Saturday, January 10, 2015

Why you can watch Django Unchained for free on YouTube...

The other day I was proof-reading one of my past posts about Quentin Tarantino, and afterwards, I happened to click on my Blog's link for my YouTube page.

I mistakenly typed in Quentin's name on YouTube's topic search bar and I was immediately taken to a list of his movies; at the top of this list was 'Django Unchained'. Now, what struck me as odd, was this particular video for 'Django' claimed I could watch the entire movie for free. And I've seen these kinds of claims many times, when you click onto these vids, what you usually get is some message telling you to click on a link for another site where you can watch  all the free movies you want. But when I clicked on this video, low and behold, the listing wasn't lying, the entire movie began playing right before my eyes; and this YouTube window of 'Django' had been up for a year.

Now, anyone who's been looking at YouTube for more than two or three years knows that before the corporate darlings who own 'Google' took it over, YouTube stated it wouldn't allow copy-written clips from movies aired on its windows; but, the administrators at YouTube were relaxed about that rule’s enforcement, so you could frequently find entire movies to watch on their website. This was back in the day when you could customize the whole of your YouTube channel; before Google made it mandatory that every one of its pages adhere to strict rules of uniformity and their institutional looking colors. Nowadays, Google administrators have cracked down on YouTube’s copy-written clips with a gestapo-like passion. The only way you're gonna' see a movie on YouTube, especially a popular and more recent one, is by paying for it's viewing on their site. But the rarest exception, seems to be Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained'.

And there's not only one place you can watch this flick on YouTube, there’s a few channel's playing it. To the point where on some of these channel's commenters ask, how did this movie survive on this channel for a year? One commenter said he'd uploaded a few minutes worth of some movie clip and YouTube administrators were ready to terminate his account. Then, when I went to look at every one of Quentin's other flicks: Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Death Proof, Kill Bill (volumes 1 and 2) and Inglorious Basterds; ALL of them required a fee for viewing. So I continued wondering why Django was free to download and watch; then the answer struck me...

The white fascist bastards who made Quentin a celebrity, also control the whole of the american and the world’s movie industries; and the reason they want as many people as possible to see this movie, especially Black people, is so the white supremacist self-hatred that was force fed into us can be reinforced with the viewing of this crap flick.

Now, ever since Obama's been president, we've had a deluge of these cavalcade of stars coon shows to choose from; some of these include the movies, 'The Help', 'The Butler' and '12 years a slave'. Understand, Black people especially have to be kept inferior-minded, less we start wanting what whitey has, not only a good paying job, but a business we control apart from whitey's fascist system. And what these inbreds really don't want to happen again, is our building communities like the Black Wall Street where our people created an economy/economies that rivaled and in some cases, bested whitey's financial infrastructures. And if you think it's a fallacy that some of our economies back in the early 1900's bested whitey's, you can look up an episode of 'The Actor's Studio' hosted by James Lipton, featuring Chris Rock. In it, Chris talks about why his grandfather's family had to leave the american south during the depression era. See, a trend started where white people came into the homes of Blacks to steal their food. Now, when this happened to grandfather Rock, he wasn't having it; so when whitey tried to raid his cupboard, he proceeded to beat their asses. Now, why would a Black family have food to eat when white people were starving in the 1930's? It's 'cause Black people lived in segregated communities that kept our dollars circulating exclusively in them.

But I'll come back to this topic in a sec'.

Understand, the Black Diaspora's viewing of our people being whipped, tortured, hung and forcibly separated from each other triggers thoughts of why we should hate ourselves and each other for being Black. That's why we got a steady diet of that crap in pre, middle and high school. And that again, is why you can see Django Unchained for free on YouTube. Also, this flick keeps whites ‘superior-minded’. It tells them this is the way things should be, so they’ll continue to uphold and adhere to the american status quo they benefit from and their white fascist peers have created. Understand as well, that with the free viewing of this movie, white fascists have our children in their cross-hairs. They know our young people more than anyone are gonna’ be quick to watch or download this movie, so they’ll have these same triggers reinforced in their minds. So, it’s imperative that we stop the viewing of this movie for our children’s sake if for no one else’s. I’ve flagged the channel’s I saw playing this movie and I’ll tell you the results as I get them, but don’t hold your breath, ‘cause it’s gonna’ take more than this to stop their agenda, even on YouTube. 

Now, you might think viewing movies like this would serve to make us angry at these inbreds, but what it does most is make us angry towards ourselves and one another. That’s why Black men and women can be spittin’ mad at each other and not have a third of that hatred for white people; the ones who’ve put us in this mental condition. I've seen instances where a Black person was quicker to ostracize another Black person before a white person would; and if you don't understand the game that's being run on you, you'll think our people are exceptionally loathsome and low-down for doing this. 

