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The gospel of white fascism (Part 1)...Polygamy, 'open' relationships and the reason Brother Polight has five wives...

"...sitting here contemplating if we should even be, see I'm in love with a man who loves me, for me he'd do anything easily, oh his heart knows no boundaries...but he needs sometimes, to write with a different pen, on different paper."
--Excerpt from the song, 'The Lighthouse' by Jill Scott

Recently, I watched an interview with the singer Jill Scott that was broadcast on New York's 'Power 105' radio station. She was on their early morning talk show called the 'Breakfast Club'.

Now, I've had a crush on Jill for the better part of a decade and a half, so I settled in to listen to what she had to say. And in this interview, she waxed philosophic on her recent tour and her past relationships. And I'm always curious to know whether she's gotten married or is currently in a relationship. Turns out, she's in neither situation.

And it was towards the end of the interview, that she recited the words from her song, 'The Lighthouse', that I've written at the beginning of this post.

Now, these words and this song are basically endorsing the tenets of 'open' relationships. But I can't say Jill is the only one endorsing this, cause I think the majority of us know how Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith and Monique co-sign on this particular lifestyle too. A moment later, I reminded myself that all these people are white fascist freemasons and they're just carrying out the agenda of their white handlers. Mind you, they need to do this to maintain their celebrity status and stay in the good graces of those fraternities.

But even after reciting these lyrics, Jill seemed genuinely hurt and perplexed by the fact that she couldn't figure out why she's been single for so long. I myself always thought Jill, with her New Bohemian/Earth Mother vibe and air of exquisite femininity, would have easily fell into a decades long marriage by now. Then I had to remind myself again, of the main principle in the 'Willie Lynch letter' (if you don't know what this is, google it); and that is how white fascists must keep the Black woman away from the Black man.

So behind the Willie Lynch letter, Black men and women have been fed study diets of self-hatred in the american social order. And as a result of being taught to hate ourselves and each other, the rates of being single for both Black men and women are above 60%.

Now, even though Jill seems deeply affected by being single, I hope she understands, for her sake, how her participation in the white fascist agenda behind writing and reciting those lyrics, is directly related to her difficulties maintaining a stable relationship.

So one fact should be emphatically clear when Black men and women listen to celebrity interviews like this, and that is: the american social order has been engineered to destroy the relationship between Black men and women, with the end-goal of killing off the Black 'nuclear' family entirely.

Now, as an antidote to this, some Black 'conscious' activists have suggested that the we look into 'polygamy' as a viable alternative to traditional 'western-cultured' marriages.

And within the ranks of Sa Neter's 'House of Konsciousness' (HOK), the person chosen to exemplify this more than any other, is Brother Polight.

Now, Brother Polight has taken over the top spot as the leader of the religious order of 'Nuwaupians', and has succeeded the likes of their former cult leader, Dr. York. And Brother Polight currently has five wives. Now, I wanna' make one thing emphatically clear, this is a choice these adults fully consented to, and if Brother Polight can afford to have five wives who agree to that arrangement, then hopefully, they can overcome any travails that come with that lifestyle.

But beyond this, Brother Polight and others in the HOK say it only makes sense for us to adopt this lifestyle when the numbers of Black women are so much larger than those of available Black men.

Now, that does make a lot of practical sense...but let me tell you the real reason Brother Polight is practicing and endorsing polygamy...

Firstly, let me start off by saying that Brother Polight is a white fascist freemason himself. Now don't take my word for this, do your own research and you'll find out how you can't be down with the HOK unless you are one. In addition to that, anyone studying the sordid history of Dr. York will find out he's a 33rd degree freemason. Now, if you're wondering why Dr. York is currently in prison if he's a 33rd degree mason, understand that there's a 33 and a third degree of freemasonry that's designated exclusively for white masons. Thus, they are the ones who are beyond reproach. So as a Black mason, if you fall out of the good graces of these white fascist fraternities, you have to know that you'll always be expendable to these organizations.

And to further speak on the plight of Dr. York, he was sentenced to 135 years in prison on child molestation charges and violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. And I'm pretty sure everyone reading this is familiar with the Nation of Islam's Elijah Muhammad and his several affairs with women besides his wife. These trysts actually created several children. And this resulted in an air of scandal in and outside of the Nation of Islam.

Now understand, in the case of Brother Polight, the white fascist fraternities who control the HOK picked him because of his high I.Q. And I'll say myself, that Brother Polight is a genius. You can see this when he expounds on the the minutiae of exotic financial instruments and the workings of the human anatomy. The speed at which he's able to elucidate and break down these concepts speaks to his exceptional mental capabilities, and this shows how he's the real deal...mentally.

But the reason(s) these white fraternities have him conforming to the polygamous lifestyle, is so Brother Polight can produce children with his same levels of mental capability. And being that the women he's doing this with are his wives, he'll have less worries about any kind of legal repercussions that befell Dr. York or Elijah Muhammad. 

We also need to understand that white fascists know their Black front-persons are gonna' grow old and die. So they're always concerned about having successors to people like Al Sharpton (Dr. Umar Johnson) and Dr. York (Brother Polight). And what these white fraternities will do is pick from the mental litter of Brother Polight's children, so they can groom the best minds among them to carry out their agenda for the future.

On top of this, white fascists know that the overwhelming majority of Black women, especially ones raised in a western culture, aren't gonna' agree to an open relationship or a polygamous one. Even if they verbally agree to it, in their hearts, they'll feel slighted by having to share a man with another woman, or other women. Thus, the majority of these arrangements amongst Black people in the western world will ultimately fail.

So essentially, these arrangements are just another method of keeping the Black man and women in failing relationships...just like Jill Scott. 

Now, let me make one more thing emphatically clear, if a Black woman is born and raised in a culture that endorses polygamy, she'll have more of a chance at being successful in these kinds of arrangements. So all these relationships are not doomed to fail. But once again, any Black women born into a paradigm of traditional western-cultured relationships, is not likely to thrive in this kind of environment.

So if you're a Black man or woman reading this, think twice before you take the leap into one of these kinds of arrangements. Especially if you site Brother Polight as an example of this being able to work. Understand why open and polygamous relationships are being mainstreamed, especially towards our community, so you can make a more informed choice as to whether or not you wanna' be in one. 

Trust me, your future happiness and the Black Diaspora's fate will depend on it.

Ma'at Hotep.

MontUHURU Mimia


I'm renaming the 'gospel of white supremacy' Blog post series, the 'gospel of white fascism'. This is because I'm realizing if Black men and women keep repeating mentally or verbally, the term 'white supremacy', it's gonna' embed itself into our subconscious without us realizing it. And the last thing we need is more negative subliminal messages. We've gotten enough of those in the american (mis)educational system. 

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