Sunday, August 6, 2017

The gospel of white fascism (Part 19)...Question: How did asians become 60% of the world's population?

Recently, I conversed with a co-worker, and told her that the continent leading in rates of world hunger is asia, not Africa. And for a moment, she was dumb-struck. A second later, she said: “Well, that kinda' figures, 'cause there's a billion of them.”

But shortly thereafter, this Black woman and I agreed that we'd both been conditioned to believe that Africa was indeed leading in rates of global hunger. Then I told her how I'd grown up watching TV commercials for charitable organizations, where I saw African children with bloated bellies and flies swirling around them who were clearly starving, and how according to stats, those children should have been asian. Then I thought about her comment of asians outnumbering Africans, and being the world's most populus group period. So once again, being a curious type of fellow, I decided to do a little research to substantiate those numbers. And here's what I found...

First off, when it comes to the indigenous Black people of this earth, and how we're represented in global numbers, the whole of us are categorized as 'African', and our total numbers globally are said to be 1.3 billion throughout the entirety of our Diaspora. So there's literally more than a billion of us in the world, and we represent roughly 20% of the earth's population, officially (wink, wink). And once again, this includes: Black americans, Brazilians, europeans, australians, etc. So according to stats, we are the second largest ethnic group on this earth. And these numbers were gathered by the 'United Nations Population Fund'. Also, at last count, there were 590 million white europeans, and 480 million more whites throughout their diaspora, which gives them roughly 13% of the world's population (mind you, 20% of europe in non-white). So rest assured, there are definitely more Black people in the world, than whites.

Now, this organization also says that the majority of humans live in asia, with its 4.3 billion people making up 60% of the world's population. And it says the two most populated countries in the world are China and India.

So when I pulled up a list of asian countries, I cocked an eyebrow when I saw that 'Russia' was listed as being in asia. And coincidentally, according to stats, Russia is the world's largest physical country (17.1 million square kilometers). Also, according to stats, there's roughly 145 million people living in Russia, and officially 40,000 of those people are Black. Now, anyone with a bit of common sense knows that ethnically, Russians aren't asians. But this is just one trick whitey's playing to cook population numbers—and this is just the tip of the iceberg, trust me.

Also, when we take a further look into one of the world's most populated countries, India, I found that there are roughly 200 million people who Indians have termed 'untouchable'. And this is because they're acknowledged as being 'Black-indians'. Google the term 'Dalit' sometimes. And what this term translates into is: 'oppressed' and 'broken/scattered'. And looking closer into asia, I found that Yemen also had a population of these same untouchables, who's numbers were counted as being in the 2 million residents range. And when you consider countries like Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Palestine, the numbers of Black asians, shoots up by at least 2 million more.

Now, Black people in China at last count, were said to represent 1 million residents. And according to stats, there are 600,000 of us in the city of Guangzhou, China alone. Mind you, these numbers only include immigrant populations, not Black people who are native to the country.

Also, I was shocked to find that 'Isreal' was listed as an 'asian' country. And their population numbers were last counted at roughly 9 million. And once again, anyone with common sense knows that ethnically, isrealis ain't asians. Additionally, at last count, there were 200,000 Black people in isreal.

Now, when you get to South America, the numbers get even sketchier. First off, let's look at Brazil. So according to stats, Brazil has the largest number of Black non-African people in the world as residents. And their numbers are roughly 200 million. Additionally, I was reading an article that said for the first time, more than half of Brazil's residents are listing themselves as Black. In past decades, more of Brazilians identified themselves as white or bi-ethnic cause there was such a stigma for being labeled a Black Brazilian. But as of late, cultural norms have shifted, especially as the conscious Black movement has affected people's sentiments about Black being beautiful. Also, when you look at a country like Cuba, at least half of their 11.1 million people are Black. But according to stats, they're listed as Latino. Likewise with the Dominican Republic (DR), which is comprised almost totally of Black people (DR pop. is at 10 million). And Haiti, which is on the same isle as the DR, is also listed as having 10 million residents.

Now, when you look at the number of Black populations in South American countries like Panama, Peru, Equador, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico (my mother was born in Puerto Rico, by the way), and Mexico—note, our neighbor to the south, is said to have 1.4 million of us living there, collectively, we represent more than a third, or a little less than half of Latin American countries. Again, these numbers are unofficial, cause people who look like us and speak spanish, are counted as Latino/non-Black. And at last count, our official numbers in South America, were at roughly 20 million.

