Saturday, October 1, 2016

The end of feminism...

On September 16th, of this year, Terrence Cutcher, an unarmed Black man living in Oklahoma, was shot down by cops after walking away from police with his hands up.

The officer firing the fatal bullet was Betty Shelby.

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about this incident several times. But what a lot of us don’t know, is bad ‘ole Betty not only has a history of violent behavior, but she’s also got a history of drug use.

First off, on her police application, the very one that got her this job, she checked ‘yes’ to the question of whether or not she’d used or possessed ‘illegal drugs’. Now, let’s just ponder this for a hot second. Could you imagine how quickly any Black man or woman would have lost that job by doing something as audacious as that?

Okay, now let’s move on…

Second, on the same application, Betty admitted to having been involved in two domestic violence cases in her personal life. And if that wasn’t egregious enough, she and her ex damaged each other’s cars in 1993, to the point where they both had restraining orders filed against them, which essentially kept them apart. Additionally, the wife of Betty’s ex-husband, filed an order of protection against her in 2002, saying that bad ‘ole Bette was harassing her over the phone.

Now, the question any sane person should be asking is: Why the hell was Betty ever in a police uniform? And if that ain’t affirmative action, I don’t know what is.

Next up, in the same month, Melissa Adamson, another cop who just happens to be a white female, posted a picture of herself in uniform on ‘Snapchat’. Now, underneath said picture, was the caption: ‘I’m the law today nigga’. Mind you, this inbred bigot broad was a part-time, ‘probationary’ employee. Meaning, she’d only been on the job for a few weeks. And behind Melissa’s dumb-founded comment, she got fired.

Now, over the course of the last few days, Melissa’s been saying that she’s not a bigot, and that her use of the ‘n-word’ ending in an ‘a’, rather than ‘er’, should point to her ‘colloquial’ use of this term. Basically, this dumb inbred bigot broad is saying, if Black people call themselves this, why can’t I? But anyone with half a brain should know that dumb ‘ole Missy meant the ethnic slur as an insult, and nothing more.

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t expound on the aforementioned point, by saying this…

For years, when whites got caught being bigots and calling Black people ‘nigg@rs’, the overwhelming majority of them would respond by saying: “They (Black people) call each other that.” But here’s something those pale-skinned degenerates and the other non-Black ethnic groups who love them, never consider...

Now, if you’ve ever watched the Martin Scorsese movie, ‘Goodfellas’, you’ll see that throughout that flick, white men are using ethnic slurs as endearments. And the slurs I’m referring to, are the words, ‘M@c’ and ‘Guine@’. And I’m betting the same people who say Blacks are idiots for using the ‘n-word’ as an endearment, would never look at Goodfellas and think: “Why the hell are these white men calling each other these derogatory names? Don’t they understand they’re insulting each other?”

Now, I can already hear what some of you are thinking, you’re probably saying: “Bruh, that’s a movie…it’s not real life.” Well, if you think that, I’ll tell you what happened one day whilst I was talking to an Italian man. While we conversed about different kinds of dance clubs in the area, this Italian guy said to me that he doesn’t go to certain clubs cause they’re too ‘guido’. Now, based on white people’s logic, if this Italian man said that to me, then I should be able to go up to any italian person, or someone who I identify as Italian, and say: “Yo, what’s up guido.” But I wouldn’t do that, cause I’m smart enough to know that’ll cause a fight. And that Italian man would be absolutely right for wanting to fight me, ‘cause I’m NOT ONE OF HIS OWN KIND! So that right there should cancel out the argument that ONLY Black people use ethnic slurs as endearments.

Now, back to these inbred bigot broads, Betty and Melissa…

As of late, more and more white women have been unabashedly forthright about their real thoughts of Black people. And while some may be perplexed at these occurrences, I’m extremely happy they’re happening. Here’s why…

As white fascists get more and more desperate to keep their people around, knowing their birth rates have fallen below replacement levels, more and more initiatives are gonna’ be instituted to get rid of huge swaths of Black folks. And at the front lines of this purge, are the inbred bigots with badges that america calls cops. Now, with the battle lines clearly being drawn, and some kind of ethnic war seeming eminent, white women are dropping their feminist facades, and trading them in for the white fascist privileges they knew they had while they railed against the insidiousness of (white-male) patriarchies.

