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The 'mortar board' and the world's first university...

--”I thought Timbuktu was some fantasy land, I didn't know it really existed.” 
--A statement made to me by an African American man, in a conversation.

All my life, and especially as an american student, I'd been made to envy something white academics called the 'Ivy League' university. The term 'Ivy League' was coined from campus buildings of schools like Harvard, Princeton and Yale, literally having lengthy stems of ivy growing along the sides of them. At any rate, these are the institutions of 'higher learning' every american student is told they should strive to attend.

Now, when I was an anglophile, looking for a path out of my white supremacist induced self-hatred, I had two questions burning in my brain; and these were: One, how did white people wind up on top? I wanted to know how an ethnic group that was the world's minority, could control the global majority. Now, disproportionately, everyone I knew chalked this up to whitey being smarter than everyone else. But I needed hard evidence proving this, lest I be made to walk this earth thinking I'm intellectually inferior to them. And I promise everyone reading this, that I'll tackle this subject in an upcoming post. Two: Where did all the world's sciences come from? Again, the majority of my peers, and myself at one time, chalked this up to the greeks/freaks and romans, who academia tells us created them. But whilst I was engaged in my studies to undo the anglophilic conditioning I'd endured in my youth, I came across an extremely enlightening fact.

Unknown to white 'scholars', the place where all the academic sciences came from, was the world's first university, the Sankore Madrasah, or Sankore University, in Timbuktu; the capital of Mali, Africa.

They actually called this school an 'OMNI-versity', 'cause ALL of the sciences were housed beneath it's roof.

Roughly before the 12th century, Sankore University had an attendance of roughly 25,000 students. These students came from all over Africa in search of masterful introductions to and instructions on religion, mathematics, medicine, law and every other world science. Also, the great library of Sankore U. boasts a collection of over 700,000 manuscripts.

Now, the quote at the bottom of this post's header, is one stated to me when I told a fellow Black/indigenous man these facts. And in a survey done of young people in britain, a third thought Timbuktu was imaginary. The rest had the name conjuring something or someplace 'mystical' in their minds. Thus, the overwhelming majority of us think this isn't a place in actual geography or history. And this was done purposely. 'Cause think about it, why would whitey want any Black/Indigenous person knowing this? It would shatter the notion of white supremacy, especially at the academic level.

Now, it's said that graduating students of Sankore U., were given 'turbans' to wear; signifying divine light, wisdom, knowledge and excellent moral conduct. And this also signified, a higher understanding of the tenets of the islamic faith. And the word 'Madrasah', in arabic, is said to mean 'university'...according to my research. With that said, I'd like to make one fact abundantly clear, the islamic faith our African ancestors practiced, has nothing to do with the white supremacist spin on islam, that's being passed off as the modern 'religion' we know today.

Just like we as Black/indigenous people, have to be able to make a distinction between freemasonry...i.e. the ancient sciences of our indigenous ancestors, and white supremacist freemasonry; we need to discern the difference between our ancestors forms of islam, christianity, judaism, etc. and its white supremacist counterparts.

Now, we all know that turbans, are usually white or lighter colored personal adornments. But let me tell you how this was turned into a 'head-dress', that more directly symbolizes the people who created the sciences taught at Sankore U.

I think everyone reading this knows that when you graduate from a university, in america at least, they're no longer putting turbans on the heads of graduates. What do they get instead?

A 'Mortar Board'.

Now, let's break this term all the way down!

Take the first part of 'Mortar Board'...which is 'Mortar'. Now if you use your melanated mind to 'see' into this word, you'll recognize the 'Mor' or 'Moor' at the beginning of it. (Moors being ancient Black/indigenous people—like us) and 'tar' at the word's end. Now, what color is tar y'all? Yep, it's Black.

So the 'Mortar Board' is really signifying ancient Black people...i.e. It's REALLY REPRESENTING US!!

So you might be thinking, okay, if that's what 'Mortar' really means, what's the 'Board' part of this word representing? For that answer, we need to look to the cult of the 'Black cube'.

Now, the 'Kabba', (pictured left), is the name of the 'Black cube' that muslims make seven 'circuits' around when they perform the 'Hajj'. This is a spiritual 'rite of passage' so to speak, and even Malcolm X made a pilgrimage to Mecca to perform this. Thus, he got his islamic name, 'El HAJJ' Malik El Shabazz. And the seven circles or 'circuits' traversed around the Kabba reflect the seven circuits of the brain. And we all know how the number seven has been deified in modern culture, and it's a very powerful number in 'mystic' circles as well; thus we have seven days of the week, seven seas, seven continents, seven years of bad luck if you break a mirror...we even have seven orifices, or holes in our heads.

And, not so coincidentally, the term 'Kabba', is where the science of 'Kabbalah' gets its name from.

Oh...and I also forgot to mention, the word 'Kabba' means 'Black Stone', and it is the symbol of God in islam. 

Now, if you look at what the white jews call 'Tefillin' or 'Tefillah' (plural) to the right, these are also 'Black cubes' that represent teaching a person how they should dedicate themselves to the service of God. Thus, again, this Black cube is representing God. And we should all know that judaism not only started in Africa, but isreal is on the continent of Africa. It lies on the tectonic plate of the mother continent and is connected to Egypt. Now, of course white jews are gonna' contest this. They'll even go so far as to say that isreal, is really on the continent of asia. But when's the last time you heard a white jew refer to themselves as asian? Moving on...

So if you're a Black/indigenous man or woman reading this, I'm hoping you get the message! 'Cause what is a 'Mortar Board' really? It's a BLACK CUBE! And seeing as how a turban might be a fair representation of our people, the Black cube is a physical symbol more directly linking every graduate and what they've learned, back to the people who created every one of the world's sciences...ANCIENT BLACK PEOPLE!!

So the next time some inbred tries to make you feel like they're an authority on any topic, let him or her know, that if it wasn't for your ancestors, they wouldn't be blessed with the knowledge they wanna' flaunt in our faces!!

And...not only did our ancestors create all the sciences, they created ALL THE ARTS TOO!! Meaning, not only do our people create the best genres of music...but we CREATED MUSIC, PERIOD!!


Ma'at Kheru (roughly meaning 'truer voice' or the vernacular term for 'true dat' in the Medu Netcher)

MontUHURU Mimia


Family, I kid you not, the same day I put out this post, I found this YouTube vid from the ingenious mind of 'African Creation Energy'. It tells of the Black/Indigenous navigator, Mansa Abubakari Keita II, who also studied at Sankore U. This must be some kinda' Kemetic kismet y'all!! Anyhow, enjoy this vid! And if you'd like to see the expanded version of this video, please click onto the video's title, and it will take you to the YouTube window, where it's currently playing.

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