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The gospel of white supremacy (Part 10)...Sa Neter, Miss 'Cleo' and why all Black conscious debates should be boycotted...

Cleo Manago is an African-american man who's a native of south central Los Angeles, California. He says he began his career in 'social activistism' at 16, and he also claims to be a blogger and a musician. In 2011, Cleo produced, directed, co-authored and starred in the 'educational' documentary, 'I AM A MAN: Black manhood and sexual 'diversity'.

Now, the reason this documentary's title has the term 'sexual diversity' in it, is because Cleo is openly gay.

'Miss Cleo' also says that he's of the philosophy that the term, 'lgbt activist', shouldn't be applied to him, because the lgbt label is tethered to mainstream white privilege, ideology, and single-focused gay organizations. He also says he views that community as culturally dissonant and too limited in scope to be meaningful and beneficial to African-American lgbt communities and the larger Black community. Miss Cleo is also the founder and proprietor of an organization called, 'AmASSI', this stands for the 'African-american Advocacy, Support-Services & Survival Institute'. This group's says it aims to end 'health disparities, self-concept and inter-group conflict among diverse people of African descent'. 

This he/she also founded a group called the 'Black Men's Xchange' (BMX) in 1989. This is said to be one of the oldest and largest community-based movements in the u.s. devoted to promoting healthy self-concept and behavior, cultural affirmation, and critical consciousness among same gender loving (SGL), gay-identified and bisexual African-descended males and their allies.

Now I want you to notice something about the description of these groups; and that is how the term sexual 'diversity' is usually used to describe the behaviors these gay Black men are engaging in. Cleo and his organizations also do the best they can to avoid the terms 'gay' and 'homosexual', preferring instead to use the term 'same-gender loving' person.

See, Miss Cleo is not only saying that he's a 'same-gender loving' Black man, he's also saying that within this sexually conflicted context, he can be a Black Nationalist too. In more layman's terms, he saying that he may be gay, but that doesn't stop him or his ilk from being 'down' for their people.

Sa Neter a.k.a. Frank Garry, is the leader of a cadre of Black Nationalists calling themselves the 'House of Konsciousness' (HOK). Now, within the HOK, Sa Neter has amassed every stripe of religious/philosophical Black advocate under the sun. Meaning, in his organization there are Black Hebrews, Black Isrealites, Nuwaupians, Moors, Muslims, Egyptologists, atheists, agnostics, etc. So whatever ideology a 'conscious' Black person might follow, this organization has a representative to cater to them.

This organization also prides itself on pitting these religious advocates and ideologues against one another in Black conscious 'debates'. And the venue they use more often than not is Harlem, New York's 'National Black Theater' (NBT). This locale is pretty much being hailed as the Black conscious debate headquarters for the contenential u.s.

Now, how I caught wind of Miss Cleo and his/her diatribes, is by way of an HOK video saying he and a well known member of the HOK, 'Brother Polight', will be center stage at the NBT for one of these conscious debates. The subject will be whether or not homosexuals can be the leaders of any kind of Black Nationalist movement.

So with all that said, let me tell you the real reasons why this debate is being 'staged', and why Miss Cleo has now joined the ranks of the HOK...

First off, I just want everyone reading this to know that Miss Cleo, Brother Polight and Sa Neter are all white supremacist freemasons...and I'll provide the evidence for this in a sec'.

But beyond their affiliations with these white fascist fraternities, Sa Neter, with the help of his freemasonic handlers, has conjured up a more effective means of mainstreaming homosexuality for the Black Diaspora, and especially the Black 'conscious' community. See, Miss Cleo is not your typical limp-wristed, candy apple lip gloss wearing, Black male queer. He's actually acknowledging the white fascist agenda against Black heterosexuality and saying he's NOT a part of that faction of homosexuals. He actually confesses that the white homosexual community has a 'counter-heterosexual' campaign it's waging against our people, and not only does he say he's not a part of that, but he says he can fight against it while being a 'same-gender loving' Black Nationalist.

Now, the reason this is dangerous to our Diaspora is, it's giving sexually conflicted Black men who know at some sort of visceral level that homosexuality isn't natural, a wicked mentor, or organization to identify with. 

Basically, it's telling Black men that you can still hold on to your 'manhood' and have sex with men at the same time. Like bigoted white gay men who want to keep the white male privilege and be recognized as an oppressed minority, it tells the sexually conflicted gay Black man, that he can have his cake and eat it too. 

See, eventually, the white supremacist freemasons who pay Sa Neter had to get a homosexual into his fraternity's ranks. 'Cause homosexuality is the initiative that white fascists are putting the most funding behind in their efforts to rid this world of the 'Black menace'...i.e. the people who have the most potential to breed them out of existence. US!
Now, as far as proving the freemasonic affiliations of Sa Neter and his minions goes...if you look at the above pic of the Sa Neter TV logo (click on the photo to enlarge it), you'll see him above his minions flashing a hand signal where his thumb and index finger meet, while the rest of his fingers are extended, kinda' looking like he's saying 'okay' with his hands. Now, what this represents, at least in the white freemasonic world, are three '6's'.

Remember the rap group 'Three Six Mafia'? Their affiliation to these white fascist fraternities is why they won that grammy for the song, 'It's hard out here for a pimp'.

