Sunday, April 17, 2016

Why do so many gay men have model looks?

Now, before I start this post, let me make one thing emphatically clear…when I use the term ‘model looks’ in my description of gay men, I’m making reference to gay men who are ‘exceptionally good-looking’ by EUROPEAN STANDARDS OF BEAUTY.

So this is in no way an endorsement by me of physical features that conform to those standards. And in more layman’s terms, I’m saying that in no way do I deem long hawk noses, pale skin, icy blue eyes, pin thin lips and stringy blond hair as the epitome of beauty. To me nothing is more beautiful, especially on women, than dark, rich flawless-looking skin, full lips, warmly dark and soulful eyes, broad noses, ‘locked’ hair and the natural curves that grace the form of a Black woman.

So the last thing I want to do with this post is reinforce reasons why any Black man or woman should hate the way they look…especially siting the fact that white women now more than ever, are showing how much they envy the physical features of Black women.

And if you think that’s hyperbole, all you have to do is look at how white females are getting shots in their lips and butts to basically turn themselves into Black females. Now, for any brotha reading this, you should understand why white men are sporting bald heads like us, tanning their skin to look more like us and smoking cigars to make themselves look as genetically powerful as we are. This is the reason white men give out cigars when a baby’s born. It’s to legitimize that they’re sexual power or prowess is equal to ours. Cause they’ll never tell you this, but they all feel sexually inferior to us. And deep in their souls, they know we have the most genetic power to breed them out of existence.

Now with that said, let’s go in…

In 2010, the singer Ricky Martin said: “I am proud to say that I’m a fortunate homosexual man, I am very blessed to be who I am.”

He posted this on his website ‘’ and also said that his twin sons bring him boundless amounts of joy. His direct statement was: “Everything they do, from smiling to crying, feels like a blessing. Being a father feels amazing. This has been the most spiritual moment in my life."

But what Ricky failed to realize is his natural ‘heterosexuality’ bought his sons into being, not his exalted homosexuality. So my question is: if he really feels being a ‘natural’ father is so amazing, then you’d think he’d research ways to correct his sexuality. Why would he have kids naturally if he’s so grateful to be gay?

But in today’s gender-confused american social order, elites have told everyone that you can basically have your cake and eat it too. Meaning, you can call yourself gay and have kids through normal heterosexual means. It’s kinda’ like being a gay christian. Even the dumb-founded George Bush jr. said: “I wonder which bible they’re reading?”

CNN news anchor Don Lemon published an autobiography in 2011 where he basically came out and said he was gay. His book, ‘Transparent’, talks about his sexuality in a way that he says is ‘inspirational’ to those like him. Oddly enough, he said he was most fearful of how the Black Diaspora would react to his revelation. And I’ve personally encountered some brain-washed Black men like him who pretty much put their homosexuality first and their ethnicity second.

Let me just say, I can’t understand how any Black man can be conditioned out of his common sense to those extremes. But then again, the white fascist social order looks more kindly on Black men who give up their masculinity, so any Black male wanting to be more palatable to whatever social order they’re in can always swap their manhood for an entrée into the social mainstream.

Cause if we just look at employment disparities, Don’s network CNN did a study where they found that white men who were felons got more call backs for jobs than Black men who had no criminal history at all. So Don’s coming out, calculated or not, can only help him stay in the good graces of white fascism.

Now, in the case of Shemar Moore, he hasn’t officially ‘outed’ himself yet, but if you look into his history, he’s known to travel in circles of homosexuals and transvestites in every town he touches down in. So it’s only a matter of time before the brotha, or half-bred brotha, cashes in his ‘gay chips’ to boost his commercial viability in Hollyweird.

Now, I can remember my freshman year of high school, where I watched a certain young brotha flirt continuously with other young men. I always shook my head at this, cause this fellow was light-skinned and had european-looking facial features that included a set of cool-colored eyes that one sista called ‘dreamy’, so I was like, why would he be gay when he could have any young woman he wants?