But let me tell you why it makes perfect sense. 

See, white people don't get half the conditioning we get to hate ourselves, so they can be less critical of themselves and one of us, provided they weren’t brought up to be bigots; but if you've been conditoned to hate yourself and your own kind, damn near since you've been walking, you're gonna' be more critical of someone who looks like you. And, if you as a Black person, don't know this when you see it, you'll think our people are the most wretched of the earth, thus, reinforcing why you should again, deepen your hatred for yourself and your people. It's a brutally vicious cycle, and for reasons of our people continuing this cycle, the white fascists who pay Quentin, want you to see Django once, or several times, for free. 

Now recently, some anonymous whiteboi commented on my post '3 reasons why Black men should not date fat white women'; and said he stumbled upon my Blog by accident and couldn't help but notice the 'raw, seething hatred' I'm espousing for his people in this forum. 

Now, I want to make something abundantly clear, especially if you're a young Black person reading this, I do not advocate hating anyone; white people included. Understand, any hatred you imbibe in, is ultimately gonna' result in a self-hatred; and if you've read my Blog for any length of time, you know my main goal is helping my people get rid of their/our self-hatred. So again, I don't hate whitey—but I know him; I know him better than he knows himself. And I’ll admit, when I see whitey’s agenda playing out before my eyes with covert actions like Django being free to view on YouTube, it pisses me right off. 

And what makes me even madder is when so-called white liberals like this fellow don’t see, or are in denial about the dastardly actions of his people, but when he looks at my Blog he wants to call me out for my ‘raw and seething’ hatred towards them. See, these inbreds like to have their cake and eat it too, meaning, they like to call us out on our angry reactions to their people’s degenerate behaviors while enjoying the perks of what white fascists continually do to us. They never wanna’ talk about how their people have dedicated their lives to destroying ours.This guy also said, if I dislike white amercians so much, why am I still here? To this I replied, if it weren’t for your pale-skinned ancestors taking mine out of their native country and bringing them here in chains, I wouldn’t be here in the first place. These mongrels forget that we didn’t come here through Ellis Island. Speaking of this, I’d like to address my current stance on the topic of segregation. 

Now, I want to make some things clear about why I think segregation should be the long-term goal for the Black Diaspora. Firstly, am I telling every Black man and woman who reads this Blog they should pack a bag and get on the first thing smokin’ to Africa? No. Now, if you have the financial means to do this and you have made the choice to, more power to you; but for the vast majority of Black people in this country, this kind of geographic transition isn’t that easy. There needs to be some kind of organization to facilitate this kind of massive exodus, and even though I’d love to have one, I don‘t. I’m reminded of Marcus Garvey’s ‘Black Star Line’ of ships that took our people back to Africa. Garvey had an organization he’d built over the course of years that oversaw these proceedings and he’d gotten his followers to invest in his corporation. And even then, whitey still sabotaged those ships with the help of undercover agents. Ultimately, my message regarding segregation is, as hard as we fought to integrate with these degenerates to no avail, is as hard as we should fight to build our own nation, or nation-state, so we’ll have more control over our living conditions in the future. And we'll be better able to make sure our children are not shot down in the street like dogs by thrill-kill white cops; (Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner,etc.). THE ONLY THING OUR CLOSE PROXIMITY TO THESE PEOPLE CAUSES US IS PAIN! AND THAT’S ALL IT WILL EVER CAUSE US! AND LIKE I TOLD ONE OF MY BLOG’S COMMENTERS, AT SOME POINT WE’RE GONNA’ HAVE TO COME TO TERMS WITH, OR WE’LL BE FORCED TO COME TO TERMS WITH, THE FACT THAT THESE PEOPLE WILL NEVER LET US PEACEFULLY CO-EXIST WITH THEM. 

