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The cult of gay white bigotry (Part 5)...white feminism, Tommy Sotomayor and the 'MGTOW' man...

Gloria Marie Steinem was born on March 25th, 1934 in Toledo, Ohio. Her mother Ruth, was of Scottish and German descent, and her father Leo, was the son of Jewish immigrants from Germany and Poland.

The Steinem's lived and traveled in a trailer, while Leo plied his trade as a traveling 'antiques dealer'. Needless to say, oftentimes the family lived 'hand to mouth'. Before Gloria was born, Ruth had a nervous breakdown when she was 34. This made her an invalid and prone to delusional bouts that sometimes turned violent. Ruth spent long periods in and out of sanitariums, before she and Leo separated when Gloria was ten.

When Leo went to California to find work, he left Gloria and her mother to live by themselves. Ruth tried desperately to get employed, but her mental condition often resulted in her never being able to keep a job over the long haul. Gloria felt her mother's inability to stay employed was the result of an american chauvinism towards working women, and she saw the medical community's lack of empathy towards her mother, as evidence of the same.

On top of this, Gloria's paternal grandmother, Pauline, was chairwoman of an educational committee calling itself the 'National Woman's Suffrage Association', and Pauline was also a delegate to the 1908 'International Council of Women'.

These incidences are said to have contributed to Gloria's 'belly fire' when it came to combating social injustices against women. This set her on a path towards becoming a prominent 'spokesperson' for the american 'Women's liberation' and 'Feminist' movements.

Now, what the keepers of the american social order don't want us to know, is that Gloria rose to political prominence by means of being an agent for the CIA. Her spying on Marxist student's in europe, and her disruptions of their meetings, was something she was tasked to do by them...and to put it more plainly, there was nothing organic about Gloria's rise to becoming an american political figurehead.

Not only did the CIA help her become a celebrity, but they also made her editor of 'Ms.' magazine, which was also directly funded by them.

Now, what neither Gloria nor the american public realizes, is the real agenda behind the 'Woman's liberation' and 'Feminist' movements. To make a long story short, white fascists funded these movements not to empower women, but to get them into the workforce, because those same fascists stated how they couldn't TAX half the country if women were staying home and being housewives.

Moreover, these women's movements had an added bonus for the white fascist agenda, which was this: With BOTH parents out of the home, white fascists would have an easier time conditioning their kids through TV, which would ultimately become their babysitters.

Oh, you wily white fascists...

Now, fast forward nearly two decades after the new millennium...

A large number of men see the objectives of 'Women's lib', morphing into an america that's doing its level best to become an oppressive force against them.

Many men feel that what's being mainstreamed in america, is a cultural paradigm where women aren't held accountable for their actions. Meaning, a woman can genuinely be a bad mother, but in a divorce settlement, nine times out of ten, she'll get rewarded alimony and custody of her children. And sometimes a woman may genuinely consent to sex with a man, but if she feels slighted by him in any way, she can yell rape, and nine times out of ten, that man will wind up in the penitentiary system, until he can prove his innocence.

As a result of this, the 'Men Going Their Own Way', or 'MGTOW' movement was born.

Now, I can somewhat understand where these men are coming from, in terms of laws being unfairly in favor of women, but for Black men reading this and belonging to this movement, I hope you're smart enough to realize, THIS MOVEMENT HAS NOTHING TO OFFER YOU! JUST LIKE WHITE FEMINISM HAS NOTHING TO OFFER BLACK WOMEN! 

Let me explain...

The MGTOW movement is mainly comprised of white men who've got two things in common...THEY'RE HEART-BROKEN AND THEY'RE CLOSETED HOMOSEXUALS! 

See, at the nucleus of the MGTOW message, is that women are completely untrustworthy, unscrupulous, over-sexed and self-involved, and they've been made this way by the american status quo. MGTOW men say the only thing they can count on any woman being, is conniving to a fault. But what they're not seeing, is how adopting this ideology is keeping them in a permanent state of adolescence.

Now, let me expound on that point...

Let's start with this fact...EVERYONE GETS THEIR HEART BROKEN! That's just par for the course of being human.

But in terms of manhood, what separates men from boys, is when a man experiences heart-break, he LEARNS from it and determines he'll make better choices in the future. When a boy gets his heart broken, he stays stuck in those emotions and doesn't value the the lesson(s) it taught him.

And let me put it in more layman's terms, just cause you get your heart-broken by one woman, doesn't mean you should cast aspersions on the whole of womanhood. That's stupid.

One thing MGTOW men should ask themselves is this: Behind my last heart-break, DID I LEARN WHO I'M ATTRACTING AND WHO I'M ATTRACTED TO? 

And if you can't answer this question, then you heart-break will have been in vain.

