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The cult of Black and white cinematic symbolism (Part 3)...The movie 'Straight Outta Compton', whitey's golden word and mo' bold-faced lies...

On April 27th, of 2011, the New York Times published an article saying that according to the 'Nielsen' TV ratings agency, Black americans watch two more hours of television per day than the national average of five hours and eleven minutes.

Now, I'd been hearing this statistic for more than a decade, so this highly respected periodical was basically regurgitating old news. And since I'm a curious-minded type of fellow, after seeing this, I went about doing some research on that stat.

What I found out was two things specifically about the Nielsen TV ratings agency...

One: The Nielsen agency has been caught more than once fabricating numbers on TV and other entertainment medium's ratings.

Two: The Nielsen agency didn't give out what they called, 'Nielsen TV boxes', to Black families. Now for those who don't know, Nielsen TV ratings boxes, were what this agency gave to families to monitor their TV viewing habits, and what they based their ratings on.

Now, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, ask yourself, have you ever known a Black family with one of these ratings boxes in their homes?

I didn't think so.

See, white fascists spread this rumor as the gospel truth, so Black people could feel mentally inferior to every other ethnic group. Understand, for whitey to win, the Black Diaspora has to be kept in constant cycles of self-hatred, so Black men and women can keep despising themselves and each other. white fascists do this so we don't form stable relationships that could turn into marriages. 'Cause what that would produce, is more pure-bred, or pure-bred looking Black babies that could grow up with the greatest genetic power to breed them out of existence.

So, this article in the New York Times was a 'bald-faced lie'.

Now, I remember when the film director Spike Lee put out his movie, 'Crooklyn', on May 13th, 1994; after it underperformed at the box office, I saw him make this statement on TV: “Maybe we (the Black Diaspora), just wanna' see hood films all the time.”

Fast forward to 2006, Spike Lee puts out another one of his 'joints' called 'Inside Man'. And while it was still in theaters, I heard him state to the Black Diaspora on television: “Check your tickets, when you go see my movie.”

What Spike found out was, theaters were giving people different tickets when they paid to see Inside Man. For example, someone paying to see Spike's 'Inside Man', might have gotten a ticket for 'Rocky 14' playing in a different auditorium.

So the white fascist media's box office tallies for Spike Lee's 'Inside Man', was another 'bold-faced lie'.

Now, on August 14th, 2015, the movie 'Straight Outta Compton' was said to have grossed the most box office dollars in america.

And right after this happened, I know of several 'pro-Black' bloggers who said how disgraceful it was for Black people to flock to this movie over the course of that weekend.

But here's my question, based on the aforementioned info. about white fascist media, and how they've been known to tell bald-faced lies about damn near everything concerning our Diaspora, why were these bloggers so quick to take whitey at his word?

Cause the only thing they had to legitimize this movie had indeed come in at number one, was just that...whitey's golden word.

And for anyone saying, well, why would the white media say this movie came in at number one, if it didn't? Here's my question: why wouldn't they?

Understand, the greatest weapon white fascism has against our people, is their ability to keep us hating ourselves and each other. So they're always gonna' cast us in a negative light, their very survival depends on it. Thus, white fascist movie studios 'green-lit' a film about so-called 'gangsta rap' music.

And the majority of these 'pseudo-conscious' and 'anglophilic pro-Black' bloggers, fell into the trap of using this as yet another reason to rant about how much they hate Black people, and how they ultimately hate themselves for being Black.

Now, at the same time 'Straight Outta Compton' came in at number one, supposedly, the number two movie was, 'Mission Impossible 3: Rogue Nation'.

And I've had a chance to see this film. Mind you, I didn't pay to see it in theaters. That's another story I'll discuss in another post (lol!). Anyway, in this film there just happens to be a scene where Tom Cruise's character, 'Ethan Hunt', and his cohort go to the opera in Vienna, Austria. In this scene you see all the pageantry and splendor associated with these kinds of productions; and this is in stark contrast to what you see in 'Straight Outta Compton'.

There's also a scene, where Ethan's agent friend is ascending a stairway in the opera house and there's an over the shoulder shot of a Black woman with her white man friend attending the show. Mind you, you don't see another Black person in this scene at all. This is just another sublime message saying that Black men and women have to be kept separated.

Now, it's not a coincidence that the number two movie in america, just happens to show off the opulence of this stuffy, spiritually dead, euro-centric music, at a time when a movie about 'gangsta rap' is number one...again, supposedly.

So I did some research to find out more info. about the box office tallies for the weekend of August 14, 2015; and every mainstream top ten list I saw indeed had 'Straight Outta' Compton' as that weekend's number one flick. So I looked for info. about the ethnic demographics of theater going audiences attending this movie. I wanted to see the ratio of Black people who went to see this film and gauge that against how many white people saw it; but I hit yet another dead end. But when I went to the 'International Movie Data Base' (IMDB) website and read how they tallied box office receipts through a company called, 'Box Office Mojo', it revealed a very interesting fact about their tallying techniques.

In regards to their box office stats, the website stated: 'Daily box office charts show gross receipts for a single day and are generally reported for the previous day by noon Pacific Time. Some movies are not officially tracked on a daily basis, so Box Office Mojo makes estimates for those titles to fill out the top twelve (movies). These estimates are marked as such on the chart. If daily reporting stops for a given movie it does not necessarily mean the movie is no longer playing in theaters, and the movie may continue to be tracked on a weekend and weekly basis. 

Now, let me put this in layman's terms; what these people are saying is, at their discretion, they can stop tallying box office receipts for any film that's still playing in theaters. Mind you, they do say when they stop tracking a movie's ticket sales, they make a note of this on their movie's top ten lists. But, if people aren't curious enough to look for these 'marks' or 'notes', or Box Office Mojo neglects to make these marks or notes obvious to the average person, all they'll see is the numbered ranking of the films on their list. They'll have no idea that one or a couple of these movies aren't having their box office receipts tallied. 

I went to the Box Office Mojo site looking for some sort of indicator telling people a certain movie's receipts weren't being tallied on a daily basis, and found no indication of this whatsoever. 

So basically, this company has all the opportunities it needs, in regards to showing which movies earned the most money, to manipulate their list and tell one mo' bald-faced lie.

Now ultimately, my question is this: when are Black people gonna' start treating white fascists, and their media, like the liars they are and have proven themselves to be?

I need every Black man and woman reading this to understand one fact at a very visceral level; and that is, the white fascist media has only one goal...and that's to keep Black people hating themselves and feeling inferior to them. So before you just take whitey at his word, do some research to make sure you're not just nodding your head and accepting whatever ol' massa tells you is true. Like the movie 'Straight Outta Compton' came in at number one.

Remember 'his-story' has nothing to do with ours!

So I'm hoping our Diaspora can see the 'Straight Outta Compton' movie for what it really is...another white fascist tool to keep Black people looking like gun-toting, drug-dealing, sociopathic savages. It's another tool to keep us hating ourselves family.

Now, my last question to my people, at least in regards to this post is, even if we do stop accepting whitey's word as golden, will we do this before it's too late?

Only time will tell...and unfortunately, that's something we're quickly running out of.

So let's be about the work of giving the white fascist residing in our minds an eviction notice!

And the sooner we throw this inbred out on the street, the better!


MontUHURU Mimia


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