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The cult of Black and white cinematic symbolism (Part 4)...September 11th and The 'perfect' genocide...

On September 11th, 2015, the movie 'The Perfect Guy' was released into american theaters; and in keeping with the white fascist trend to portray the Black Diaspora in a negative light, this movie was put in the number one spot on the u.s. top ten movie list.

Two things about this right off the bat: First, check the date they released this flick on, September 11th; now anyone who wasn't living in a hole for the last few decades knows how the u.s. was supposedly attacked by swarthy asian forces opposed to the american social order on that very date (The falling of the 'Twin towers' in Manhattan, NYC). So, this movie was 'green-lit' to coincide with an american cataclysm...that's already giving this movie and our people a dastardly air.

Second, I've talked in my last post about how movie listings are manipulated to make sure certain films come in at number one on american top ten lists. So according to the research I've done, nothing about this movie's opening at number one last weekend was organic at all.

But there is something decidedly different about this flick, and other films like it. I'm talking about movies like 'Obsessed' and this one, in so much as, white fascists are actually acknowledging that not every Black man is jail-bound or selling drugs. And the two brothas in 'The Perfect Guy' especially, seem to be college graduates who are gainfully employed.

The point I'm making is, as of late, white fascists seem to be building the cinematic archetype of the highly pathological, serial killing and corporate office working Black man. Why is that?

For this answer, let's start with these facts...

American crime rates over the last few decades have been steadily declining. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, u.s. violent crimes including murders were down 4.4% in 2013, and this reflects america's lowest numbers since the 1970's. In a comparative analysis, the non-profit organization 'Pew Charitable Trust' says thirty-two of the fifty states have seen a drop in crime rates and rates of imprisonment as well.

Now, the white fascist media say this is attributable to a decline in overall population growth over the last few decades. They're also saying, that high rates of abortions and america keeping abortions legal is having the greatest impact on national crime.

What they're really implying is Black women having abortions are producing less people in our Diaspora, thus crime rates are down. But let me tell ya' some facts that these pale-skinned degenerates aren't gonna' let out into mainstream america.

First off, not only are rates of abortions falling across the board, but abortion clinics are closing at a record pace. In four states—Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming, only one abortion clinic exists...and that's in the whole state. So choices for legal abortions are declining, not proliferating. Goes to show you how that theorem is just another one of whitey's bald-faced lies.

Beyond this, rates of teen pregnancy for young Black women have dropped while rates of teen pregnancy amongst white girls have soared. In California, the Black teen pregnancy rate is less than half of the white teen pregnancy rate. 

So what's the real-deal about why national crime rates are dipping?

For that answer, we'll have to look back a coupla' decades in 'his-story'...

In the 1960's, the american government with the help of the italian mafia, flooded the streets of Black communities with heroin. This was essentially to neutralize the rise of a Black Nationalist consciousness that had arisen in our Diaspora, a la groups like 'The Black Panthers' and the 'Black Liberation Army'. The other reason white fascists did this was to further their campaign to destabilize the Black 'nuclear' family, so they wouldn't have to contest with the people having the greatest genetic power to breed them out of existence.

Now white fascists felt they did a good job on reversing the Black Nationalist consciousness in our communities, but there was still a cohesion between Black men and women that hadn't completely been destroyed by the american government's 1960's drug campaigns. So they had to 'up the ante'...

Enter the 1980's cocaine epidemic(s)...

white fascists knew that heroin would have a different effect on Black communities than cocaine would. While heroin makes people more docile, cocaine makes them more volatile and irascible. Thus the FBI and CIA, aided again by the white mafia(s), flooded Black communities with this drug. *Note: If you'd like evidence of this google the 'Iran-Contra scandal' and the name 'Oliver North'; this will get you more than enough info. on what I'm talking about.

This campaign worked like a charm. The crack-cocaine era of the mid and late eighties did almost completely destabilize the Black community and the Black nuclear family. And I won't even get into the effects of 'Reaganomics' and 'AIDS' on our Diaspora in the 80's, I'll discuss that in another post.

But there was a bit of a glitch in this plan. What white fascists didn't count on, was how our Diaspora wouldn't be the only ones effected by this campaign; their communities would also feel this plot's effects as well. Thus, huge swaths of white folks became downright dope-fiends. And as more and more white men and women became addicted, their 'nuclear' families started destabilizing. And as a result, more and more single-mother headed households starting popping up on their side of town. And this effect was completely antithetical to their goals, being that white birth rates had been dropping below replacement levels. See, in whitey's zeal to wipe Black folks off the planet they fail to realize that more often than not, they're gonna' wind up shooting themselves in the foot. If for no other reason than their 'integration' initiatives being a success. And as I mentioned in previous posts, integration was nothing more than a plan to get our dollars into their pockets. 

