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The cult of Black and white cinematic symbolism (Part 6)...Star Wars, the awakened force and white fascist desperation...

2/26/16: To the readers of this Blog...I'd be remiss if I didn't apologize about the look of this particular post. After several tries to increase the spacing between the lines of text here, I still couldn't match the aesthetic look of my past publishings. Thus, reading this may not be as pleasant an experience as the frequenters of this Blog are used to.

However, as a result of my continued problems with my former word processing software, I finally decided to dump that program and use another that should give me the consistent results I've gotten before. Thus, my future offerings should provide more enjoyable reads. And to those who took the time to read this post in spite of its looks, I sincerely thank you.

--MontUHURU Mimia 

Shortly after the first movie trailer for ‘Star Wars 7: The force awakens’ was released, a certain twitter campaign went viral, and these massive grouping of ‘tweets’ went under the hashtag, ‘#BoycottStarWarsVII’. And these tweets had another hash-tagged topic embedded within them titled, '#whitegenocide'. 

Now, before I go in on this flick, I wanna' make one thing emphatically clear, I have NOT seen this entire movie. This critique is based on parts of this film I have seen and people I've talked to who've seen this flick in its entirety. And quite frankly, I have no interest in seeing anymore of the Star Wars franchise films, mainly because of the last installment of this film series I saw, which was 'Return of the Jedi' (ROTJ).

In 'ROTJ', Billy Dee Williams was cast as the smooth-talking space smuggler, 'Lando Calrissian'. And even though I was young when I saw this flick, I was smart enough to realize that this character was used to cast our Diaspora in a negative light, when he gave Han Solo and Chewbacca up to Darth Vader's forces. I wasn't part of the Black 'conscious' community back then, but after watching that scene I knew how inherently bigoted the producers of this movie were, and I also knew that I was done with this Sci-fi anthology for good.

I had a serious bout of deja-vu years later, when I saw the movie 'Total Recall' and watched 'Benny' betray Arnold Schwarzenegger's character Douglas Quaid...but maybe I'll write about that in a future post.

Now, after I was made aware of the '#BoycottStarWarsVII' campaign, I ran across a professional-looking blog that was dedicated to reviewing the latest movies, and this particular Star Wars film was featured, so I gave their review a quick read. The person reviewing the movie was a white guy who came off as a liberal-minded sort, that was until he wrote how he didn't mind that John Boyega's character 'Finn' was Black, he just didn't think he was very attractive. Right after, he went on to say that John was 'very African looking' and how certain camera shots 'dive' into his wide nostrils. Then he went on to imply that this was the reason why 'Finn' and the white female lead character 'Rey', stayed in the 'friend zone'. He also talked about how unlikely it was that this film would promote any spate of relationships between Black men and white women in real life, cause if it did, these women would be subjecting themselves to higher incidences of rape and single motherhood.

Mind you, this is all behind the releasing of a Sci-fi movie. But you must understand, the Star Wars franchise is one of the movies, behind the film 'Jaws', that basically created the 'summer blockbuster' film genre. So this franchise is very important to pop culture. It's the reason we're getting deluged with all these movies based on comic books every July and August.

Anyway, based on what I've seen and heard about this flick, here's what I've come away with...

First off, John Boyega's character 'Finn', meets the white female lead character 'Rey', on a planet named 'Jakku'. Now, Jakku is the planet where the empire and the republic were battling, and basically this is a world where all of the broken down and non-functioning space ships are put out of service. So basically this is a planetary junk/graveyard.

Now, in my last post, I wrote about how there's nothing organic about the origins of white people, and how they were created by our ancient ancestors. And I told you to research the story of 'YAKUB' regarding this. Now, I don't think it's a coincidence that the name 'JAKKU', sounds eerily close to the name 'YAKUB'. And once again, the mythological Yakub is hailed as the geneticist who brought white people into existence. So the planet 'Jakku' and its global theme of broken down mechanics, is really representing the 'weakened' or the 'broken down' genetics of the white world.

