Saturday, August 15, 2015

3 bold-faced lies about Black men...

“...white people don't wanna' read about Black people,
Black women don't like Black men, and Black men
don't read, so who we gonna' sell your book to?”
--a quote from a white literary agent to Walter Mosley,
about his best-selling novel, which became a film,
'Devil in a blue dress'.

While I was watching a book reading given by Walter Mosley (who happens to be my favorite author), at Washington D.C.'s Library of Congress; I shook my head when Walter related how a literary agent had the nerve to utter the above quote to him; like it was the gospel truth.

Walter then said the reason she didn't think his magnum opus, 'Devil in a blue dress', was commercial, was because it featured the Black male hero, Ezekiel, or 'E-Z' Rollins (Mind you, the ancient Black deity 'Heru' is where we get the word 'hero' from).

This made me think about other stereotypes foisted on Black men that were baseless. So I thought I'd go about debunking some of these myths, or bald-faced lies, in this post.

So let's go in...

Lie # 1: There are more Black men in jail than in college...

During a 2007 NAACP forum, Barack Obama himself loudly proclaimed that, “We have more work to do when more young Black men languish in prison than attend colleges and universities across america.” And in another instance, the basketball playing Uncle Remus, I mean, Charles Barkley, explained on a TV show in 2012, reasons why he carried a gun. He stated, “You know, we as Black people always...we don't have respect for one another. You know, we've got more Black men in jail than in college, and crime in our neighborhoods is running rampant.” 

Now, when an athlete declares this, its not as hard-hitting as when the president, and the first Black president, in my lifetime anyway (look up John Hanson, who was the first Black president in this country under the 'Articles of Confederation' before George Washington) makes this statement. Any Black person, Black men especially, would take it as a fact after hearing Barack make this declaration. But, if you're a curious-minded Black person, you'll take the time to research these theorems to validate their veracity. 

Hell, even Walter Mosley said at his book reading that the reason he named one of his most popular serialized characters 'Socrates Fortlow', was because by his estimation, prison was and is, the Black man's university. And ultimately, this is where the majority of us are learning things.

Side note about the philosopher socrates, and all the greek/roman/white philosophers; the first university in the world was in Timbuktu, Africa; it was called 'Sankore' University, or the 'Sankore Madrasah'. And don't take my word for this, go look it up. This university was actually called an 'omniversity' cause ALL the sciences were housed under its roof. This is where the greeks/freaks learned sea navigation, science, art, astrology, astronomy, mathematics, and every other science known to mankind. So indeed, even the masterful writer Walter Mosley drank the white fascist 'his-story-cal' kool-aid, and was perpetuating this stereotype.

Now, in 2013, the 'National Prisoner Statistics Program' conducted by the 'Bureau of Justice Statistics', counted 745,000 Black men behind bars.

And in 2013, the american 'National Center for Educational Statistics', counted 1, 437, 363 Black men in american colleges.

And the numbers have been like this for at least the last five years. So Barack, Charles...and hell, even Walter were wrong. Goes to show you, how no Black person should take the word of white fascists, or the american white fascist social order as gospel...EVER!

Lie #2: Black men who engage in homosexual acts while incarcerated, are being infected with the HIV/AIDS virus, and are spreading the disease throughout the Black community once they're released...

A study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Black american men in Georgia's penitentiary system, showed that 90% of them who had HIV, were infected before they arrived to the facility.

And of the men who were infected while in prison, half of them confessed to engaging in homosexual acts with male and female prison staff members.

Terry Butler, a CDC spokeswoman explained, “Media coverage of this issue over the past several years has been characterized by misperceptions that HIV transmissions in prisons is widespread...most news stories provide little evidence for that idea.”

So the next logical question would be: how are Black people being infected with HIV at such high rates?

Over the course of the last several decades, its been proven that the AIDS virus was foisted on populations of Black Africans through a Polio vaccine. And a man named Dr. Boyd Graves substantiated this through his reasearch in his book, 'State Origin: The evidence of the laboratory birth of AIDS'. My next post is gonna' be about brotha Boyd, and I'll leave a link for some info. where he displayed the 'flow chart' he found in his research proving AIDS was man-made. And mind you, the 'Polio' vaccine I mentioned earlier, just happened to be administered precisely in the areas where AIDS was first discovered in Africa. And I think we all know how (Kill) Bill Gates has been promoting these vaccination programs through his organization(s). So more than likely, the Black american population is being infected through the same vaccinating process. Meaning, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, you should think twice, or three times about getting a flu shot at your local pharmacy. And if you're hell-bent on receiving this shot, don't get it in a Black neighborhood. 'Cause more than likely, what they're shooting you up with, is more than just a strain of flu.

