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The cult of Kwasi Enin...

Kwasi Enin is a student who attended William Floyd High School in Mastic Beach, New York. 

He's become a sort of scholastic celebrity seeing as he's been accepted to every 'ivy league' school in this country at the tender age of seventeen. 

Those american 'ivy league' schools are Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania and Yale; respectively.

Enin scored 2,250 on his SAT's putting him in the 99th percentile of american students; and he's a first-generation american who's parents immigrated from Ghana. 

First thing I'd like to say is the whole of the Black diaspora should be nothing but proud and complimentary of Kwasi's accomplishments; and he should stand as a grand example for his peers to follow. 

But here's one thing the white american media won't tell you...there's hundreds of Kwasi 'Enin-eds' that you don't hear about on the TV news. 

Google 15 year old Kelvin Doe; who's the youngest person in history to be invited to Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (M.I.T.'s) 'Visiting Practitioners Program'. Kelvin is a young Black inventor who's an engineering whiz, being that he takes discarded trash and turns it into batteries, transmitters and generators. Kelvin lives in Sierra Leone, Africa and is completely self taught, and he's created his own radio station where he broadcasts news and plays music under the moniker DJ Focus.

Or google Bertin Nahum who's a brotha with a Master of Science degree in robotics. In 2010 Bertin created 'Rosa', a robot helping doctors perform brain surgeries; and he's a native of Benin, West Africa.

I could go on, but you get the point...

And I also want to say that my comments surrounding Kwasi's accomplishments are in no way trying to persuade any of you to neglect your studies, especially if you are a young Black man or woman reading this, PLEASE GET YOUR DEGREE(S)! You as a Black person are going to need that piece of paper to gain better access to your vocation, whatever it may be. Especially since so many pale-skinned degenerates are doing their level best to keep you out of their universities.

Now, even with Kwasi's accomplishments, whitey's saying his acceptance into nearly every 'ivy league' school was some kinda' 'affirmative action' fluke.

They seem to forget about the centuries of 'white male affirmative action' initiatives that were and are so pervasive in this country and countries throughout the western power block. Remember, for centuries in this country, you couldn't work in this government unless you were a white man; even white women had to fight for the right to vote! And the last statement is in no way endorsing the white feminist movement which was not only funded by white men, but it's another means of keeping Black men and women apart. I'll discuss this in a future post.  

This and the fact that Kwasi's high scores trump a lot of their own sticks in their craw, 'cause they're suppose to be superior in every least that's what the american social order is telling them.

Mr. Charley and his advocates are saying that white or fair-skinned asians couldn't of got into any of these schools with Kwasi's SAT scores; as if high scoring was so inconsequential and negligible that these kinds of things are just a matter of course for the average white and asian person.

Man, that pisses me off!

Maybe this is a far fetched analogy, but when Obama was sworn in, I heard a myriad of white people talk about how easy it was to become president; I actually told one of them: “Well if it's so easy, why didn't you do it?”

And let's not forget, fair-skinned asians and white people were given billions of dollars in reparations for their holocausts; namely, asians being rounded up and put into concentration camps in this country behind the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the jewish holocaust. Remember, jews are white people who subscribe to judaism...and judaism is a religion, not an ethnicity; meaning, NO ONE'S BORN JEWISH! My point here being, if anyone's deserving of monetary reparations in this country, it's Black people!

Give us back our reparations, and see if we don't do better!

Anyway, it's still kinda' miraculous seeing how the american mainstream is turning Kwasi into a celebrated young brotha...or is it?

I remember growing up, how the only Black men I saw on TV were either criminally insane drug sellers, drug abusers, bafoons or some bastard combination of all three.

Every night on the local news I saw how Black men were demonized in the media and how they were indiscriminately shot down like dogs by thrill-kill police officers.

These images were what I was made to think of myself, or this was set before me as a predisposition for me and my kind. Now, we have examples like Kwasi in the local news, we've sure come a long way...or have we?

Okay, here's the straight dope on why the white mainstream media is in love with Kwasi Enin, and why he's being lauded for his academic achievements...


Let me explain...remember, I told you how a Black man anywhere is a threat to white men (or people) everywhere; therefore, the white elite don't sleep when it comes to their agenda to keep Black men and women apart. And at all costs, pure-bred, or pure-bred looking Black men and women have to be kept from pro-creating with each other...Enter Kwasi Enin.

This is the NEW and improved version of the demonized Black male sociopath the white mainstream media have been feeding us the image of.

White fascists in this country have done such a job painting Black men as these predators on human life, that NO WOMAN WANTED TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH least for more than a night; but of course, if you were/are a Black man with a million dollars, your story's a little different.

However, if you were/are a working class Black were deemed 'untouchable' by any woman who fancied herself 'upperscale'.

So in order to reverse this, they had to eventually put out an image of a 'chlorine-cleaned', highly sanitized, sensitive and astute Black man like Kwasi.

Again, this is being done so white women especially, will see the pairing of themselves and Black men as more of a natural occurrence, and less of a tabooed curse. (Reference the TV show, 'Swirlr')

Mind you, 'Swirl' is the new vernacular to describe Black men and women dating and mating with white men and women; white elites needed to make this idea 'cooler' and more mainstreamed, so this is the term THEY came up with, with a lot of support from anglophilic Blacks.


This is the reason I stress how imperative it is for our diaspora to get rid of the hatred we have for ourselves and our people.

You see how hard whitey goes when it comes to keeping us apart, we're under constant attack from these icy blue-eyed devils. 

Beyond this, I see how Black men and women almost literally throw themselves at white men and women! 

We're shamelessly desperate when it comes to any romantic dealings we have with these people; I shake my head constantly when I see this, it's as if our eyes are saying...please, I'll do anything!

But what we don't seem to get is 99.9% of us who indulge in these behaviors get nothing but f@cked!

We've got a long way to go 'til we undo the indoctrinated self-hatred this degenerate has conditioned us into...but we must work NOW to cure ourselves of this self-hating sickness. 

Or, like I've said in my previous posts, pure-bred Black people will be good as gone; and we'll sit back and wonder what happened to our beautifully dominant skin color and blood line, while we watch ourselves turn into what our enemies are...recessive-traited degenerates.

So let's get to work!


MontUHURU Mimia

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