Now, I can already hear people saying,'re reading way too much into this. George Lucas probably never heard of the 'Yakubian' mythology, and if he did, he probably wouldn't include anything to do with that in his films. Well, like I said in one of my previous posts titled, 'The Legend of Sophia Stewart', George is very well-versed in our ancient ancestor's history. You're probably saying, prove it.


This figure to the left is called the 'Djed Pillar'. This is an ancient African symbol representing 'stability' and 'strength'. Notice how it looks almost identical to the handle of a 'light-saber'? Well, this is where George got the term 'JEDI' from. Also note how Finn's light-saber is colored 'blue'...and if anyone's been around a dark-skinned brotha, sometimes they'll say he's so Black, he's blue. Well, the color of his light-saber is representing the deep 'blue-Blackness' of Finn's skin. And this represents how white fascists want darker-skinned brothas to produce children with white women.

Now, a recent reader of this Blog essentially asked me why 'hot' white women (by european standards), were being paired with Black men? He was referring to the pairings of Kelly Ripa and Micheal Strayhan, Karissa Shannon and Sam Jones, Doutzen Kroes and Sunnery James, etc. And to answer that question for anyone else wondering this, I need you to understand that white fascists know how their birth rates have fallen below replacement levels, so they're promoting sexual relationships between Black men and white women, knowing that these couples will produce children with a lessened genetic power to breed them out of existence.

In more layman's terms, this is basically a plot to get rid of darker-skinned Black people.

Now, what I've also heard about the pairing of Finn and Rey in this film, is their relationship is strictly platonic. I was also told that there's an awkward moment in the film, where Finn first meets Rey, and he grabs her hand while they're traveling to some destination. Right afterwards, Rey rejects Finn's gesture. Now, anyone who's been watching films for more than a decade knows how this kind of plot function works, first any couple are distrustful of each other, and they display this throughout the first part of the film, but eventually, their emotional ice thaws and they develop deeper feelings for one another. But I've also heard from countless sources, that there's absolutely no romantic or sexual overtures exhibited between these two during the course of this movie.

However, even though we don't see this physically being acted out on the screen, there is a 'symbolic' copulation going on between these two, and let me explain what I'm talking about...

First off, you have to remember this is a 'Disney' film, so it's got to be exceptionally family-friendly. Meaning, Disney can't have its image besmirched by any overt cinematic sexuality. Second, for decades, the genre of pornography that's been most profitable, has been 'inter-ethnic' (or what mainstream culture calls 'interracial') porn. And the sub-genre of this kind of porn, that usually outperforms the others, is inter-ethnic porn that pairs Black men with white women. That's because for decades, the greatest sexual taboo, especially for white women, was having sex with a Black man. And it still is today.

Mind you, just several decades ago, Black men were hung and brutally murdered for even whistling at a white woman (Emmett Till). So this kind of sex act was, and again still, is considered the most salacious of them all. And this has been seared into the mind of every american. Now, I can't speak to the mind-sets of other continents, but I suspect that it's not much different in other parts of the world.

So whenever we see any kind of pairing between a strapping/hulking Black man, and a white woman, our minds instantly go to thoughts of this sexual taboo. Whether we want them to or not.

And let me mention one more thing, I'm in no way cheer-leading, or endorsing the paring of Black men and white women in the media, because I know its true agenda. I understand this is being done in the name of the white fascist campaign to get rid of 'pure-bred', or 'pure-bred' looking Black men and women with the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence. So there's no 'wish fulfillment' going on here, where I'm just wanting a sexual relationship between Finn and Rey, when there's not one. What I'm showing you, are the sublime way(s) that this movie's franchise, and it's promotional powers, are being used to influence the public.

If anything, this should make Black men more attracted to Black women. Cause white fascists are doing everything they can to morph white women into women who look like ours. And once again, this is so Black men will be more attracted to what was once the pale-skinned, flat-assed and less curvaceous white woman.

And speaking of Black men being more attracted to Black women, I want to hit on the two most powerful messages of this let's go ALL THE WAY IN...