Now, nearly ALL of the tropical islands: Bahamas, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Barbados, St. Lucia, Bermuda, etc. are populated with our people. And at last count, those numbers came up to 47 million (under Afro-Carribean).

Now, when we look at Australia, a lot of people will say, c'mon bruh—ain't no brothas out there playin' with no kangaroos. Well, not officially, but unofficially, there are tribes called the Australian 'Aboriginals', who are the native Black people of the continent—thus, their namesake. Mind you, whitey's slickness even applies to this name, cause on the low, Aboriginal translates into, 'abhorring the original'. And these tribes latest pop. numbers are 'officially' 700,000—and you can easily bump that up to 1 million, if you include the Black residents of nearby 'Oceania'. Mind you, these are the official numbers, which put our people at 3% of Australia's overall population.

Now, when we get to Europe, whitey's stronghold, we find that in France alone, there are 3.8 million of us. But the official numbers will only state that 8 million Black migrants are living in europe. They don't want to share the number of our people who were born and raised there.

And when we come to the u.s., our numbers are listed at 45 million residents, including bi-ethnic Black folks.

So I've said all that to say this—if you're a Black man or woman, understand that the majority of the world looks like YOU, not some asian person. Problem is, whitey doesn't want us knowing that, and here's why...

white fascism ultimately wins by keeping Black people, ya' know, the ones with the most genetic power to breed them out of existence, feeling inferior to them and every other kind of person. Cause if we knew the majority of the world looked like us, we might come up out of our 'minority' thinking, and realize that globally, it wouldn't be hard to rise up and stamp out these inbreds who are continuously doing us wrong.

In conclusion, from here forward, whenever you hear whitey refer to you as a minority, know that's just a trick to keep you from realizing they are. It's just like schoolyard politics, a bully keeps people in fear by making them think they're physically stronger than anyone else—but more often than not, once you fight this person, you'll find their bark is worst than their bite.

So when you see white and asian folks who have an arrogant air, you should look right through them. For the simple fact that whitey is not only being bred out of existence as we speak, but he's overdosing on drugs and committing suicide in droves, and asians, who are suppose to be the smartest people on the planet, represent the majority of people in the world who are starving to death.

And when it comes to these groups of people and their hardships, you know what you and I should feel? Absolutely nothing. The melanated earth is just cleansing herself of these folks who have the majority of the world's resources, and are still losing.

So I say, let mother earth do her work. Cause at the end of the day, it's justice—plain and simple.

And that's surely one thing the world could use a hell of a lot more of.

And as Sam L. Jackson said in Spike Lee's movie, 'Do the Right Thing': “That's the double truth, Ruth.”



Here's some of my research sources: 1 2 3 4


  1. Yes, the vibration of the Universe is changing. And Whitey is being purged out by Nature.
    The other day as I was flipping through the channels I came across that show naked and afraid. You know the one where white people are in the jungle naked. As I look at these pale skin albinos in the contrast of the colorful jungle. I realize they do not belong here. These mutant albinoids are a mistake, an experiment gone bad. Their war on nature and adversarial relationship with the other melaninated races is evidence of that.

    1. 'Mandika'...

      And whitey's love of everything 'unnatural' is evidence of their intrinsic degeneracy.

      Now understand, that's not a gratuitous diss--genetically, these people are literally the most recessive-traited in the world. So they technically ARE degenerates. And their embraces of homosexuality, bestiality, necrophilia, coprophilia, etc. are prime examples of this.

      Lastly, they don't understand that there's consequences for proudly boasting about being against God and nature. And the karmic-asskicking they're getting as we speak, is the kismet-fueled correction that will ultimately take them out.

      And I say, good riddance.

      Again, thanks for commenting.

  2. Legal definition of minority means 'infant'.

    1. 'Kev'...

      And it's no coincidence that the words minority and 'inferiority' sound so similar.

      whitey knows that the only way to win against us, is if we're kept thinking they're god-like (superhero movies). And one of the best ways to do this is keeping us thinking that there's less of us in the world, or keeping us thinking that the majority of the world doesn't look like we do.

      That's why karma's killin' 'em right now--literally.

      Again, thanks for commenting.