Now, for the Black men reading this, here's three more reasons why you should disassociate yourself from this social order.

One, this movement is yet another attempt to keep Black men and women apart. PERIOD! If Black men follow the edicts of this insipid collective, they'll more than likely swear off any serious relationships with a Black woman for good. Now, you might be thinking, well, if the majority of MGTOW members are white men, why would they have any influence over the Black Diaspora?

The simple answer is, cause the majority of the world doesn't LOOK LIKE THEM!

The majority of the world is Black and brown. So white fascists know any cultural movement that gets mainstreamed, has the potential to effect more of us, than them.

Two, this movement is yet another attempt by white fascists to mainstream homosexuality. You already know the implications this has on our Diaspora fam! If Black men swear off women for good, they'll be less of us for white fascists to deal with. And again, if you're wondering why I think this will affect more Black people than white, go back to my aforementioned statement about which kind of person is mostly populating this world.

And three, this generation of white men has no business feeling oppressed in any capacity, especially in this world's 'developed countries'. To any white man reading this, if you really want social change, why don't you get in the ears of your white male peers in government and make some. This smacks to me of gay white bigotry, in so much as, gay white men want to be seen as an oppressed minority, yet they're still some of the biggest bigots on the planet, especially when it comes to Black men...and on top of this, they still enjoy the white male privilege whether they know it or not.

Also, this is the reason white fascists have (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor extolling the virtues of this movement. Remember, celebrity is nothing but a white fascist construct used as a means of population control. So who better than this buck-dancin', certified pre-owned, self-hating negro, to sing this movement's praises. Especially when he owes them his celebrity.

Also, remember what I've said about a Black person's most valuable asset when it comes to anything involving the white fascist social order, and that's DISCERNMENT!

As a 'conscious', or 'deeper-thinking' Black person, it behooves you to see beneath the superficial layers of what this group is offering, to qualify whether it will help or hurt you.

So brothas...if and when a MGTOW recruitment agent pays you a visit, I hope this post shows you, how you should show him the door...and how afterwards, you should slam it in his face.

Trust me, you'll be glad ya' did!


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. I'm glad you brought this up. I saw through this fuckery from the beginning.

    1. 'Kev'...

      Nice to see you back bruh!

      I thought this group's crypto-homosexual title would give them away instantly, but I see more and more brothas aligning themselves with these sexually-conflicted white men, who don't realize they have the most power to facilitate political changes.

      Now, as far as white men go, I could care less if they get duped by this group, but this is my heads up to brothas who are looking to GO THEIR OWN WAY...LOL!

      Looking forward to your next blog post bro!

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. I've been working on videos bro. I respect what you are doing. I would like to point out something that I found out that may or may not sit well with you.

      The entire Afrocentric/Black Nationalist paradigm is a Darwinist/Masonic hoax. This is why you keep stumbling into people that claim/have claimed to be in "the struggle" but then turn around and expose their occult connections.

      It hurt me when I first learned it, but then when I realized that it was intended to misguide me, I felt relived that I shed that pretense. With Hip-Hop music, all I can do now is simply appreciate the music for what it is and nothing more.

      I have a YouTube channel as well. Here are some of the videos that I made:

      And here's my latest post addressing this issue:

    3. 'Kevin'...

      One of the facts that white scholars are doing their level best to keep from us, is this: ALL OF THE WORLD'S CONTINENTS WERE ONCE PHYSICALLY JOINED TO THE LAND MASS WE NOW KNOW AS AFRICA!

      ALL OF THEM!

      Now, due to continental drifts and tectonic plate shifts, these individual land masses, or continents, separated into what we now know as asia, europe, australia, etc.

      So basically what I'm saying is, EVERY CONTINENT ON THIS EARTH IS AFRICA!!

      So our people do in fact have our origins in AFRICA, CAUSE IT REPRESENTS THE WHOLE EARTH!

      So say we had our origins in the land mass white scholars are now calling wouldn't matter, CAUSE AUSTRALIA WAS ONCE PHYSICALLY PART OF THE CONTINENT WE'RE NOW CALLING AFRICA TOO!

      As the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE of this entire planet, we can lay claim to populating every land mass there is on it!


      Matter of fact, the reason white scholars are trying so hard to convince our people that we aren't AFRICAN, is so they can keep us from thinking that we are the truly indigenous people of this world. Cause more and more of us are finding this out.

      So neither you nor I have to call ourselves Black Nationalists, Pan-Africanist, Afrocentric, etc. We can just call ourselves the 'indigenous' people of this planet.

      Now as for the matter of Black people enslaving each other, I hope you know that the very word 'slave' comes from the white 'SLAVS', or Slavic people, who were the original slaves. And guess what...white people enslaved other white people as well.

      And white jews will never let us forget what white germans did to them.

