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3 reasons why Black men should not date fat white women (Part 3)...the dual dogmas of Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer...

Lena Dunham was born in New York City on May 13th, 1986. Carroll Dunham, Lena’s father, is a Protestant christian and her mother, Laurie Simmons, says she’s jewish, but hasn’t verified whether or not she’s practicing. And this is probably premature, but I have to say that not only did the Black Spiritual Science known as the ‘Kabbalah’ spawn the jewish religion, but Isreal itself, lies on the tectonic plate of Africa. So jews, especially those in Isreal, are really Africans on the low. But don’t call them that unless you wanna’ get cursed out.

Lena attended Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, before she attended ‘The New School’ in NYC for a year. She then attended Oberlin College where she graduated in 2008 with a degree in creative writing. She’s now best known as an actress, writer, producer and director who currently stars in the HBO series ‘Girls’. And in 2014, she released her first book titled: ‘Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s Learned’.

Amy Beth Schumer was born on June 1st, 1981 in New York City. Her parents, Sandra Jones and Gordon Schumer, owned a furniture company that afforded them the luxury of living in the tony upper-east side of Manhattan, NYC. Lena’s father is second cousin to U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer. And coincidentally enough, just like Lena’s mother, Amy’s mom is also jewish, and also hasn’t clarified whether or not she’s practicing. But unlike Lena’s mother, Amy’s mom converted to judaism from being a Protestant christian. More than likely, because Amy’s father is also jewish.

Now, according to my research, Amy was raised jewish and was said to have experienced an unspecified form of ‘anti-semitism’ in her childhood/young adulthood. And I want everyone reading this to keep that in mind for the points I’ll make later.

Schumer was said to have been born into a rich family, but her father’s furniture company went bust and her family was forced to declare bankruptcy. At age nine, Amy’s father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and her parents divorced three years later. Amy attended South Side High School in Rockville Center, New York and also went to the Hebrew School of the Central Synagogue of Nassau County, in Long Island. Amy’s mother was also on the board of this synagogue. After high school, Amy moved to Baltimore, Maryland and attended Towson College where she graduated with a degree in theater in 2003.

As of late, Amy’s known for being a stand-up comedian, actress, writer and producer. She’s also the creator, co-producer, co-writer and star of the sketch comedy series, ‘Inside Amy Schumer’, which debuted on the Comedy Central TV network in 2013.

Now, in early September of this year, Lena Dunham was criticized for an interview she did with Amy Schumer. In a feminist magazine called ‘Lenny Letter’, Lena said that NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. ignored her at a ‘Met Gala’ because of her appearance. Lena (pictured in this post’s header) said: “He (Odell) looked at me and he determined I was not the shape of a woman by his standards.”

Once again, keep in mind that the Lenny Letter is a ‘feminist/liberal’ magazine.

And in regards to her feelings about Black people, Lena has made several ‘tweets’ showing her true colors. One of them, which posted on March 7th, of 2010, reads like this: ‘Just found my creativity journal from 2005. It begins: “I dreamed I was a prostitute and I molested a little African-American rodent.”

Again, Black feminists take notice.

Now, in regards to feminism, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say this…

A couple of decades ago, I watched a PBS special where a man who looked like the spitting image of George Soros said he was talking to a member of the Rockefeller family at a party. The George Soros look-a-like said the Rockefeller asked him this question: “Tell me, what do you think of the feminist movement?” To which the George Soros looking fellow replied, “Overall, I think it’s positive…equal work for equal pay and all.” And the Rockefeller came back with this: “We (the Rockefellers) funded ‘Women’s Lib’ (The Women’s Liberation Movement of the 60’s). And one of the main reasons was, we couldn’t tax half the population if women were staying at home being housewives. Furthermore, with both parents out of the home, what essentially would be raising their children is the TV, thus, they and the following generations would be easier to (mentally) program.”

And let me also point out that Gloria Steinem, the ‘mother’ of the feminist movement, was a CIA agent. And don’t take my word for this, do the research and find this out for yourself.

So that means what?

It means that ‘feminsim’ was a trick played on women. Point blank, period. It had nothing to do with female empowerment. And I’ll tell you why Lena Dunham is a prime example of this fact later.

Now as for Amy Schumer, on her Comedy Central series, she produced a skit where she shopped in a store that resembled ‘Urban Outfitters’. And in this skit, she couldn’t differentiate one Black male store clerk from another, cause to her, we all look alike. Moreover, in a movie she starred and wrote in called ‘Trainwreck’, not only are there several instances of what the mainstream media are calling, ‘casual racism’ towards Black people, but the comedian Colin Quinn plays her father who’s a completely bigoted inbred of a patriarch.