Lie #3: Black men are the poorest men in america...

According to a Pew Research study, the poorest men in america are spanish, not Black.

And this study also says, that roughly 10% of america's white populus are living in poverty. Now, what does this really mean in relation to this lie/question? Well, there are roughly 300 million white people living in america; so if 10% are living in poverty, that means about 30 million whites are living with and in impoverished conditions. This same study says roughly 27% of Blacks americans are living in poverty as well. So let's break down these numbers...

There are approximately 30 million Black people living in america; now of those, again, 27% are impoverished. This means that about 10 million Black americans are opposed to 30 million whites.

And I know what some will say, you're probably thinking the number's higher for whites just because there's more white people in america, but remember, white people have the 'white privilege'...meaning, there's no reason any white person in this country should be poor. And there's surely no reason why the majority of people on welfare in this country are white. And mind you, that statistic has been a fact for decades.

Now, in regards to spanish people, and I know the 'PC' term for spanish-speaking people is 'latino', but not only is the term 'latino' a white invention for people who didn't want to identify themselves as Black, but since they don't like us, I figure I shouldn't give them the respect of using a 'PC' term when it comes to them. With that said, there are roughly 54 million spanish people living in america. And their rate of poverty is at approximately 28.2% according to this Pew Research study. So there's about 15 million of them living in impoverished conditions. And those are just the ones who are registered, this number doesn't represent undocumented spanish americans. Beyond this, I've seen instances where a spanish person got a job before a Black person, simply because they were spanish. So, they do have more access to resources, especially in terms of jobs, than our people.

Now, I wanted to debunk three lies about Black men...but since I'm feeling the skin I'm in, let's go for four.

Lie #4: Black men are the poorest men in the world...

I remember growing up thinking that the majority of the world's famine-ridden and starving people lived in Africa. But after looking at a research study done by the 'World Food Programme', I found out that the continent leading in world hunger rates isn't's Asia!

This study says roughly 227 million people in Africa are living in conditions of famine, as opposed to 552 million people in Asia.

Now, white fascists have created the above stereotypes/lies about Black men/people in order to do one thing, and that's get Black people as a whole to hate themselves from the cradle to the grave. And unfortunately, it's working TOO WELL!

I expounded on two examples where a Black man who inspired me to write this blog, and a Black woman who was looking and commenting on my Blog for the better part of a year, both exposed themselves as completely self-hating anglophiles. And what's saddest about this is, the majority of us feel the same way. And what's worse is, those who acknowledge feeling this way, don't and won't do anything to change it.

Lastly, the quote made by that inbred of a literary agent who said, “...Black men don't read...”, was another lie about us I wanted to address. And I did this with the pictured header of this post. Now, the books represented there like Reginald Lewis', 'Why should white guys have all the fun', and Tyrone Powers, 'Eyes to my soul', are but a few books I read in my early twenties that made a real impact on me (And if you wanna' see those book covers more closely, you can click on my header to expand it). And there's no dearth of Black men reading or writing books today. Even though there may be less physical distribution centers for their stories, ala retail book stores, our stories are pretty readily available through any website where books are sold. And our appetites for these stories don't show any signs of waning.

So I hope this clears up some of the fallacies behind being a Black man in america, or in the world period; and I hope any Black man, especially a young one, can look at this and be inspired to keep your chin up and your aspirations high. Understand, you are the closest representation of God on this earth, this is why you can create every other type of man, while none of them can create one of you. Know that there's no challenge in this world too great for you to overcome.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I LOVE BEING A BLACK MAN!!!


-MontUHURU Mimia


If you wanna' check out the 'World Food Programme' study on continental hunger rates, you can just click here.

And if you wanna' see the 'Pew Center Research' study on american poverty rates, just click here.

Also, if you'd like to check out Dr. Boyd Graves' flow charts for proof of the man-made origins of the AIDS virus, you can click here.


  1. I love your blog! And thank you for sharing the info about Brotha Panic in your previous post. I am now a listener of his lectures. You have great analyses and cover interesting topics while encouraging our men and women back to a place of love and togetherness. Thank you for this blog. I am always excited to get a notification that you've posted a new article.

    1. Thanks for the compliments and the comment!

      I'm glad you like what you see here!

      I'm truly just beginning to hit my stride as far as blogging is concerned, so do stay tuned, 'cause the best is truly yet to come!

      Again...ThANKHS for your comment!