Then a couple of years after high school, I met a latin fellow named ‘Gil’ who was one of my co-workers in a book store. Now, this guy literally was trying to break into the modeling industry and I actually saw his headshot portfolio. And I also can attest to the fact that whenever he walked down the street almost every female head would turn. One day when I was going into the bookstore’s break room, I caught Gil kissing up on one of the store’s male workers. I just bolted outta’ there. And once again, I shook my head in disbelief thinkin’ damn, he could have any woman he wants, why the hell would he be gay?

And I think anyone reading this knows that nearly every male model and/or male stripper is a homosexual.

So let’s get down to what causes this.

The reason why so many male models, or men with ‘model looks’ are gay is because as young boys their exceptionally good looks (by european standards) made them prime targets for pedophiles.

So their first sexual encounter(s) with men traumatized them into believing that homosexuality was their natural sexuality.

Now, you might be thinkin’, c’mon bruh…there’s no way you can qualify that. To that I’ll say, look into the childhood of any homosexual person and you’ll find the trauma that made them sexually conflicted.

For instance, in 2010 Don Lemon confessed to being sexually victimized by a pedophile live on CNN while discussing the scandal surrounding Georgia Bishop Eddie Long. So this is no theory.

And the reason homosexuality is being pushed so hard in the Black Diaspora is again, Black men have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence. So white fascists either want Black men to be gay or if we’re straight, they want us to marry and mate with white women so our offspring will have less of the genetic power we do to bring about the demise of their people.

Now, what I’m not saying is that gay men are intrinsically evil or morally obtuse because of their sexual victimization or orientation. What I am saying is when you come across one of these ‘good-looking’ gay men, you should feel more empathy than anger towards them. Cause you now know he was NOT BORN THAT WAY! AND NO ONE IS! He was victimized into that sexual orientation, and more than likely, he’ll never know what it’s like to operate in his natural sexuality.

Like I’ve said in the past, homosexuality is a ‘death-style’ not a lifestyle. But there is a cure for this ‘death-style’ if anyone reading this is interested in correcting and getting back to their natural sexuality.

And fortunately, the cure is the same for dealing with any other mental trauma. Anyone wanting to rid their psyche of a trauma must first consciously recognize the event that is causing some kind of character defect, and then subconsciously, they must recondition themselves out of that pain.

So, in Don Lemon’s case, he’d have to revisit the trauma he lived through, meaning, he’d have to see what happened to him and who it was that preyed on him consciously, then subconsciously, he’d have to create some kind of healing mantra to neutralize that pain. Then, he’d have to diligently repeat this mantra in his subconscious until he began seeing the results he desires.

Mind you, no one said this was gonna’ be easy. It would be hard as hell…but this method would not only take whatever character flaws have resulted from his trauma away, but it would correct his sexuality at the same time.

But the question is: Would Don ever commit to this?

I doubt Don ever really recognized his problem at subconscious levels, and if he did, I doubt he’d take on the challenge of putting in the kind of work necessary to correct his conflicted sexuality.

And there’s another hurdle…Don’s let the american social order convince him that he was born this way, even though he admitted to being sexually victimized as a child. So unfortunately for him, it’s check and mate…the game’s over.

But for anyone reading this who’s struggling with any kind of trauma, understand living with its effects is not an inevitability. We have psychic tools to help us master our minds and conquer these demons.

But again, it takes work to be victorious over these psychic maladies. And in the case of mainstreamed homosexuality, its victims are duped into believing that their sexual orientation is a life sentence.

So for anyone reading this, regardless of your sexual orientation, understand there’s no mental oppression that can’t be overcome by working it out in the subconscious. But you have to choose to do the hard work associated with winning out over whatever trauma ails you.

And this is your life we’re talking about people…so for your own future’s sake, choose wisely.