But beyond this, Amy tweeted and then deleted a response to a man named ‘Paulo L Dos Santos’, when he said: ‘Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, et al. refuse 2C that misogyny among men of color, while hideously prevalent, is no more so than among white men.’ To which Amy replied: ‘How would you know? Statistically, who is hollerin’ at you in the street more pa?’

This leads me to two points I want to make about Amy’s ‘casual racism’. Now, if Amy really wants to talk about statistics, she should look at these stats...cause according to 2014’s FBI numbers, in the category of ‘Sex offenses (except rape and prostitution)’, in terms of total arrests, here’s what the stats really say: white men arrested—31,279 and Black men arrested—10,462

And for those of you thinking, well, ‘cat-calling’ would more likely be under the ‘Disorderly Conduct’ category…here are those stats: white men arrested—213,342 and Black men arrested—114,802

And if you’re still thinking that men’s verbal harassment of women would be under a more miscellaneous category, then let’s see what the ‘All other offenses (except traffic)’ stats look like: white men arrested—1,726,091 and Black men arrested—750,488

And inevitably, I know someone’s thinking, yeah, okay, but Black men still commit more rapes than white men do…well, here's the ‘Rape’ stats: white men arrested—10,977 and Black men arrested—4,888

So this says what?

It says Amy’s just another dumb-founded bigot, who’s too mentally lazy to do five minutes worth of research so she could find out that a white man is three times more likely to ‘cat-call’ her than a Black man is. Now mind you, Amy said she experienced some sort of ‘anti-semitism’ during her childhood/young adulthood. But do you think that would make her more sensitive towards Black people? Nope. Cause white jews are still white people who practice (or not) a certain religion. So they’re just as bigoted as the average white person.

And mind you, Amy, like Lena, considers herself a feminist.

But the other point I wanted to make, about both Amy and Lena is this…both these women, although they’ll never admit it, are saying these disparaging things about Black men cause they desperately want to be seen as attractive by us. And here’s why…

Both Amy and Lena know they’re pariahs to the ‘classic’ standard of european beauty. And to put this more plainly, they both know they’re fat and ugly. And their personalities are even more repulsive than their physical features. And what’s uglier still, is the truth they’re hiding. And that truth is this…the reason Lena was so offended by Odell Beckham not finding her attractive, and the real reason Amy is saying that Black men harass her more than white men, is they’re both thinking, if Black men don’t want us anymore, and they’re at the bottom rung of society, then who the hell else will?

And thankfully, what Black men are showing these inbred and corn-fed looking white women, is how the Black man’s psyche is being positively affected by Black ‘consciousness’ becoming cool.

Tariq Nasheed’s ‘Hidden Colors’ documentaries, are said to be one of the best-selling DVD series’ for Black americans in history. Now, behind watching this series, no Black man can help but feel several pangs of pride behind these films showing him that ALL of the arts, and ALL of the sciences, were created by his ancestors, i.e. ancient Black people. Meaning, not only do Black men create the best genres of music, but we created MUSIC, PERIOD. And on top of this, our finally realizing that we have the most genetic power to breed every other man out of existence, has us enjoying a heightened pride that we’ve never quite experienced before.

So I’m saying that to say this, no matter how much Amy and Lena boast about being lesbians or feminists, they still want to be thought of as classically beautiful by white standards (as evidenced by Amy’s Vanity Fair cover, pictured left). At the same time, they’re scared to death that Black men won't find them attractive anymore, cause we've always been their last resort when every other kind of man told them they're ugly. And mind you, Lena and Amy want to be thought of as classically beautiful without having to lose the weight that would actually qualify them as being 'all-american' looking. In other words, these fat white women wanna’ have their cake and eat it too.

And speaking of just desserts, I have to say, few things are sweeter to me than a Black man rejecting a white woman!

So Amy and Lena’s suffering just brings a big ole’ smile to my face. Especially when I heard Lena felt some kind of way about Odell not finding her attractive, I was like…YES!...FINALLY!! And the nerve of this inbred bigot to ask herself: How dare any Black man think any white woman is ugly?!

And to every Black man reading this: I think Odell has set a lovely precedent for us to follow. Cause with his actions, he's made one thing emphatically clear to white women when it comes to today's Black man. His rejection of Lena said that in regards to white women, and every other kind of woman, Black men have standards that we will not stray from. And this especially goes for fat white women. And to put it more plainly, Odell's giving Black men this message: LEAVE AMY AND LENA IN THE TRAILER PARK WITH THE REST OF THE WHITE TRASH!!!

And here's one final message to every Black man reading this: I'd say Odell's actions are one of the greatest blows to white fascism that I've seen since Dave Chappelle's refusal to take whitey's money and/or put on a dress. In one fatal swoop, Odell completely obliterated the notion of white women being the epitome of feminine beauty...and it's about damn time!


MontUHURU Mimia


If you’d like to take a look at the FBI stats for 2014, you can do that here.

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