The first of the movie's most powerful messages comes to light when Rey goes to see Maz Kanata, who is played by the beautiful sista, Lupita Nyong'o (who should have been cast as Rey). Now, I think we all remember how much fan-fare Lupita's looks were given with her appearance on the cover of 'People' magazine. But during the course of the film, Lupita's character is morphed into an orange creature with Yoda-like features. So the message being sent here, especially to Black men, is WE SHOULD NEVER THINK THAT A BLACK WOMAN'S BEAUTY CAN COMPARE TO A WHITE WOMAN'S! ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO A DARKER-SKINNED BLACK WOMAN!


Remember, at the very nucleus of this film, and the white fascist agenda, is the tenet of keeping Black men and women apart by any means necessary! Especially in the case of darker-skinned Black men and women, who will produce the most 'pure-bred' type of Black person, who again, has the greatest genetic power to breed whites out of existence. So Lupita and John Boyega were specifically cast for these roles because of their color. Now, this is no diss to their acting prowess, but I'm not here to comment on their level of craft, I'm here with a different mission, or mission statement.

But the movie's most powerful message is this...and for those who haven't seen the film, this is gonna' be a SPOILER! So if you're hell-bent on not knowing how this movie ends, ya' might wanna' stop reading now.

John Boyega's character Finn dies doing battle with the movie's villian Kylo Ren. Interestingly enough, when he's struck down, Rey, the white woman, finishes Kylo off. So actually, there's a couple of messages being sent here: First, is how Rey's ability to defeat Klyo after Finn's death, shows how she, in some way, received Finn's 'FORCE'.

Now, to understand the secondary symbolism behind this, I'll reference another of George Lucas' films, 'Red Tails'. In that flick, the ace Black pilot Joe 'Lightning' Little, right after he engages an enemy aircraft with a white guy at the helm, shoots the enemy aircraft down in a 'head-to-head' battle, and is killed himself. But right before he and his plane are destroyed, he looks at a picture of the white woman he's in a relationship with, and says, “I love you.” Then he and his plane go down in flames.

So what is this ultimately saying?

Both of these films are sending the message that BLACK MEN SHOULD LOVE WHITE WOMEN TO DEATH! LITERALLY!!

These films are saying that any Black man who's attained a heightened amount of access to resources, via a rare talent, should share those resources with a white woman he loves...or at least any kind of non-Black woman, exclusively.

And once again, this ties back to the white fascist agenda of keeping the Black man and woman apart AT ALL COSTS!!

Now, to wrap this up, let me say that the REAL FORCE that's awakened in this world, is the Black Nationalist/Pan-Africanist force, and that's what John Boyega's 'Finn' really represents...let me explain....

The 'awakened' force was evident in the young Black men and women in Ferguson, Missouri, who revolted behind the unjustified killing of Eric Garner, and how they maintained the revolt to the point where it got Eric's parents to stand before United Nations officials, to tell them what kind of brutality they were suffering at the hands of white thrill-kill, gestapo-like cops in that american state.

The awakened force is evident in the young Black men of the University Of Missouri's football team, who got the bigoted white university president, Tim Wolfe, fired after he wrongly thought he'd continue to get away with his derogatory rants about the very players who are making that college, and its staff members, rich.

We see the awakened force in other athletes like Floyd 'Money' Mayweather, who after spending years being exploited and marginalized by Bob Arum's boxing promotion company over at HBO, created his own boxing promotions company, 'Mayweather Promotions'. And after 49 fights, he remains an undefeated boxing champion. On top of that, not only is his company worth nearly a billion dollars, but he runs it with a team of brothas who manage it with precision.

And last but not least, we saw the awakened force with the election of Barack Obama. 

Now, you might be saying, what a minute bruh...I was with you up until you mentioned that sell-out Obama.

Don't get me wrong, I know Obama is a bona-fide stooge when it comes to his white freemasonic affiliations, but the Black Diaspora needs to understand two things about Barack's election, and those are: One, if Obama was really down for us, I mean for real down for us...white fascists would've killed him a long time ago. So all he could really offer us was one thing...HOPE!

Two: the master-teaching Bobby Hemmitt, said this about Barack's election: “I don't care if Hitler himself appointed Barack, they messed up when they elected him president.”

Now, what Bobby was talking about was Obama being a SYMBOL for the Black Diaspora. And every white fascist freemason knows how powerful symbols are. So they should've known that all the Black Diaspora needed, especially in america, was to SEE BARACK IN THAT SEAT! That's all it took to awaken the force(s) within us.