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. This blog is utter bull. You're a bigot and probably like the men mentioned above. Hanging around a bear doesn't make you one. I have gay friends who were BORN gay. Doesn't concern me since it isn't my business. I read a lot from this blog and you fail to talk about anything that matters.... Unless "duh wheight mane" is to blame. You're so busy being and advocating for victimhood that you don't see the real issue. Talk about black on black crime or at least address it! Quit blaming whites for inner city turmoil they don't make blacks commit crimes. A rat can't complain that the mousetrap keeps trapping him with the lure of easy cheese...its doing what it's made to do. So.... Avoid the mousetrap. Go to school, army, learn a trade something other than thug life. The funny thing is... Rappers love yelling about selling dope to your kids...yet they take your money you spent with them and send their kids to college... They sell blacks death yet no post from you about that... OR the fatherless homes from which most came... OR about this uplifting of single motherhood... OR black genocide by blacks...... I know I know it's whitey mans fault...

  2. 'Anonymous'...

    'Hanging around a bear doesn't make you one. I have gay friends who were BORN gay.'

    You missed the whole point of this post.

    If you understood what you read, you'd see that the example I gave of Don Lemon admitting he was molested by a pedophile for years, speaks directly to homosexuality being a condition that's born of childhood trauma(s).

    Now concerning this comment: '"duh wheight mane" is to blame.' You sound like a white south African or a white german immigrant who speaks broken english...anyway, why do white people always wanna' talk about Black on Black crime, but never 'white on white crime(s)'?

    Cause if we talk about white on white crime, then you'd discover that according to 2015 FBI stats, 83% of white americans were killed by other white americans. And being that there are six times as many whites as there are Blacks in america, that means the people committing the most murders in this country look like you. So why don't I ever see this represented on the TV news?

    Now in regards to your comment about the 'inner-city', the REAL inner-cities are areas where people go to work and shop. Last time I checked, those areas were mainly populated by white people in commercial business the term 'inner-city' and its reference to Black americans is a complete misnomer.

    Now, I have no problems with rats getting caught in traps if they're trying to steal cheese. My problem is when cats commit more crimes than rats and don't suffer any kind of penalty for it. This is the case with white people who commit the overwhelming majority of this country's crimes.

    I HAVE went to school. I HAVE a trade. And I DON'T LIVE A THUG'S LIFE! So that's just an inane stereotype on your part.

    And when you talk about rappers 'selling dope to kids', what you're not realizing is my people don't own the planes and boats that fly and float drugs into this country...YOUR PEOPLE DO!

    And you don't have to believe me, just read a book called 'Dark Alliance' by Gary Webb. This will let you know where 'crack' really came from.

    Regarding fatherless homes, after a cadre of white fascists brought american 'integration' into being, which was a trick played on my people to get our money into white fascist pockets, what those same fascists did was keep Black men out of the workforce while telling Black women they'd pay for their food, clothing and shelter. There was just one catch...Black women couldn't have a Black man in the house while doing this.

    And this initiative more than any other brought about the spate of fatherless Black homes in this country.

    And if you wanna' talk about genocide, you can't leave out how whites came to this country sick and starving and how native americans nursed them back to health.

    And what did whites do as a display of gratitude? THEY KILLED THE NATIVE AMERICANS!

    So this country was FOUNDED on a genocide created by your people.

    Again, it's ashamed you don't know how much you don't know...and one mo' dumb-founded white boys make this easy!

  3. Again you deflect and blame whites. Whites don't glorify crime and consider thugs and drug dealers and rappers as the holy grail of role models. We call white trash for what it is. The news media is run by liberals who have an agenda. Those same liberals who implemented the policies that hurt blacks yet those same blacks turn around and keep them in power by voting them in time after time. Malcom X knew this and was strongly against white liberals and the Democratic party.