      So be easy bro...once you know this ENTIRE WORLD IS AFRICA, then you'll know that where ever our people started off on it, means we can forever and always claim that we are PROUDLY AFRICAN!


      Hope this helps.

    4. 'Kev'...

      One last thing I forgot to mention.

      Since Black people were here before any other ethnic group, and we populated every continent on this planet, there's absolutely no conflict in our being in the americas and Africa AT THE SAME TIME!

      Now, white scholars want us to think that we could only be on/in one continent at a time, cause they want to claim Africa for themselves. So what better way to do this than trying to convince us that we never came from there.

      Inbred scholars are still trying to tell us about white egyptians...PLEASE!

    5. I feel what you are saying. Just consider these:

      Who first came up with the Out of Africa theory?

      Where does the word "Africa" come from?

      Are there any ancient writings/mythologies that align with the 'Out of Africa' theory?

      If we know that melanin is natural and positively reacts to the sun, and neither the sun nor nature restricts itself to one continent, then why are we taught that our melanin-rich ancestors do?

      Why are we ("Black" Americans) the primary group taught about the slave trade story when, according to the Orthodox narrative, only about 4.4% of the surviving 67%-80% of "African" slaves ever reached North America?

      The Moors/Barbary Pirates kidnapped 1-2 million Europeans during the Barbary slave trade and put them in bondage in North Africa. How could the European merchants be able to have an efficient slave market if the Moors were such a prominent threat to their operations (BTW, this happened during the EXACT same time of the famed Trans-Atlantic slave trade)?

      One prominent myth was that "African" slaves were worth their weight in gold. If that was true, then why such harsh treatment of valuable property? What insurance company would underwrite such large losses?

      If the colonizers knew that "Africa" was so resource-rich (which it is), then why waste time taking people AWAY from where the majority of the resources are supposedly famed to be at?

      How many tribes/people of the Pepper Coast were passed down the slave trade story by their ancestors outside of Eurocentric education?

      These are some questions that you should consider asking yourself. Try also YouTubing this lecture by Yaffa Bey titled "How to Survive the Fall of Rome". I respect your energy and keen eye. This is simply looking at things from a different angle.

    6. 'Kev'...

      Rather than us debate about our people's origins, or the geography of our origins, I think this info. might be of more use to you.

      The overwhelming majority of Black Nationalist/Pan-African 'stars' like a Dr. Umar Johnson, Brotha Polight, Louis Farrakhan, etc. are indeed gonna' be white fascist freemasons. That's how they've come to be nation-wide celebrities.

      So I understand why you're saying that the Black Nationalist/Pan-African movements are a hoax perpetrated by these freemasonic factions.

      But, the white fascist agenda to make us hate ourselves and everyone who looks like us is still very real.

      Thus, I think the real goal of Black 'conscious' people shouldn't be to look for fellowships so much, but to become what occult spiritual scientists call a 'chaos being'.

      Now, I'm pretty sure you're familiar with what this is, but in case you're not, a 'chaos being' is a spiritual scientist that frees themselves of every kind of orthodoxy. Meaning, this person doesn't subscribe to being a Muslim, Buddhist, Pan-Africanist, Black Nationalist, practitioner of The Orishas, Yoruba or Ifa priest or priestess, etc.

      This person only concerns themselves with collecting spiritually scientific techniques that help them connect their intentions with the subconscious mind to make real magic happen more consistently and effectively in their lives.

      So this might be the route you ultimately want to explore.

      And because I've seen so many brothas who've been disenchanted with their affiliations with organizations like the Nation of Islam, The Nuwabians, The Moorish Science Temple, etc. I myself have come to the conclusion that this is the best path for me to follow.

      But of course, ultimately the choice is yours. I just wanna' let you know you don't necessarily have to subscribe to a fellowship of any kind to be 'conscious'. You can forge your own path and be just as successful as those who've found some sort of fraternity to be in.

      And ultimately, our collective goal(s) as 'conscious' Black people should be to recondition ourselves out of the white-fascist induced self-hatred bred into us by the american social order. Cause if we don't/can't do that, all of our knowledge of ancient Black people will be in vain.

      Kev, you're an astute and strong-minded young brotha who will find his path eventually. And the respect is mutual. I just hope this helps you along the way.

      Thanks for commenting!

    7. I empathize with your message. I'm not saying that I have disdain towards others that look like me, I'm simply saying that the ideologies that we uphold are the very things that hold us back. There's nothing wrong with studying up on Pepper Coast culture, it's only when we project SOME of our legacies onto everyone with our skin complexions that we create this vacuum of victimhood. I get what you mean with your message (in fact, it's what inspired me to further help think for myself and journey within my own subconscious). If I could summarize it to our fellow brown-skinned folks, I'd say:

      One person's god is another person's devil.