What we are seeing family, is the dismantling of the global white fascist power structure, one institution at a time. On top of that, we're also seeing this melanated earth, literally cleansing herself of the white menace. That's why white people are being bred out of existence ORGANICALLY!

Now once again, I can indeed make a distinction between white people and white fascists, but what these occurrences and this movie are telling us is these people had their, IT'S OUR TIME!!



MontUHURU Mimia


  1. The funny thing about the critics comments regarding John Boyegas looks is that many white females and non black females marry that sort of black male who looks like John Boyega. I have to wonder how that white male looks, I doubt the white male critic who made that statement, is probably not attractive himself. What type of male makes that type of comment out of the blue, also most white male critics I have known, tend to talk about the acting or the plot of the movie, not about an actors looks and especially a males. Many white males even to many white females tend to be very ordinary looking, to not even good looking, unless they are some type of male pin up or model. Also I have to wonder if that white male critic is homosexual, because my experience is that most males of any race do not talk about any other males, facial looks, they may talk about another guys body and say something like " That dude is pretty buff" but to comment on another mans looks, in that way to me is homosexual, and is thinking about the type of male he would like to have as a romantic interest. I do believe that many but not all, white males have closet homosexual tendencies, and display more stereotypical female behaviours than male behaviours.

    Remember that these are movies, fantasy, bullshit, entertainment, Hollyweird. I am not telling you what to write, but why not write about selective good independent films or write about why we should not waste our money as black people on going to see movies. I am watching a movie called Iris with Judi Dench and Kate Winslet, neither women are attractive in my eyes, but that is okay because other people may find them attractive, and you know what there are quite a few white people who would not find either of those women attractive, but may like their acting. I know white folks who find Meryl Streep attractive and other white folks that do not find her attractive at all.

    Not watching movies and watching selective tv shows maybe the way for many of us black people to go. Let us be honest, blacks and other non whites are not portrayed in a good light on tv or Hollywood films. I nowadays, watch on tv shows on PBS channels like Sewing with Nancy, Victory Gardens, This old house, till debt do us part (budgeting) (financial management show)Consuela Mack wealth track, Extreme cheapskates (for ideas on how to be more frugal). The internet is very racist and does not help many black peoples self esteem in any way. for myself I go to your blog,and a couple of other black blogs, and DIY blogs to try and learn how to do certain crafts etc. I am beginning to think that for us black people we should stay away from most tv shows, most movies and many internet sites. I know some white folks who can afford it but do not watch tv, do not watch movies, unless it is a documentary and avoid the internet unless it is to research certain things. We black people may think of doing the same. WE HAVE CHOICES IN LIFE,TO WHAT WE WANT TO CONSUME OUR PSYCHE.

    Now more articles on Meditation. health, good lifestyle habits, and wealth building. That is the way to go. Remember we conscious seeking blacks do not want to participate in the matrix or hollyweird.


    1. 'FTBF'...

      I completely agree with you that this is just a movie/fantasy/BS/entertainment...but because of this particular film's popularity, it's BS has REAL LIFE influence and consequences.

      That's why I wrote this post, to highlight some of the sublime messages that are being broadcast by this film, whether its viewers realize it or not.

      Also understand, the reason I chose to write about this movie instead of some anglophilic independent flick like 'The English Patient' or 'Iris', is because many more people are going to see Star Wars, simply because they've gotten used to never missing one episode of this film anthology.

      Now, I don't know whether or not the white guy who wrote the above comments about John Boyega's looks is gay or straight, but I do know that at least half, or the majority of white people feel the same way he does, regardless of their sexual orientation.

      And when you say you know white people who don't watch TV, movies, and avoid using the internet, and how Black folks should follow their example, what you're doing is giving them the moral and mental high ground over us. And what I'd like to point out is, there are not only plenty of Black people with that kind of discernment about what they watch, but even if those white people you speak of are that selective about what they're viewing, it doesn't mean their going to be more enlightened about much of anything, up to and including their thoughts about the Black Diaspora.

      whites can watch better written and produced independent films their whole lives, but they can and do still feel that Black folks are mentally inferior to them. So even though they think what they're watching makes them highly evolved, bottom line is, they can be just as bigoted as their white peers who grew up in trailer parks.