    You still don't see how blacks are their own worst enemy. Yes white kill whites but you know what they don't do? Start a "white lives matter" group who ignore white on white crime while burning and looting our own neighborhoods when one of our criminals are killed by a black officer. You know who does this? Blacks do. How can you expect anybody to take "black lives matter" seriously when your culture idolizes criminals and rappers who promote death and destruction for blacks AS A POSITIVE THING. How many rap songs advocate "killing a n****" compared to anything positive? Not many yet you are silent on that. You are so focused on whites that you can't see we aren't your problem. Even if we can say whites planted the seeds of blacks destruction... Who waters the plant? Who keeps it growing? Who feeds it? Who makes sure it's protected? Blacks... After a certain point you can't blame whites anymore when you have nurtured those seeds into massive oak trees...

    And you can't be serious talking about Indians as if that somehow excuses black on black genocide... Tell me sir what that has to do with thug a killing thug b? Those same Indians killed each other over land so don't pretend as if they never saw bloodshed over land prior to whites.

    Of course you'll continue to be a victim and never take accountability for black problems. If I scratch you it is my fault you were scratched... However it isn't my fault you put dirt in it, let it get infected, refused to treat it and then when it has to be amputated you proclaim it's my fault for something that didn't have to happen yet was enabled by your own choices after the fact? My point is... Nobody is claiming whites didn't play a role in the beginning but after a while it's purely blacks fault for the infection and subsequent amputation.

    Of course you'll reply with a retort about how it's still whites fault for the infection while rubbing dirt in the wound.

    1. 'Anonymous'...

      First off, you say whites don't glorify crime?

      If that's how you feel, I suggest you check out these flicks...

      Godfather 1, 2 and 3



      The Departed


      Who the hell do you think taught Black americans to glorify gangsters?

      It was YOU people.

      You say Blacks keep voting liberals into power? Well, we only make up 10% of the american population, so I think more of you are voting these 'liberals' into office. And if you really want the straight dope...presidents are selected, not elected.

      Second, 'Black Lives Matter' was a movement started by white fascist freemasons to give our people a more pacifist organization to join, so we wouldn't revolt like we did in Ferguson, MO.

      Seems like white fascists never expected our children to stage as long an insurrection as they did, and they also didn't like the fact that those revolts led to Mike Brown's parents speaking at the United Nations. So they gave us Black Lives Matter so we'll be more content to keep marching and holding picket signs.

      See, your problem is your mind's still stuck on checkers, while the elites are playing chess. What you need to do is stop taking everything you hear on the TV news as the gospel truth.

      And as far as us looting and burning our own neighborhoods, what we loot and burn are stores that our people don't own. And we do this cause the non-Black store owners consistently overcharge us and treat us badly when we patronize those stores.

      And you say that whites don't burn and loot their neighborhoods when white crooks are shot by Black cops...well tell me, when's the last time you heard of a Black cop shooting a white person?

      Now, as far as music goes, how many white metal bands advocate satan worship? I grew up looking at white boys wearing Slayer, Venom and Morbid Angel T-shirts, and how many white suicides have been connected to that music? And if you think gun violence is only advocated or practiced in rap circles, do some research on how Pantera's
      Dime Bag Darrell died behind a white guy coming onto a stage and shooting him dead while he was performing a song.

      And the reason I spoke about american indians was to illustrate the homicidal nature of white people who were nursed back to health by them.

      The problem with you and your kind is, you just don't wanna believe your people are as dastardly as they are, or that white fascism plays a role in every dysfunction you see displayed in the Black Diaspora.

      Now, is it our responsibility to solve these problems...ABSOLUTELY!

      But understand, we aren't born with these problems, they've been bred into us by the white fascists cause they know we have the most genetic power to breed your people out of existence.

      And that's whats happening right now.

      So, we are not our own worst enemies...the real enemy of my people are fascists who look like you.

      And if that's too difficult a pill to swallow, then tough. If you don't like what you see here, don't come back to my Blog.

  4. LMAO did you seriously say white women want to be black!? That's a lie man Google how many black women die getting ass injections that's not a white woman thing and they tan naturally even if they don't want too genius. Some white women get lip injections so that makes them want to be black? You illogic is showing. Black women wear white women hair to the cost of billions annually. They wear silly contacts and bleach their skin so who wants to be whom? Lmfao.