      Enlightenment is more about shedding pretense than about 'gaining insight'.

      Best of luck to you too in your future endeavors.

    8. 'Kev'...

      One more thing.

      I agree that there's absolutely nothing wrong with studying up on Pepper Coast culture, or acquiring information on ancient Black people period. And I have no problem debating about our ancient history, or which of our people are deserving of our legacy.

      If you remember, about a year ago, you asked me to prove that Sa Neter was a freemason. And I did.

      My question is: When do we stop debating over our cultural identities enough to put our differences aside so we can finally build something to benefit us all?

      You and I know that the greatest device being used to keep our people divided are these dumb-founding debates, ala those House of Konsciousness frauds.

      Now, we both understand how we could go back and forth about the geographical origins of Black people, but ultimately again, I'm asking why would we want to confine ourselves to one or two continents, when the WHOLE WORLD is ours.

      I understand your needing a definitive answer as to exactly where our people come from, but since every continent was joined together in one land mass, and we know they're in different locations than they originally were, what you're calling america now, might have been asia centuries ago.

      And understand, me knowing that 99.9% of
      Black Nationalist/Pan-Africanist 'stars' are gonna' be frauds, doesn't mean that the white fasicsm we face isn't real, and it doesn't mean that I no longer want to contribute to my people's unity. Cause I always will.

      Also, we need to keep in mind that the ONLY thing that's gonna' help Black people to overcome white fascism is UNITY! PERIOD!

      It's not gonna' be money or information that sets us free, it's gonna' be our people's ability to work together and create ways to combat whatever kind of war is being waged against us.

      Again, thanks for your contributions to this Blog.

  2. Being gay has ZERO to do with the MGTOW movement. You obviously know nothing about the group. It's not a bunch of heartbroken men it's a group of men who are sick of being RAILROADED by feminism and it's terrorism using court systems. It literally has zero to do with broken hearts.

    A woman can cry rape if you piss her off and with zero evidence it's on the man to prove he didn't rape her. A woman can abort a baby without the father but the father cannot chose to not have the baby if he doesn't want it and then he is forced to pay for the baby until threat of incarceration. MGTOW are men who are sick of societal rules benefiting women at the expense of men.

    Why is it that women who swear off man and band together are strong women who are sick of men doing them dirty. Yet when men do the same thing we have idiots like yourself calling us gay!

    The problem is that your dick does your thinking for you. You can fathom how men can abstain from the company of women therefore they must be gay. If the benefit of an orgasm has potential to be detrimental to my livelihood and social standing then fuck that. I'm sick and tired of women thinking men are tools to be used for their benefit.

    If anything black men have more of a reason to be in the group than anything considering black women railroad them at every turn. Brian banks can vouch for that. I'd bet Mr banks would love that group. Google his story. Black women terrorize black men at every turn and being a defense attorney myself I can give many firsthand accounts of black men being put in prison on the word of some bitter woman claiming they raped them or even worse molested their child after the man moved on to another woman. The scary part is its not just black women who pull that shit it's all women!

    As long as women have men like you who they can manipulate sexually then this cycle of bullshit will continue.

    Not everything is some conspiracy against black men. You're paranoia may be linked to schizophrenia. With all due respect black men are the least powerful because they choose to be. Nobody stops them from going to school becoming educated and earning anything.

    My question to you... What are men supposed to do!?

    1. 'Anonymous'...

      One thing I need to make emphatically clear to you is how the plight of white men has nothing to do with the travails of Black men.

      You ask what are men supposed to do? Well, white men with the white privilege are supposed to use that privilege to create a reality that caters to them...AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU'VE DONE!

      Maybe you live some manicured existence where no trials are set before you to overcome, but that's just not reality. And being that white men overwhelmingly are the ones who comprise this movement, I can't see why you guys are acting like a bunch of helpless women when it comes to making societal changes.

      Furthermore, when you say Black men are the least powerful because they want to be, that solidifies that you've bought into the white fascist stereotype about Black men fostered by years of your imbibing in white supremacist rhetoric.


      The reason we're preyed on so heavily by your white peers, is because we have the most genetic power to bred you inbreds out of existence. This is also why we are denied access to the white privilege.

      Now when you say my dick does my thinking for me, that's also another bigoted stereotype perpetrated by white fascists. Which shows me that even in your so-called enlightened MGTOW awareness, you still harbor the same bigoted tendencies as the majority of white people.

      Thus, again, I see right through your 'gay white bigotry'. Cause truth be told, gay white men are some of the biggest bigots in the world. Especially when it comes to Black men.

      And if you can't see how white fascists conspire to keep the Black community destabilized, then you're just too dumb to fathom what I'm talking about anyway.