      And again, that's usually the case.

      Also, when you say the internet is very 'racist', understand, that it wasn't invented with that paradigm in mind. Especially because a Black man by the name of Dr.Phil Emeagwali created this tool we use everyday. I invite you to check out his bio on this Blog's 'The Ancient Future' page. His post is 'Part 12' on that page.

      And as far as more 'articles' on meditation, health and good lifestyle habits go, I intend to include more of them on this Blog, but understand, every one of these topics will lead back to the Black Nationalist/Pan-Africanist message of this Blog...which is how white fascism has conditioned us to hate ourselves more than any other kind of person on this planet, cause we have the most genetic power to breed white people out of existence.

      Cause if I just start writing generic posts about 'wealth building', I may fall into the trap of coming off like some insipid christian preacher, being that this is the sole topic they tend to focus on lately.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Beauty is racial and cultural, because blacks and other non white cultures have accepted the white standard of beauty. I am not being defensive but, whites need so much help to look attractive after age 30. White people and East Asians have so much plastic surgery. I personally do not think that white people personally view themselves as attractive. Their view of their own attractiveness is for self preservation and their own white supremacy. Persons who really view themselves as attractive do not need to put others down at all, and do not need plastic surgery due to homeliness after age 30, and I see this trend in generally in whites and east Asians. I also think that many whites are viewed as more attractive looking by us, than by each other, (You know what they say about each other, behind their backs). The white agenda is for racial preservation and yes the race that can breed them out the most is us, which is why they have attached these negative traits to us. Personally I think that the majority of whites, put in the right situation will display homosexual and lesbian tendencies. I know that many who say they are straight are not really, both sexes will engage in deviant same sex,sex acts if the price is right. We black people are now following their lead.

    I personally do not care about whites and east asian looks, I care about my own looks, which is why I do not purchase their cosmetic crap. A vegan diet, lots of water, meditation, yoga, hiking, thick natural hair, nice healthy slim weight, and natural oils, is what is working good for me nowadays I wish that more black people especially black women would try and be beautiful through good health rather than obesity, weaves,pork rinds,dominoes pizza,mcdonalds,laziness and white/asian cosmetics.

    Yes you are correct, whites who watch selective tv shows, are not always more evolved than whites who don't. You know what we blacks have to stop watching the crap, it is not about whites anymore, If unconscious blacks want to watch shit like star wars, well then let them. The blacks who generally frequent your site, are not interested in that shit. The whites are entitled to think of us as inferior, just like I am entitled to think what I think of them.

    You know I have found that for me, that my relationship with the whites and non blacks is just a means to an end, I interact with them if I need information regarding something or if I am selling something etc (strictly business and certain information that I need, but always in a polite manner). I believe in my own self preservation. I am not seeking self validation from any of them anymore, because I will never get it.

    Once again we conscious blacks are ready to heal, the unconscious blacks can be slaughtered. I read something not too long ago about in the animal kingdom, the lionesses will help a sick lioness, but if the sick lioness becomes too sick and is bringing down the pack, the rest of the lionesses will leave the sick lioness alone to fend for themselves, and I believe that this should be the same approach we should take toward black people who are unconscious and who do not want to change.

    I know that whites and non blacks, think negatively of us. I would like to see you write more articles on self-improvement for blacks, because regurgitating the same old racial negativity these groups have for us is not uplifting our self esteem. We conscious blacks know about them and want to purge ourselves of their lies. They all stink and gross me out like meat, does. Meditation you gave is good. Once again it is conscious blacks who are frequenting your blog now.

    Pan Africanism is the same as Jews supporting Jews, Asians supporting Asians and Whites supporting whites. I say to conscious blacks, we don't have to scream about it just do it, because the other groups don't scream about their support of each other, they just do it.


    1. 'FTBF'...

      You make some points here that I want to expound on, and I don't think I have enough room in the comment section to do this like I want to.

      So I'm gonna' address these in my next post...and most likely that will be published on 3/6/16.