    You claim white dudes smoke cigars to feel dominant and genetically powerful? Dude... You do know people were smoking tobacco in leaves way before Europeans knew about it right? Meaning before races even knew about other races they were doing this. So how does that make sense? What about weed smokers who smoke fat blunts? Are they craving to feel genetically powerful? LOL or is your theory limited to tobacco smokers?

    You always talk about blacks breeding people out of existence. You're a fool. You know nothing about genetics and that's painfully obvious by you making that assertion. It behooves you to go find out why that's absurd. You have not the slightest idea how genes work otherwise you would edit every post you've made that claim on.

    Go read some books man

    1. 'Anonymous'...

      Ponder this, if white women understand how many advantages their white privilege affords them, then why would they want to get surgeries to look IN ANY WAY like a Black woman?

      There's a whole generation of white women injecting silicone into their butts and lips to look like the kind of woman they've been told are the least attractive on earth.

      You wanna' talk about what's 'illogical'?

      Now, I can't tell you how many white men I've seen wearing bald heads after Black men made that trend popular. And what does smoking tobacco leaves have to do with what a brown cigar...and a white cigarette really represent?

      Since your so big on logic, I'll go you one better...why would your people pay millions of dollars to tan themselves every year knowing what kind of advantages they are afforded behind having white skin?

      If anything, your people should be applying powder to their faces and bodies to get 'whiter'.

      And you don't have to take my word for the fact that Black men have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence, just look at the research done by your own scientists.

      Two whites can't create a Black person, unless they have some Black genetics in them. While the whole of the human race are descendants of ours. Again, don't take my word for this, do the research.

      The saddest part about all this is you white boys are missing the whole point of this post.

  5. Show me one white women openly modifying herself for the goal of being black. Even Rachel dolezal wasn't stupid enough to go that far. Meanwhile lil Kim looking like both her parents and grandparents are white. Beyoncé bleached, Nikki Minaj bleached, rihanna bleached, most black female celebrities bleach. Black women keep Clorox in business.

    1. 'Jake'...

      Google the model 'Priscilla Caputo' and tell me how white women aren't going to crazy lengths to look like the women they've been told their whole lives are the least attractive in the world.

      Again, there's a whole generation of your women doing this to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

      So who's really keeping plastic surgeons in business? Beyonce and Lil Kim, or white women?

      You make the call.

      Again, what's sad about these comments is you white guys are so self-involved that you're not even addressing this post's topic.


    2. I agree that many gay men have been sexually abused at some point. However in my honest opinion I'm not sure if that contributed to them being gay because heterosexuals have experienced molestations too and didn't turn gay so it seems unlikely that molestation is the cause of homosexuality. Especially considering some people are indeed born gay and never get molested.

      I think attractive people are just attractive it's not so much European features but symmetrical attributes. If you're sexy you're sexy by any standards. I've also met my share of attractive men who could have any woman but were gay. I just chalk it up to God's weird sense of humor.

      I don't understand the death style thing. Homosexuals die just like anybody else but not simply because they are gay. That's a little foolish to say don't you think?

      I also don't understand why black people think ass and full lips are a black only thing. In south America a big ass and full lips are common. Try googling Brazilian women. In Texas big butt white girls are everywhere. There are other races who have those things so why is it you assume automatically that the women who modify their bodies are trying to emulate black women? I think it's because black culture celebrates big asses. So it's assumed that only black women have them. Which honestly is a myth in itself because like Nikki Minaj many of those asses are silicone. Don't believe me just google how many black women die from back alley butt injections.

      I really don't care about gay men. If you're gay and good looking more power to you. Do what makes you happy. We all die eventually why spend it arguing about if homosexuality is a choice or not?

      I don't think when shemar Moore is gay. He doesn't give off that aura. He is attractive but that doesn't make him gay.

      If being gay is a choice... Then you're saying sexuality is a choice. So do you choose to like and be attracted to women? If so then you could very well choose to be attracted to men. I'm sure you will remember you just got a boner one day looking at some teachers tits around 13. You didn't choose to be attracted to women. Gay men didn't choose men.

