Saturday, October 17, 2015

The gospel of white supremacy (Part 11)...why are asians smarter and harder working than Black people?

I'll never forget how one day in my 9th grade english class, our white english instructor, decided he would reveal the scores of a test we'd taken a couple of days previously. Now, this imbecilic inbred chose to announce out loud to each of us, whether we passed or failed. Mind you, the overwhelming majority of my class was comprised of young Black men and women.

Long story short, no one passed but this one fair-skinned asian girl. And the white instructor, I can't really call that neo-liberal bigot a teacher, used this example to extol and reinforce the stereotype of the smart and hard-working, asian person. And this was yet another way I was indoctrinated into reasons why I should hate myself and everyone who looked like me for being Black.

I also remember recently, how I was talking to a mature Black person and we started discussing a subject pertaining to asian culture. This Black person was at a loss for words at one point, and just blurted out: “...well, they're just brilliant.”

So, I'd like to expound on some reasons why Black people especially, have been made to revere asians, especially fair-skinned ones, over ourselves.

Firstly, my ninth grade english instructor didn't realize that the reason(s) the fair-skinned asian girl did better on the test, and might do better in the american educational system period, is because nothing in its curriculum is teaching her to hate herself and everyone who looks like her. Whereas, damn near EVERYTHING, especially in 'his-story' class, is engineered to make Black people hate themselves.

Don't believe me? Then answer this question honestly: can you name one other ethnic group, besides Black people, that get taught their ancestors were slaves? 

I didn't think so.

And the reason for this is, once again, Black men and women have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence. Thus, white fascists must, at all costs, keep Black men and women apart by anchoring our minds in perpetual cycles of self-hatred. And now, being that white people are at a zero population growth globally, they have to make sure we don't have any more pure-bred, or pure-bred 'looking' Black children, who'd have the same potential to breed them out of existence that we do.

And in regards to 'slavery', the very word 'slave' comes from the white 'Slavic' people or 'Slavs'. And once again I'll mention, how there were so many white slaves in 'YugoSLAVIA', that the country was named after them.

So let's take a look at some other factors that might contribute to the accelerated upward-mobility of asians, especially fair-skinned ones.

The u.s. government ordered the removal of japanese-americans after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1942. Now, under this decree, more than 110,000 fair-skinned asians were rounded up and put into concentration camps for a period of four years.

Fast forward to 1988. President Ronald Reagan, the actor, signed into law the 'Civil Liberties Act' which apologized for their internment on behalf of the u.s. government and authorized a payment of $20,000 to each individual camp survivor. Fair-skinned asians in this country received approximately $1.6 billion dollars in reparations...yep, that's billion with a 'b'. 

So consider this the next time you wonder why there's an asian-owned restaurant or grocery store on every corner of your neighborhood...especially if you're a Black man or woman.

But I guess that's something my ninth grade english instructor forgot to tell us, while he was making this fair-skinned asian girl look so much smarter and hard-working than the us lazy negroes.

Now, Black men and women were enslaved for how many years in this country? And not only haven't we seen a dime in reparations, but we didn't even get the '40 acres and a mule' provisions we'd been promised. 

And beyond these facts, when Black people did build up thriving economies after the turn of the twentieth century, especially in places like the 'Black Wall Street' in Tulsa, Oklahoma; this government not only did everything they could to undermine our success, but they actually bombed the Black Wall Street in 1921. Mind you, several Black men were millionaires in this community because we owned planes, grocery stores, bus lines, etc. And this was decades before fair-skinned asians in this country even owned a chain of fruit stands. 

What erased our gains, was our ancestors falling for the trick of integration. This was an initiative pushed by white fascists to get our money into their pockets. And it was yet another iteration of the white fascist 'divide and conquer' methodology. And they knew it would work, if for no other reason than they conditioned us to adopt a god who looked like them (good ole' jesus christ himself). They understood we would literally risk life and limb to be closer to our 'gods'. I hope you now know why the first book these inbreds gave us to read, especially as slaves, was the christian bible.

Moving on...