Now, I thought that this 'three six' hand signal was relatively new to freemasonic circles. But if you look at the Beatles, 'Yellow Submarine', album cover right next to the Sa Neter pic, you can see this hand signal again being flashed by Paul McCartney, who's also a freemason. You can also see the 'baphomet' hand signal flashed by John Lennon, who was a white supremacist freemason as well. Goes to show you how both these hand signals have a long history in these freemasonic circles. 

Also note, when you see Sa Neter flashing this sign above every person in the HOK, it means that they are all under the tutelage of white supremacist Polight and Miss Cleo included.

Now, speaking further about the religions and philisophies represented in the HOK, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, I'm sure you've noticed that in every Black neighborhood, there's a church and a liquor store on damn near every corner. But if you were to just focus on the churches, I hope you've seen that you can pass several of them and no two of them will be of the same denominational group. One will be methodist, the next will be roman catholic, the next will be pentecostal, the next will be baptist, etc. Now, everyone of the religions I've named is under the umbrella of white supremacist chrisitianity, so this is done to keep our communities separated. 'Cause what they don't want us doing is dropping our denominations and forming 'one' church, so we could pool all of those resources.

I've always heard Black 'intellectuals' wax philosophic about how the Black Diaspora is NOT a monolithic ethnic group, now what white fascists won't tell us is that we, more than anyone else, NEED TO BE!

Again, being that white birth rates have fallen below replacement levels and we have the most genetic power to breed them out of existence, means their fascist cross-hairs will always be on our backs...literally. 

Now, while almost every stripe of religious and philosophical construct is represented in the HOK, we should all notice what's noticeably absent in their ranks...and that's Black 'Spiritual Scientists'. I'm talking about brothas and sistas who represent the Orishas, Voudun/Voodoo, Ifa, Yoruba, Palo, etc. This is because the Black Spiritual Sciences would actually empower our community, unlike white supremacist religions. And let me expound on that a sec'... 

What religions do is basically tell you to pray to a deity, and hope for the best outcome. I remember the master-teaching Bobby Hemmitt saying that once a Spiritual Science essentially loses its spiritual power, it dies and becomes a 'religion'. And you can see this in everyone of the most popular world religions. For instance, the Spiritual Science of 'Gnosticism' was converted into 'christianity', the Spiritual Science of the 'Kabballah' became 'judaism', the Spiritual Science of 'Sufism' became 'islam', etc.

What white fascists definitely don't want us to know is, when you connect your 'prayers' to the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, then you can effectively pull your intention from the spiritual world and make it manifest physically. AND THIS IS WHAT THE SPIRITUAL SCIENCES TEACH US TO DO!

Remember in the movie 'Star Wars' how they would always admonish everyone to stay away from the 'Darkside' of the force? Well, this 'Darkside' or 'Black' majik, is only making reference to the subconscious mind...the DARKER SIDE OF YOURSELF! This is why 'Darth Vader' was dressed in all Black and cast as the villian...BUT THIS WAS ALSO WHY HE WAS THE MOVIE'S MOST POWERFUL CHARACTER! Especially at the franchise's beginning. And this is where our ancestors went to ACQUIRE POWER...THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND! The 'Haitian Revolution' was preceded by a Vudun/Voodoo cermemony, and it's recognized as being the only successful slave revolt in world history. Look up 'Boukman's prayer' sometimes.

I myself know that my 'divinations' really didn't begin to work, until I found a technique that connected my intentions with my subconscious mind. And I've made things happen behind this that I didn't think was possible for me personally. And that should be the ultimate goal of any 'conscious' Black person, to get 'spiritually empowered' from the Black 'conscious' community. Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing negative about gaining more facts and knowledge, but they only become 'wisdom' when we find a way to apply them to our lives, so we can live more abundantly.

But back to religions and church...the same thing I said about the divisiveness of christian churches, rings true for the HOK. The reason every stripe of Black Nationalist is represented in Sa Neter's organization, is to keep us separated and powerless. And nowhere does this manifest itself more than in these insipid, dumb-founding debates they hold at the NBT.

And what pains me most about these debates, is the Black 'conscious' community, more than ever, are not only frequenting these 'staged' spectacles, but they're paying money to see this crap. If you've ever watched any of these debates, you'll notice at the end of them no one talks about building anything to help the Black community. And ultimately, all these Black men with all these resources, never do anything but talk. But that's the point of these debates, to philosophize and pontificate on the finer points of the good 'ole 'divide and conquer' tactic that the HOK has been tasked to carry out. 

So I've said all that to say this, it's high time that the Black conscious community BOYCOTTS THESE DUMB DEBATES!! 

If you wanna' spend twenty or thirty dollars to build our Diaspora, then spend that money helping a 'home-schooling' co-operative teach our kids, without giving them a self-hating message. Or let's pool our monies to get more Black owned stores and markets closer to our neighborhoods.

As a collective, the Black conscious community always prides itself on being more progressive and deeper thinking than the average church-going it's time we started letting our actions reflect that.

And like Sam Jackson said in the movie, 'Do the Right Thing', "...that's the triple truth, Ruth."


MontUHURU Mimia


Here's a short vid I put togther highlighting the philosophies of Brother Polight and Miss Cleo, I mean, Cleo Manago. Here's a forewarning: there's some mature language used in this clip, so viewer discretion is advised.

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