native country, that they can't make a living there.

And if Black Africans and island people feel they're so much smarter than Black americans, they should find a way to make a living in their native countries, so they can keep themselves and their families there from starving. 

I remember the Amadou Diallo shooting in New York; where this young man from Africa, came home from work and undercover officers shot him dead in a hale of forty-one bullets. Those white officers didn't stop to check if Amadou was Haitian, Jamaican or African...they just saw Black and killed him.  

Now with that said, Black people from the islands and Africa having a problem with Black americans, is but one more case of the 'Yakubian'/Willie Lynch 'divide and conquer' tactic white supremacists use to keep Black people apart. If you don't know who Yakub is, google him. And quite frankly, this is the 'mindstate' of the average Black person who listens to Tommy Sotomayor. Not only do they distance themselves from everything associated with the Black diaspora, but just like Uncle Tommy, they've been conditioned to hate themselves and do. 

This is why I've felt the need to start something I'm calling 'Project H.E.A.R.'; this is going to be an initiative to stop all the self-hatred and schisms in the Black diaspora. Or at least my attempt to aid in its stoppage. H.E.A.R is an acronym for 'Hue-mans Erasing All Rifts'; and when I use the term 'Hue-man', I'm referring to Black people. 'Cause whether we want to believe it or not, asians, white and spanish people all hate us, either consciously or subconsciously. The sad part is, again, Black people usually hate themselves too.

Mind you, I'm not immune from the ravages of the white supremacist education I've received; I too have my own prejudices about my people that I'm reconditioning myself out this is not about me pointing fingers, It's about me trying to offer practical solutions. 

Project H.E.A.R. will be a multimedia endeavor that will include literature, music and video to get it's message across. 

I wasn't originally gonna' include this, but as I'm writing, I've got the 'CW' televison network playing in the background. And there's a Tyler Perry 'prodco' marathon of coonery that's been on for the past twenty-five minutes. Now, I usually keep my TV tuned to a channel where I can at least 'see' Black people, so I'm not inundated with white or anglophilic images. And I've got my TV on 'mute' so I won't have to hear the minstrelsy that's passing for dialogue on Tyler's TV show. A second ago I put the sound back on, and Tyler Perry's 'House of Payne' was on the screen. 

This episode is about a young, commitment-phobic Black man, who's about to be married, and his need to play video games while his Black woman-friend is on the phone making catering arrangements. When the woman says the caterer is out of chicken, the Black man wants to call off the wedding. Its these 'bafoonish' images I'm gonna' address and contest in the 'Project H.E.A.R.' initiatives. 

So I hope people who enjoy my blog stay tuned for these particular posts and videos; 'cause with this 'Project', I'm going to primarily address the one subject that's caused the Black diaspora the most harm...and that's self-hatred. 

And with shows like 'House of Payne'...the sooner I get these posts and videos out, the better. 

Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia


  1. We as a race need that. I am trying to get away from negative people and stereotypes. Because I'm the same way. I don't trust some people of my race either. Because I stay in the projects. Where you learn from the jump to trust yourself. And have less friends as possible.

    1. Hi Patsy...

      It's funny that when a Black person gets labeled 'conscious', they or the general public thinks their white supremacist conditioning automatically goes away.

      The most dominate part of the mind is the 'subconscious' mind; so if you only take the time to recondition your 'conscious' thoughts, guess can still be biased against your own people and feel inferior to whites. And most 'conscious' Black people do.

      The MOST important part of getting 'conscious' and truly liberating yourself from any inferiority complex, is doing the meditative work to change what's happening in your subconscious. And most people don't recognize the problem at this level.

      Again, this is the REAL way to get 'CONSCIOUS'!

      So I hope to inspire people to do that level of work with my future posts.

      And thank you so much for your support btw!

      I hope you continue to like what you see here.

  2. It's such a shame that in 2014, people still hate. Hate is what this country is all about! HATE!!

    1. I hear what you're saying about 'hate' in america, america is RIFE with ethnic polarization!

      Conversely, I don't care about other ethnic groups, I'm only concerned with Black people, my people, hating one another.


      'Cause quiet as it's kept, spanish, asian and white people not only don't like us, but they don't receive the kind of insidious conditioning Black folks do to revile everything about themselves.

      And that's my Blog's main stop the self-hatred in the diaspora.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. THIS WOMEN SHE WAS LOOKING FOR AN EXCELLENT EXCUSE TO START GO OF IN AFRICA AND ISLAND PEOPLE FIRST OF ALL. NO BLACK island hate black American. The most hatred group in the black diaspora it is black American. Who talk shit about us, who hate black African and island people the very hateful and disrespect to African and island people. Notice Assians, Muslims, Arab, Indians the all hate black people, but yet you don't be hearing black American crying or complain about them regardless of what the did or say to black American you don't be hearing them telling those, Indians, Assians, Muslim or Latino to go back home where they'll come from . BUT WHY ALWAYS IS THE BLACK ISLAND PEOPLE OR African black American keep calling them poor or something else the keeping saying like if your country was so good why are you coming here for a better. I got news for you dumb ass if your country u wanted to call America ur master country was so good to u to why all of your black American crying bitches complain about ya white American then. Why is that ya are in the bottom of the barrel but not the foriengn Who immigration to this country from the white to the yellow . I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT the African or the Island people because the white power don't if us loan or anything fuck all ya who is hating on black foreign. It is so sad the secret hatred ya have for black foreign. YA BLACK IS THIS COUNTRY FULL of IT. WHAT ABOUT HOW YA THREAT PEOPLE WHEN the COME HERE YA TALK SO BAD about THEM MAKE FUN OF THEM YA HAS DONE SOME TERRIBLE SHIT TO THEM BLACK island and AFRICAN YA BLACK AMERICAN ARE the ONE WHO DONE WANT to SEAT NEXT IN CLASS TO A BLACK FOREIGN STUDENTS OR GOT ANYTHING TO DO WITH ANY OTHER BLACK RACE NOT the other WAY AROUND U NEED TO LOOK IN SEE WHAT BLACK AMERICAN LIKE you SAYIN ABOUT FOREIGN ALSO have U NOT MENTION A BRISTISH BLACK MEN BUT U SAY NOTHING ABOUT HIM AT ALL WHY CAUSE HE'S BRISTISH. U JUST HATE BLACK island and AFRICAN PERIOD