So in regards to the question of why asians are so much smarter and harder working than Black's the answer...


white fascists have allowed these people to partake in the white privilege because they're fair-skinned and don't have the genetic power to breed their oppressors out of existence like we do.

This is also why they can go to any bank in america, and get any kind of loan to open a buisness more readily and consistently than we can.

Don't believe me? Then consider the plight of dark-skinned asians for a sec'.

Dark-skinned asians from Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, etc. can also access bank loans for businesses quicker than we can, but ever since I was young, I've been hearing about the menace of swarthy dark-skinned asian terrorism. And, I've seen white armies of the western powers indiscriminately slaughter these people in their native countries at will.

Just the other day, I was in a pizza restaurant with a flat-screened TV on one of its walls. While waiting for my pie, I watched the channel this TV was set to, and saw a 'CSI' like show where the villians were portrayed as arab terrorists who kidnapped a white american hostage. I was like damn, whitey's still stuck on the stereotype of the dark-skinned asian terrorist?

Now, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, I in no way want you to feel sorry for, or have an empathy towards the plight of dark-skinned asians. For the simple reason that, once those same dark-skinned asians come to america, all they know is they love the white people who've been oppressing them for years and they hate Black people who've never done a thing to them.

I myself have had to curse several of these people out while shopping in their stores, because of their horrendous attitudes towards me and my people. And I can assure you, they hate Black people just as much, or possibly even more than white bigots do.

Now, with all this said, I'd like to pose another question. With the advantages that asians are given over Black people and with the intellect and advanced work ethic we've been conditioned to think they have, why are so many of them starving?

Like I've said before, the continent leading in rates of world hunger is asia, not Africa! 

Approximately 227 million people in Africa are living in conditions of famine, as opposed to 552 million people in asia. 

I remember watching a documentary about North Korea, where people were risking life and limb to cross the border into the south of that country, cause so many Northern Koreans were literally starving to death.

Coincidentally, asian starvation is another reason why Black people reading this should go out of their way NOT to patronize any asian restaurant(s). Because asians are so desperately hungry in their native countries, they will literally eat ANYTHING! Rats, cats, dogs...they don't discriminate.

And as a consequence, they'll serve YOU anything! Especially if you're a Black person.

But our people, even while living in abject poverty, still maintain a high level of dignity and pride. Case in point, I remember reading an article about asian investors in Africa who went to a dump-site. They saw Black people rummaging through the site's ruins and these asians pulled a piece of rotted meat off the ground. They approached one Black African at the site, and told them to eat the rotted meat so they can show their people back home how destitute Black Africans were. Then they told the native African, they'd show the footage of them eating this meat to their people, and as a result, their people would have some sort of pity and they would send them money. The impoverished native African refused, saying the meat was unfit to eat.

So, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, the next time someone tells you how brilliant one of these asians are, you can confidently tell them: THAT'S A CROCK! Or, when you see one of these asians, you can look at them, and through them, knowing that for all their purported brilliance they can barely feed themselves in their native countries.

Black people have the cross-hairs of white fascism squarely on our backs, and we still outshine these asians...AND WE ALWAYS WILL!!


MontUHURU Mimia


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  1. The reason why this hill dogs like Asian because they can beat they ass
    in a fight lol (that's white boys nature to kill,destroy and deviant lol)

    1. 'Sam'...

      Not only did white people bomb the hell out of the asian cities of 'Nagasaki' and 'Hiroshima', but afterwards, they made the japanese sign a treaty stating that they would never form an army to defend themselves. And they agreed.

      This is why white people have given fair-skinned asians access to the 'white privilege', because they know they won't have to worry about any retaliatory strikes from japan, or from the majority of the fair-skinned asian populous.

      But beyond all this, the REAL reason whitey is giving fair-skinned asians a pass, is because they have the least amount of genetic power to breed whitey out of existence. Whereas, our Diaspora has the greatest power to do just that.

      So, I was just trying to get brothas and sistas to give up the stereotypical fallacies surrounding fair-skinned asians.

      By the way, thANKHS for all the support KING!

      I see you bruh!

      And thanks for commenting!