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3 reasons why an ethnic war won't happen in america...

"The racist dog policeman must withdraw immediately from our communities, cease their wanton murder and brutality and torture of Black people, or face the wrath of the armed people."
                                         --Dr. Huey P. Newton, 1968 

On July 7th, 2016, right after americans got done celebrating ‘Independence Day’, a ‘BlackLivesMatter’ protest turned deadly when five police officers were killed, and nine other cops were injured in Dallas, Texas.

Overnight, the BlackLivesMatter organization(s) were labeled as terrorists. A short time later, a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ bill was signed into law behind cops fearing they’d face another bout of rightful payback…I mean, lethal retaliation(s) behind the killing of Alton Sterling.

Now, let me just say, from what I've seen over the course of several years, it’s standard operating procedure for cops to cry foul when one (or some) of them fall, even though they've been acting like trigger-happy klansmen in our communities.

So I wasn’t surprised to see the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ law pass. Hell, I didn’t even get mad behind cops and politicians taking the name of the BlackLivesMatter initiatives to bellyache about a couple of them getting sniped off, when they've clearly been murdering scores of Black men. If anything, the Blue Lives Matter law reminded me of the ‘Mumford Act’ that passed in 1967. This piece of California legislation prevented Black Panthers from carrying fire arms when those brothas decided to strap up and match arms with those badge-wearing bigots called cops.

But what did piss me off was a video I saw by the Black man who inspired me to write this Blog. In it, he argued that the retaliatory strike committed against cops was evidence of a mental illness on the part of Black people. Basically, he likened our vengeance to a knee-jerking reaction seen in codependent abuse victims. But then I had to remind myself that his psyche has been so thoroughly raped by white fascists and their social order(s), that he’ll be kept in a perpetual state of self-hatred ‘til the day he dies. As I said previously, in the paradigm of Black self-hatred, you always have to place the blame on Blacks and never acknowledge the white fascist maneuverings in anything.

Then I saw another video by a brotha named Carlos Kaigler. And he was basically beseeching Black folks not to retaliate any further against the cops for fear of starting some kind of ethnic (or race) war. *Side note: I don’t use the term ‘race’ in these matters, ‘cause there’s only one race, and that’s the human race. People are really talking about ‘ethnicity’ and ‘ethnic’ groups when they make these arguments, whether they know it or not.

Now, not only did Carlos’ pleas for forgiveness remind me of the cowardly stylings of so-called Black leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesse Jackson, but it had me seeing how his mind was also caught in the white fascist/christian trap of telling Black folks to default to methods of peaceful, non-violent resistance, lest our ‘uppity’ behaviors result in our feeling the sting of the plantation master’s lash.

So for any other Black person still thinking this way, I’d like to list 3 reasons why an ethnic war won’t happen in america.

Reason#3: If the american social order were to disintegrate into a state of all-out ‘war’, especially over an extended period of time, the elites could be put out of business.

We all need to understand, that the ruling elite constructed this social order as a means of staying in power. Thus, white fascists depend on John and Jane Q. Public to keep showing up at their jobs, paying their taxes and shopping at Walmart.

Hence, if the american social order were to devolve into the chaos of a full-fledged ethnic war, all that would come to an abrupt halt. Meaning, we’d no longer have a need for money, ‘cause whoever had a gun, or several guns, could just take what they wanted. And any normalcy behind people going to jobs would stop behind fears of being killed en route to work, collecting taxes would be close to impossible, etc. etc. 

So the elites will do whatever it takes to keep america’s unofficial ‘caste system’ alive and well. By any means necessary.

Reason#2: Behind Black americans fighting and winning their freedom from slavery, the elites know that defeating us won’t be easy.

The Gullah Wars, which were fought between 1739 and 1858, were the battles Black people waged against white fascists that freed us from slavery.

Now, what I was taught in the american (mis)educational system was Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation freed Black slaves in america. But that’s a bald-faced lie.

First off, Abraham Lincoln not only owned slaves but he was so low down, that he had hundreds of freed Black americans sent to a slave colony in Haiti to be ‘re-enslaved’. In addition, The Emancipation Proclamation was not recognized by america’s slave owning states. So that proclamation fell on deaf ears when it came to white slave owners and their plantations.

Now, as a testament to how gallantly we fought to free ourselves, one of the Gullah Wars most famous slave revolts called the ‘Stono Rebellion’, which took place on September 9th, 1739, near South Carolina’s ‘Stono River’, saw Black slaves fighting so fiercely that in 1740, that state passed something called the ‘Negro Act’. And this act actually mandated a ‘prohibition’ against slavery.

That’s how feared our ancestors were. And mind you, this was just one of hundreds of battles/revolts our people waged against whitey.

So white fascists understand that an all-out ethnic war with us, won’t be won in three easy steps. These inbreds know it would be more of an ordeal than a slaughter.

Reason#1: And the number one reason why an ethnic war won’t break out in america is actually twofold…first, too many white people’s lives would be affected and/or taken away, and second, if any kind of ethnic war was going to happen in this county, it would have happened already.  

With white birth rates having fallen below replacement levels and white-on-white crimes being responsible for 89% of caucasian deaths in america, the last thing whitey wants to do is go head up with us in a country where so many more of their lives could be lost.

And whites also understand that we’d not only fight to defend ourselves, but we’d be fighting with a furious anger mixed with a bitterly impassioned need for vengeance for all the injustices they’ve committed against us.

Additionally, if an ethnic war didn’t happen behind the Civil Rights marches, the Nation Of Islam’s and Malcolm X’s ragings against white people, the Black Panther’s revolutionary stance against cops, and/or Ferguson, Missouri’s extensive revolts, then that kinda' war ain’t gonna’ happen here.

Now, does this mean whitey’s not gonna’ try to get rid of Black people on smaller and more localized levels?


white fascists are gonna’ throw everything and the kitchen sink at getting rid of Black people on smaller scales. That’s why we’re being gentrified out of our neighborhoods, our water supplies are being poisoned, cops are shooting us down in droves, and last but definitely not least, that’s why white fascists blew up those levees in New Orleans that caused the Hurricane Katrina disaster. 

But regardless of that, I'll reiterate that no Black american should live in fear of an ethnic war jumping off here. And thankfully, our children didn’t. Cause if they had, they wouldn’t have revolted so effectively in Ferguson, Missouri, and got Mike Brown’s parents speaking before the United Nations to tell those officials about the domestic terror(s) being perpetrated on Black people in america.

And this is also the reason no Black person should feel obligated to show any kind of remorse over dead cops. Like Carlos Kaigler did in his video.  

Now, whether Micah Xavier Johnson committed that heroic act in Dallas or not, I say what our ancestors said about any oppressor meeting with a lethal resistance from the oppressed.

I say it’s justice.

Plain and simple.  

And no Black person in america, should be remorseful about finally seeing some of that


MontUHURU Mimia


Here's the Carlos Kaigler video that inspired this post. This video contains mature language. Viewer discretion is advised. 

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