Their blind fury regarding getting rid of us made them oblivious to the fact that once the integration laws passed and we were able to sit next to them in public places, that essentially what would effect us, would effect them.

I remember decades ago, when a Black child was raised by a single-mother, that kid was said to be 'illegitimate' or made to feel like they came from a 'broken home'. But once white women started doing this, the new term given to this phenomenon was 'single-parenting'.

Now after the crack-cocaine era, the drug 'methamphetamine'/(meth) became popular again; and it became most popular with rural white kids. See, with meth you didn't have to buy anything illegal. You could literally make a batch of this stuff in your home just from buying over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. And with so much land and cheap real estate in rural white communities, abandoned homes in their areas were quickly turned into 'Meth labs' (Breaking Bad). 

Also behind this, something else began happening...the rates of incarceration for young white men began to climb, while the rates of incarceration for Black men began to fall. The New York Times reported that in the 90's, rates of incarceration for white women jumped 47% and rates of imprisonment spiked for white men 10%. Or as a reporter for the Times said, “...possible contributors (for these stats) included decreasing arrest rates for blacks, the rising number of whites and Hispanics serving mandatory sentences for methamphetamine abuse, and socioeconomic shifts that have disproportionately affected white women."

So whitey thought it best to stop the drug campaigns designed to destroy us. For his people's sake.

Now, the results of whitey ceasing their drug campaigns in this country, has resulted in less of our people becoming addicts and convicts, and more of our people showing up in american universities and the american corporate workspace.

Fast forward to now, and the 'The Perfect Guy' flick. With more and more Black men wearing suits and ties to work, or at least a collared-shirt and a tie, more of us can be viewed by Black women who work alongside us, potentially, as 'The Perfect Guy'.

Needless to say this spells trouble for whitey. 'Cause the more likely Black men are to show up in corporate america, the more likely it is that Black women already in the corporate work force will get into relationships, fall in love, marry and have children with us, thus creating more pure-bred, or pure-bred looking Black babies who'll have the most potential to breed them out of existence. And white fascists can't let that happen.

So the new campaign involves white fascists painting the image of the corporate working Black man as a downright sociopath in a Brooks Brother's suit. They're sending Black women the message that a Black man who looks like he's got it together, will ultimately always have some sort of drastic defect. white fascists are saying that no matter how good a Black man looks, he's still nothing but a foul-mouthed, drug-selling, gun-toting criminal who was raised in the projects...and ultimately he'll destroy you.

Don't believe me? If you look at this poster for the movie, it says that Sanaa Lathan's character, in regards to Morris Chestnut's and Michael Ealy's characters, should 'Trust one' and 'Fear the other'. This is a 'trick-bag' of a statement, 'cause that means neither Black man can be trusted, and both should be feared.

But ultimately, again, that's this movie's message to every Black woman. And note how they got a dark-skinned and a light-skinned brotha playing these roles. whitey's making sure he covers all the bases as far as this message is concerned.

So I've said all that to say this, if you're a Black man or woman reading this post, don't give your money to Hollyweird's white fascists...BOYCOTT THIS CRAP FILM!!

And if you must see this flick, try to get it off a brotha who's got a 'bootleg' copy. And if you must see this movie in a cinema, understand what you're watching. Don't sit back and be passively entertained, take note of the programming that's coming at you to reinforce reasons why you should hate yourself and everyone who looks like you.

Or you can do like I do; every time one of these crap movies hits theaters, I watch one of my cinematic faves like 'The Spook Who Sat By the Door' or 'Sweet Sweetback's Badasss song', just to keep myself in the right frame of mind.

Try'll be glad ya' did!


MontUHURU Mimia


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Here's a vid I created showing how the american FBI worked with america's white mafia(s) in the 1960's to flood drugs into Black communities. This scene is one from the Mario Van Peebles movie, 'Panther'. Note how the FBI agent, played by the light-skinned brotha Roger Guenveur Smith (Smiley from the movie, Do the Right Thing) talks extensively about 'containing' the problem in the Black neighborhoods. Then, check out the last clip in the vid! And if you'd like to see a larger version of this vid, click on it's title and it will take you to my 'YouTube' page.


  1. Wow, this is the most eye-opening thing I have read in so long. Just googled "Dave Moscow and Kerry Washington" and my journey lead me here after I read the interesting thing this writer had to say about their relationship. Let's just say I have a lot of posts to go through in this blog.

    1. How much do I love this comment? Let me count the ways...(lol!)

      Firstly, you say that this was the most 'eye-opening' thing you've read in a while; that's a comment and compliment every blogger wants to thanks for that.

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      Third, when you say you have a lot of posts to go through on my Blog, again, that's music to any blogger's ears.

      So once more, a grand thank you for your complimentary comment, and I hope you continue to see things on my Blog that you like.