Sunday, April 20, 2014

The cult of the white rimmed 'smart' phone...

The other day I was waiting in an airport lounge whilst I thumbed through a fresh copy of Randall Robinson's book, 'Quitting America: The departure of a Black man from his native land'. (If ya' don't know who this brotha is, google him, and I'll let you know how the book was after I've finished it)

It was only myself and another passenger at the departure gate, which is always preferable. 

I relished the area's quietude while I glanced at the two rows of uniformed and well cushioned navy blue seats surrounding me; and for a second I closed my eyes to take in the assorted scents of fresh brewing coffees from a nearby Starbucks, a concession stand's rotisserie roasting hot dogs and their buttered popcorn that instantly took me to thoughts of my favorite movie theater. I was in a good space.  

After reading a couple of chapters of my book, I caught the sight of a brotha who had just took a seat to the right of me. 

And as is mandatory in waiting areas, he began gazing into his iphone and then took out his complementary ipad.   

Now, the brotha was sitting about two seats away from me, so I could essentially see what he was doing on his ipad. 

He began thumbing through 'reality TV show' selections on Netflix. I saw him scroll past several selections with a finger swipe; and when he came to the show 'Love and Hip-Hop', he saw a display of the Black women on the show. He turned up his nose and kept swiping until he came to the 'Walking Dead' selections. 

He clicked on one of these and began watching. 

What struck me funny, was I don't think the brotha necessarily disliked the show 'Love and Hip-Hop', which I couldn't blame anyone for anyhow, but it seemed he was more repulsed by the display of Black women on its ad. 

Then I began looking over at adjacent lounges, and another thing struck me as odd; that was the ubiquity of white-rimmed cell phones and tablets that seemingly everyone had.   

I remember once, someone told me how seeing a thumb-nailed picture of a white hand on a chalk board writing the word 'education' had nothing to do with reinforcing any kind of white supremacist message.

They essentially said I was seeing 'too much' into things. 

But let me tell you why a white-rimmed cellphone has the same effect as the aforementioned thumb-nailed picture I commented on. 

If you're a Black person reading this, there's two things you need to know about the 'color' white: 

1. The color white really isn't a color; it represents the absence of color. 

And if you notice, the majority of organic substances that come from this earth have color on or in them, while the majority of things that are 'white' tend to be synthetic and harmful to the body (reference white sugar, white rice, white bread...and if you look under a microscope at cancer cells, they are pure white).

2. The color white, especially for us, is a trigger. Meaning, it's meant to initiate a mental knee-jerk reaction. 

That's why I say, one of the greatest instruments of white supremacy is not necessarily its resources of institutionalized's this white bottle of milk pictured to the right. 

This bottle almost single-handedly has every Black person believing in the tenets of white supremacy; probably for the rest of their lives. 

You're probably thinking...ah, come on, you can't be serious!

But when you're an infant, suckling on and gazing into this white bottle of milk, what connotations are you now associating to the color white? Wholesome, nourishing...and necessary to life.

I remember someone saying to me, "...well, a mother's milk is white, right?"

I replied, "Yeah, but when you're breast fed by a Black mother, what color are you looking at?"

So when I see my people gazing into white-rimmed cellphones all the time; I understand what game is sublimely being run on them. 

I remember one sista had a Black colored cellphone, and she had it wrapped in a white cellphone 'skin'. 

And as Black people, we know or should know, that we're conditioned to hate ourselves more than any other ethnic group on the planet; so we have to take pains to recognize these little white supremacist slights-of-hand when we see them.

I wrote a similar post to this about all the white cars I see on the road and car ads selling them. I'll leave a link for that post at the end of this one. 

This just reinforces the fact that our people need to be extremely vigilant when it comes to doing the meditative work to recondition ourselves out of the self-hating sickness the american status quo and educational system has forced on us. 

Black man and woman, let's open our eyes to the overt and sublime attacks being lobbed at us to make us hate ourselves; and let's be proactive in killing this mental klansman in our psyche off for good.

'Cause whether you realize it or not, we're under constant attack by these pale-skinned types 24/7...and they don't sleep when it comes to their agenda.


MontUHURU Mimia


Here's the link for my Blog post 'the cult of the white car' which talks in more detail about the insidiousness of how this color is used on us; you can see it here.

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