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The most insidious effect of the Donald Sterling 'scandal'...

Truthfully, I'm already sick of hearing about the so-called 'scandal' associated with Donald Sterling, the owner of the L.A. Clippers.

Unfortunately, the media won't let this story die. And that's because this story is being used as a mental trigger for the Black Diaspora.

Just like the Trayvon Martin verdict, this story is meant to keep us in a state of constant anger and emotional instability; thus, we react emotionally instead of rationally. And, it's a reminder that the american Black Diaspora are descendants of slaves, which keeps our minds mired in white supremacy (i.e. Donald is the slavemaster, the Black basketball players are slaves and the NBA is the plantation). 

Case in point, there's a brotha I've been conversing with recently about these matters; and I was telling him about the ways he talks so disparagingly about Black people. 

He'll often say that Black people don't think critically and without him knowing it, he'll always attribute the worst character traits to his own kind. 

I told him to stop doing this, lest he turns those thoughts inward and starts subconsciously feeling this way about himself. He agreed I had a point.

The other day he told me when he sees the Black youth engaged in something negative, he immediately thinks about what I said about the subconscious. He went on to say, now he understands why Black people do the things they do; it's 'cause subconsciously, they don't know any better.   

See, he's so mired in white supremacist thought, he's completely perverted my whole argument about the Black Diaspora's self-hatred and how we've been so conditioned to hate ourselves by white people.

He's now using my rationale to continue hating his own kind, and subconsciously, himself. 

I've also noticed he loves to talk about his 'lighter skin'; and just the other day, when we were talking amongst some other people, he confessed to loving the american government. 

Meaning, he's doomed to be a self-hating anglophile for the rest of his life. 

If you've read my last Blog post, I told you how seductive white supremacy is; 'cause it doesn't require any thinking. You just do what whitey tells you to do.

And there's something else I'd like to share about this brotha, even though I shouldn't. 

Over the course of the last few weeks, while this brotha and I were talking, he's confessed two things to me. One, that he's homeless and living with his daughter, and two, that he's a white supremacist freemason. 

Now, let me repeat that; this brotha is a homeless, white supremacist freemason!

You see, this is a clear example of how much the american or white fascist status quo is a dead end for the Black Diaspora!

Whether you're mentally tethered to thoughts of white supremacy or physically tethered to a white supremacist fraternity; the outcome is usually a life relegated to feelings of inferiority and an existence where you're living paycheck to paycheck. 

But back to Donald Sterling...

When I first heard about these goings-on, I thought, okay...another bigoted white man who owns a sports team; what else is new?

But what really incensed me about this whole debacle was the Black Diaspora's reaction to it.

A year or so ago, Uncle Tommy Sotomayor had a fall-out with another fellow who had a show similar to his called 'The Advise show'. And truthfully, this show directly copied from Tommy Sotomayor's format and style. So the fact that they had this contentious beef was laughable. 

Now, to this day, my most popular posts are still the ones I've done about Uncle Tommy Sotomayor; and recently someone told me that both Tommy and The Advise show had videos dedicated to this topic. 

Being that I'm a reformed fan of Uncle Tommy's, I watched The Advise show's vid on this instead. And The Advise show played the audio footage of what Don said about our people attending his team's games. 

For those who don't know, Don was caught saying that he didn't particularly care for the Black Diaspora's  appearance at the stadium; now, he didn't mind having Black athletes playing the game, but he'd rather not sit next to a Black person in the stands.

In response to this, The Advise show's narrator said he was not only outraged at Don, but he was doubly outraged at the Black athletes for not staging some sort of strike against the team and the NBA. And I agreed with him on that point.

Then, he began his diatribe about how Black men are the only type of men who don't revolt in the face of white fascism. And I thought, here we go again with the Black Diaspora's self-hatred rearing it's ugly head. 

For those who subscribe to The Advise show's point of view on this; I'd like to offer a counter analysis of this guy's dumb-founded diatribe. 

In March of this year, Congressman Donald Young (another white male Donald), said of his father who owned a ranch, that: "My father had a ranch, (and) we used to have 50-60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes."

When a journalist asked Marco Rubio, a spanish Florida senator, what he thought about the statement, Marco responded: "I'm concentrating on the Easter holiday (It was close to Easter at the time) comment."  

Let me give you an even more absurd example of how other people, besides us, don't challenge the white supremacist status quo. 

In 2006, Japan’s 'Memorial Day Association' declared October 6th ‘Tom Cruise Day’; supposedly ‘cause he’s been the highest profiled american actor who’s made the most trips to the island nation.

Mind you, in 1945, two atomic bombs were dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by people who look just like Tom Cruise...and now they're celebrating a 'Tom Cruise day'?! *shaking my head* 

So you see, forgiving the rapacious nature of white supremacy and its institutions, isn't something that's exclusive to Black people. 

Side note: The 'NAGAS' were not only an ancient Black tribe who ruled in asia, but the very word Naga means divine in our original language the Medu Netcher. Furthermore, this is how the japanese city of NAGA-saki got its name. 

The name 'Naga-saki' translates into the words 'Black snake'...and the chinese actually dubbed 2013 as the year of the 'Black snake'; google this if ya' don't believe me. 

And Mr. Advise show (what a dumb-founded name), also raved about how Black men never physically stand up to white supremacy or take any actions to eradicate it. 

And if you believe this, then let me tell ya' about a brotha named Chris Dorner. 

Chris Dorner was a Navy reserve and L.A. police officer who witnessed how the white supremacist, gestapo like police abused and were abusing people in Black neighborhoods; and in response, he took his gun and shot down several white police officers. 

This was not a Black man who turned a blind eye to white supremacy; he used the resources at his disposal to wipe it out; unlike what Mr. Advise show says about us.  

And I'm not even gonna' talk about the contributions of The Black Panthers in California. 

So, let me reiterate, if the Black Diaspora doesn't find a way to recondition itself out of thinking the worst about ourselves, the white supremacists win and we've lost. 

Now, if you can reconcile hating yourself for being Black, then I'm not talking to you; I'm talking to the brotha and sista who want to make our reality better by healing the rift between us. And this starts with understanding, consciously and subconsciously, how we've been been conditioned more than any other person on the planet to hate ourselves by these white people we adore so much. 

And moreover, if you can reconcile this, you don't deserve the privilege of being born a Black man or woman, and I'd rather you didn't come back to this Blog!

But if you're truly about the work of making Black people love themselves and want to see them returned to a place of prominence, then stay tuned and hang in there with me...I've got more to show you in the posts to come. 


MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to read about one aspect of how The Black Panthers worked to the betterment of the Black community, read my former post about Dr. Huey P. Newton here.


Here's the 'Advise Show' video that inspired this Blog post; and again, if you're a fan of this insipid show, you might wanna' be a bit more selective about what you're watching. 

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