      We get what we are given. Being gay or straight is really no big deal. Babies will still get made as long as time exists

    3. 'Ike'...

      First off, babies WON'T get made if everyone turned gay...that's why I refer to homosexuality as a 'death-style', not a lifestyle.

      Second, if you notice, men who are molested by women in their youth, still attain the attributes of 'straight' men. Now, they may have sexual dysfunctions or fetishes that develop from their trauma, but most aren't sexually conflicted to the point of thinking or feeling completely like females.

      Third, you say people are attractive based on 'symmetrical' attributes or facial features, but who controls the stereotype of what is and isn't beautiful? Furthermore, who created the classic notion of beauty that says one person is attractive and the other is not, based on facial or physical symmetries? It was white fascists that gave us what we now know as the 'classic' notion of beauty. And this serves to do nothing but teach us that white people are the most beautiful.

      Fourth, you say big lips and butts are not only a 'Black' thing, that there are plenty of women fitting that category in places like Brazil for instance. What you're not realizing is dark-skinned Brazilians, are Black people. Brazil has the largest population of Black people outside of Africa. So you're talking about us again.

      Furthermore, I'm not only speaking for myself when I say that I've never seen so many white women with full behinds in my life than I do now. And we know for a fact that this wasn't the case with white women a couple of decades ago. We also know for a fact that white women are injecting themselves with silicone to get their behinds fuller than their physical features would allow.

      Now, when you talk about slut bag whores like Nikki Minaj, she's really emulating the looks of white women by wearing several blonde weaves. And in keeping with the artificial aesthetic of white women, she's getting butt injections as well, but you and I both know that the average Black women doesn't need any help in this area.

      And quite frankly, the reason why SOME Black women are getting these injections is because they feel that they had the market cornered in terms of nice looking derrieres and they now know that white women are literally paying to have larger behinds themselves, so they feel they have to go 'bigger' in order to compete.

      Fifth, do five minutes worth of research on Shemare Moore and you'll see what I'm talking about. I'm not just basing his sexuality strictly on his looks.

      Problem with you and your kind is, you refuse to think independently or deeply about much of anything. And you're just content to be spoon-fed your opinions. If you'd come up out of your superficial stupor, you'd be surprised what you'd learn.

  6. I think all of YOU people who think its simply natural for someone to be gay are totally delusional. I think most of all the people that comment from this site are going to hell in hand basket. So, let's just chalk it up then.

  7. Also, for those who take the time to come to this website, read these long ass articles and then type a long anti-speech, must love Black people, Black talk, Black everything. I certainly wouldn't get on an Aryan Nation or LGBT site and start reading and COMMENTING off their stupid articles. You go and inhabit wherever you feel the most comfortable, therefore, I can conclude that Everyone and I mean Everyone who is reading this comment right now, loves me dearly a beautiful gorgeous sexy-ass Black woman and others who look like me. Even gays aim to look and be like me. Lol.....

    Stop commenting if you hate what the author is writing, just go get a life, please.... Because, to be frank with you, I have enjoyed reading every article on this website and that's what keeps me coming back for more. What about YOU???

  8. Also, for those who take the time to come to this website, read these long ass articles and then type a long anti-speech, must love Black people, Black talk, Black everything. I certainly wouldn't get on an Aryan Nation or LGBT site and start reading and COMMENTING off their stupid articles. You go and inhabit wherever you feel the most comfortable, therefore, I can conclude that Everyone and I mean Everyone who is reading this comment right now, loves me dearly a beautiful gorgeous sexy-ass Black woman and others who look like me. Even gays aim to look and be like me. Lol.....

    Stop commenting if you hate what the author is writing, just go get a life, please.... Because, to be frank with you, I have enjoyed reading every article on this website and that's what keeps me coming back for more. What about YOU???

    1. 'Vero'...

      Thanks for the compliment, and I'll try to make my posts a bit shorter from now on...(lol)