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The lowly nature of white women (Part 7)...'Black privilege' and the ethnic escapades of Rachel Dolezal...

The movie 'Soul Man' was released in american theaters on October 24th, 1986. This odious flick tells the tale of Mark Watson, played by actor C. Thomas Howell. Mark wants to attend Harvard Law School; but when he finds out his father blew the trust fund he'd set up for his college endeavors, he seeks out a scholarship for his education. Problem is, the only scholarship that's available is one for African-Americans.

So what Mark ends up doing, is overdosing on tanning pills to get his skin darker so he can look like a Black man. After doing this, he wins the scholarship and is bound for Harvard Law.

Now, eventually, Mark sees the travails of being a Black man in a overwhelmingly white world, and at the end of the movie he winds up falling in love with a Black woman. So the moral of this story is, Mark putting himself in 'Black face' makes him see what our people go through and he becomes somewhat of a champion for Black people.

Now let me tell ya' what this piece of crap flick is really saying...

Firstly, when this whiteboi puts on Black face, goes to Harvard Law and falls in love with a Black woman, the message to Black women is, no matter how good a Black man may appear, the best choice for her will always be a white guy. So this is just more of that ole' 'divide and conquer' tactic employed by white fascists to keep Black men and women apart.

Secondly, and more profoundly, this movie's saying that it's easier for a Black person to get any kind of college financial aid, than it would be for any white person.

Now, I think we've all heard about the sexually and ethnically confused misadventures of one Rachel Anne Dolezal, and how she tried unsuccessfully to qualify herself as a Black woman. But the question I hear most when people talk about her is: why'd she do this? Why does she wanna' be Black?

Well, I think the main answer lies in the Soul Man movie, in so much as Rachel thought, especially after receiving her Bachelors degree from Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi; that the best way to fund her grad school endeavors, and later get herself a position in the NAACP, would be to put on some 'Black face'...just like Mark Watson.

You see, especially in the case of Rachel's Howard University romp, white fascists have convinced their inbreeding minions that every Black person will assuredly get financial aid before they, or any other kind of person will. So much so, that a a bunch of brainless inbreds started the '#Black privilege' Twitter page. This is an initiative to bring attention to how unfair it is for Black americans to get any kind of financial aid 'privileges' over anyone else. And this page also speaks to how unfairly, according to these inbreds, whites are labeled as the most murderously bloody ethnic group in the world.

But beyond the Twitter non-sense, I wanted to concentrate on finding out which ethnic group ultimately gets the most financial aid dollars in america. So, being a curious-minded type of fellow I did some research...and here's what I found...

Financial aid analyst Mark Kantrowitz conducted a study on this matter and crunched the collegiate numbers to get at the truth. He is the publisher of and received an ABD (All but dissertation) degree in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University.

So here's his stats: Mark found that Black college students, who constitute about 11.5% of the american collegiate population, get roughly 10% of every kind of financial aid assistance. Spanish american college students get approximately 14% of this aid. And white students receive approximately 59% of all collegiate financial aid funding. And this includes grants, scholarships, loans and private funds.

Now, even Mark seemed unsettled by his own discovery, 'cause he tried to detract from his own findings by emphasizing that white students get the most 'merit-based' grant funds. What he's basically saying is, his people DESERVE their financial aid more than anyone else. So my question to him would be: does that mean white students also deserve to get the most financial aid monies from loans, private agencies, donors and non-merit based grants too?

What really pisses me off about this, is all my life I've internalized what white fascists have told me as the gospel truth. But now that I'm mature and actually doing the research into these theorems, I've come up with a bit of a joke that I'm always telling myself, especially lately, concerning my findings. And here's the joke...

How can you tell when a white person's lying?

When their lips are moving.

Now, getting back to good ole' Rachel Dolezal, she showed her true colors (pun intended) once she got a full scholarship to Howard University (a 'Historically Black College'), and then sued Howard U. under the name Rachel 'Moore'.

After she was accepted and got the aforementioned scholarship to Howard U. posing as a Black woman, she claimed as a 'white' woman (Rachel Moore) she wasn't granted access to certain scholarship funds, a teacher's assistant position and 'other' opportunities. Now mind you, she received a 'full' scholarship to Howard...but I guess that wasn't enough for ms. thang. Deep down, she still felt she would've gotten more financial aid as a Black woman...even though she faked being a Black woman to get into Howard U.

It get's better...Rachel even said some anonymous (Black) man sexually took advantage of her while she attended Howard. When she was asked why she didn't report her rapist to the police, she responded: “...suing was nearly impossible.”

So Rachel stole our people's culture and lied about being raped by a Black man...that sure as hell sounds like a white woman to me!

So if you're a Black man or woman reading this, here's my question to long will it be before we collectively realize that we'll never be able to peacefully co-exist with these inbreds?

How many more atrocities do we have to suffer at their hands, before we make plans to get the hell up from around these folks for good?

When I saw how these degenerates created a hash-tag to put in front of the words 'Black privilege', after they continually see our young men and women getting shot down in the streets like dogs by thrill-kill white cops, I was mad enough to spit.

And I'm not telling you to hate anyone, 'cause that's only gonna' result in some kind of self-hatred, but we need to understand, a perfect world to white fascists means that every Black person has been gotten rid of. 'Cause again, we have the most genetic power to breed these inbreds out of existence.

And with white birth rates well below replacement levels, we need to remember one thing emphatically, and that's how WHITE LIVES DEPEND ON BLACK DEATHS!

So let's wake up, smarten up, and put aside our differences for the travails we have ahead.

The next president after Obama is surely not gonna' be one of us. And this person, male or female, is gonna' have our Diaspora right in their cross-hairs, just like these murderously bloody white cops.

So will we be ready?

That's the $64,000 question...and it's one we better get an answer to ASAP!



MontUHURU Mimia


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