With this in mind, there are steps we must take to do this on a massive scale. Firstly, in order for the diaspora to collectively work to get this done, we still have to GET RID OF OUR SELF-HATRED. THIS IS THE FIRST AND MOST NECESSARY STEP PEOPLE! IF WE DON’T GET THIS RIGHT, NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER! If the majority of us are still walking around hating ourselves and each other, we’ll never get to the point where we’ll work together on this or anything else. We have to especially end the rift between Black men and women so we can at least form loving relationships and ‘nuclear’ families again. I have and will continue to post meditative techniques to get this done on the subconscious level, ‘cause once again, that’s where we have to go to really change this behavior. I’ll mention once more that after the first meditative technique I posted proved too labor intensive, even for myself, I began working on a new one; and have come up with a method that gets you into the subconscious in under five minutes. I’m still trial testing this, but once I’ve found it proves results on a regular basis, I’ll share this with the family. I will leave a link for the post where I detail my older meditative method for anyone who’s interested. One last thing on this topic, I understand not everyone is for meditating no matter how painless I might make it. For those people, if you and the majority of our people like you, can at least acknowledge how the american white supremacist school system has conditioned us to hate ourselves over the course of 17 or 18 years, and everything we don’t like about our people are symptoms of this conditioning, this can at least lead to some conscious healing that will result in lessening the hatred we have for one another. And it could allow us to more easily work together towards any common goal. Second, once we have or are in the midst of ridding ourselves of this white supremacist induced hatred, we can begin sharing resources with each other and forming organizations to improve our quality of life in this country. Once the fog of self-hatred has lifted, we can go about the task of pooling our resources, whatever they are, to get over the travails of being behind enemy lines. This should include coalitions that bridge the gap between Black Haitians, Jamaicans, americans, muslims, christians, buddhists, jews, etc. If you belong to a christian church, you should think about forming a coalition with all the churches in your area. If Black christians really wanna’ empower themselves, what they’d do is join a coalition with twenty other churches to form ONE church. Doesn’t mean you have to change the denominational signs hanging outside your church, you and yours just have to know the deal ‘bout what’s going on inside. That would be a definite coup for Black Nationalism. Lastly, once we have enough of these organizations who’ve amassed a good number of resources, we should then make our plans to form some sort of nation or nation state either inside, or preferably, outside of america. ‘Cause whether we know it or not, we, the Black Diaspora, are being moved as I’m writing this by a massive wave of gentrification in this country. So, one way or the other, we’re gonna’ be moving to other locales on this continent, only if we follow through with our own segregationist agenda, we’ll know where we’re going and how we’re getting there. Furthermore, that’s why the term ‘Black Nationalist’ has the word ‘nation’ in it. It’s telling us, this should be the ultimate goal for our people—Nation-building! 

I apologize if this was long-winded, but I had some things I needed to get off my chest. And I hope this clarifies where I'm coming from when you see the word 'segregation' on this Blog. And even though this post was kinda' lengthy, there's one more point I failed to make about the movie Django Unchained pertaining to our children, so stay tuned for part 2 of this post.


MontUHURU Mimia


Here's where you can see my older meditative method, for anyone interested.


  1. Great post! I didn't know crackkkas was going in black people's houses stealing food, but hey not surprised cause there's no limit in what they will do.

    1. Nina...

      whitey's stealing Black people's food during the depression era also shows how powerful and resourceful we can be when we're working by ourselves and for ourselves exclusively. We didn't have to depend on these people to eat, we were so self-sufficient, more so than these inbreds, that they were forced to deal with US. And this is a state of being we need to return to before it's too late!

      As always, thanks for commenting!

  2. Black people always had the ability to make a way out of no way and I agree which is why we could survive without whitey. I believe that at some point we will have to return to working for ourselves cause working with these creatures just ain't working no matter what some of these Negroes say.

    I have another question to ask about blogging. How do you post youtube videos to posts?

    1. Nina...

      In terms of how 'Blogger' works, if you wanna' post a YouTube vid, you'd have to go to your 'Dashboard' or 'editing page' where you actually write your post. On this page should be some button corresponding to videos; on Blogger there's actually a button with a 'movie marker' that will take you to YouTube to post one of their videos. Mind you, not ALL vids on YouTube are able to be posted.

      Now, I haven't been on 'Wordpress' in a while, but there's gotta' be some tutorial they provide to tell you how to do this. If not, what you could also do is go to YouTube itself and type in 'how to post a YouTube video on Wordpress'; this should give you the info. you need.

      Again, hope this helps; and once again, thanks for commenting!

  3. Can you support your claims that 1) whites stole from blacks and 2) Black Wall Street rivalled or bettered white whatever street?

    1. Can I support my claims that whites stole from Blacks?


      1.) Let's talk about the european controlled 'trans-atlantic' slave trade...and how for centuries Blacks were tortured and brutalized by whites and made to work for nothing.

      2.) If you look at this pic of the Black Wall Street here:

      You'll see we had our own banks, hospitals, airlines, bus-lines, etc.; and the majority of the Black men in the pic were multimillionaires as a result. And, this area was so prosperous that white people decided to bomb it in 1921. And if you don't believe your own research.

      This was easy.