And to put this more plainly, white women knew that feminism was B.S. all along. What it essentially did was give generations of white women, a chance to do two things: One, feminism, or the feminist theory, gave the illusion of some separation between white women and men. Meaning, collegiate women who called themselves feminists could pretend they were more ‘liberal’ than their white male counter-parts, thus, they’d seem more humane (hue-mane) to the outside world. And this was done to keep up the illusion that white women are the epitome of feminine beauty. Two, and this was the biggest benefit to white women of them all, it gave these women a license to feel like an oppressed minority. Even though they knew all along, they could put on a pants-suit and fall in line with the white fascist status quo, which would accept them back and protect them.

So, I’ve said all that to say this, white feminism was A LIE FROM JUMP!! IT WAS ALWAYS BOGUS!!

Cause what you’ll find when you follow the lives of collegiate white feminists, is once their college careers are over, the majority of them wind up marrying white men. You know, the same oppressively tyrannical and patriarchal jerks they’d supposedly been fighting against for the majority of their young collegiate lives.

And for anyone saying, well, Black men can be patriarchs too…let me tell you why that’s a bald-faced lie, along with the myth that Black men can be racists. It’s cause WE DON’T CONTROL ANY INSTITUTIONS THAT CAN BLOCK ANYONE’S ACCESS TO RESOURCES! PERIOD!

And for those brain-washed souls who say: “Well, a Black man can still oppress a woman with physical violence.” I’ll remind you, that if we dare try, who do you think these women are gonna' call? You guessed it, A WHITE COP!


BLACK FEMINISTS TAKE NOTICE!! AND BLACK ‘WOMANYISTS’ (who are just Black women following the edicts of white feminism) TAKE NOTICE AS WELL!! Just cause you give yourself a different title, don’t think you’re fooling anyone. The reason you wanna’ associate yourself with white feminism, is so you can get closer to a white man. Now, I have no problem with you wanting to do that, I’m just saying, be honest about it.

And I’d also be remiss, if I didn’t give you a primer on the real reason white fascists created feminism. And I know I’ve said this a million times, but it’s worth repeating to bring this point home.…

A mature white male aristocrat, on a Public Broadcasting Station (PBS), channel thirteen in New York, confessed to being in a conversation with a Rockefeller. He said, the Rockefeller asked him: "What do you think of the feminist movement?" The mature aristocrat replied, he thought it was positive for women to demand equal pay for equal work. The Rockefeller then explained how they 'funded feminism'. And he stated the reason they did this was: "We couldn't tax half the population, if women were staying home, being housewives...we had to get them into the workforce to be able to tax that revenue." The Rockefeller then went on to explain, "Also, we knew with both parents out of the house, what would essentially be raising their kids would be the TV, so that generation and the following generations, would be more easily programmable than this one."

And this just reinforces the point that feminism was an initiative started for white fascists, by white fascists. And white women got tricked into believing this had something to do with their empowerment. Just like they still are today.

So as america’s melting pot becomes more of an ethnic incinerator, you’ll see white women coming out of bigoted closets in droves. And you’ll also see more of them siding with the most odiously ‘racist’ white men (Trump), in an attempt to be protected by the white fascist privileges they only pretended not to have. Again, that was and is the real agenda of white (fascist) feminism. 

And to put it more plainly, you’re gonna’ see more bigoted, ugly white women like Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham become celebrities. Cause the biggest want of any woman is security, whether they’ll admit it or not. And in the whole of the global social order, one message is most clear: The man who can offer you the most security in this world, is a white one. And this is a fact, or at least a perceived fact, regardless of how willing (or not) this white man is to share his social safety nets with you.

So while some grimace at the crass and dumb-founded actions of this generation of white women, I’ll sit back and rejoice. Cause white women have been allowed to hide their true natures for far too long. And it’s about damn time someone pulled the veil off these trailer trash types, so they can indeed show off their true colors.

And like Sam L. Jackson said in Spike Lee's movie, 'Do the Right Thing': "That's the double truth, Ruth."


MontUHURU Mimia

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