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One mo' bold-faced lie about Black men...

Lie#4: Black men commit the most crimes in america.

A few days ago, I watched a video of a ‘CNN’ panel about the ‘BlackLivesMatter’ (BLM) movement, and the overall perception of america’s police force.

On this panel was a retired New York Police Department (NYPD) detective, turned law enforcement analyst named Harry Houck. The next panelist was a brotha named Marc Lamont Hill, who’s a CNN Political Commentator, as well as a professor at Morehouse College. And the last panelist was NYPD retired Police Chief, Phillip Banks, who also happens to be a Black man.

Now, this panel was mediated by a CNN commentator who started off by directing questions to Harry Houck, the retired NYPD detective. And he asked how Harry perceived the ‘BLM’ movement and what his thoughts were on the current civil unrest surrounding the state of american policing.

Harry then started waxing philosophic about how unfair it is for the police to be seen as ‘racists’, and said that the administrators of america’s police forces understand they have some problems, but those problems are being addressed. Then he said, that not only do the police have to own up to their problems, but the Black community has to own up to theirs as well.

Then he uttered a sentiment echoed by several white fascist henchmen and said: “Facts have to matter.” And mind you, this was a direct jab at the name of the BLM movement. Then, Henry pulled out a sheet of paper he got from his cronies in the NYPD, and started quoting some stats. He said that according to his buddies on the NYPD: “Blacks in New York City were responsible for 75% of all shootings, 70% of all robberies, and 60% of all violent crimes.” Then Harry said: “That’s why more Blacks go to jail than whites.”

Harry also said, he was tired of the public ‘second-guessing’ the ability of white cops to act in an unbiased manner.

Then Marc chimed in saying: “Cops should be second-guessed—just like every other public servant.” And then he proceeded to hotly contest Harry’s statement that Blacks are ‘predisposed’ to criminality.

Long story short, Marc put up a valiant fight, but ultimately, he and that token negro Phillip Banks, conceded that Harry was right about Blacks committing not only a disproportionately high amount of crimes, but the majority of overall crimes in america.

So, being the curious type of fellow I am, and in keeping with three other lies I debunked about Black men in the first post of this series, I went about doing some research to see if Black men actually do commit the most crimes in america. And here’s what I found…

First off, let’s take a look at america's national crime rates

According to FBI stats garnered by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2013 (the year these stats were last published), in terms of total arrests, 6,214,197 white people were arrested, and 2,549,655 Black people were as well.

In terms of arrests for rape, 8,946 white people were arrested for this crime, and 4,229 Black people were as well.

For aggravated assaults, 183,092 white people were arrested, and 98,748 Black people were as well.

For Burglary, 136,990 white people were arrested, and 61,709 Black people were as well.

For ‘violent crime’, 228,782 white people were arrested, and 151,627 Black people were as well.

For larceny-theft, 677,743 white people were arrested, and 284,358 Black people were as well.

For Motor Vehicle theft, 34,864 whites were arrested, and 15,960 Black people were arrested as well. (Remember the TV show ‘Bait Car’?)

For property crime, 855,225 white people were arrested, and 363,952 Black people were as well.

For Driving under the influence, 766,440 whites were arrested, and 113,982 Black people were as well.

Are you seeing a pattern here people?

Almost across the board, the ‘facts’ Henry Houck talked about prove that whites categorically commit more crimes in america than Black people do.

Now, I say almost, ‘cause there are two exceptions. In the category of ‘Murders and Negligent Manslaughter’, the number of whites arrested were 3,799 and the number of Blacks arrested were 4,379. And in the category of ‘Robbery’, 32,945 whites were arrested, and 44,271 Black people were as well.

Now, to the anglophiles of every color rejoicing and saying: “See—I told you it’s those low life Black bastards who kill and steal.” I’d like to tell you why these numbers are totally biased and down-right wrong…especially when it comes to the NYPD.

First off, pertaining to these numbers of murders and robberies, let me tell you which 10 cities are the most heavily policed in america…and when I say most heavily policed, I mean, the cities that have the most police presence in ratio to its number of citizens. The cities are as follows: 1.) Washington, D.C., 2.) Baltimore, MD., 3.) Chicago, IL., 4.) Wilmington, DE., 5.) Philadelphia, PA., 6.) New York, N.Y., 7.) St. Louis, MO., 8.) Miami Beach, FL., 9.) Birmingham, AL., 10.) Atlanta, GA.

Again, see a pattern here people?

The pattern I’m talking about is, these cities represent the ones in america with a heavy presence of Black residents. Also, we need to remember, post-integration, these were not only the cities Blacks were corralled into, but they’re the same ones whites left after we were (look up the term: ‘white flight’ sometimes).

So we know right off the bat, that ameirca’s national police force(s) are concentrated in these locales.

Now, being that New York City is number 6 on this list, let’s take a look at how some of Henry Houck’s pals in the NYPD get down when it comes to doing their jobs.

The american Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) did a study on the NYPD’s ‘stop-and-frisk’ policy, and here's what they found…in 2011, from the 685,724 people stopped, 53% were Black and only 9% were white. And out of roughly 686,000 people stopped, 89% were not convicted of any crime. Meaning, 9 out of 10 Black people stopped were innocent.

With that said, we should see how the aforementioned info. shows us that 90% of NYPD’s forces, and national police forces overall, are concentrated in Black neighborhoods. So guess where those cops are gonna’ make the majority of their arrests?

So while Tyrone is getting hand-cuffed, trailer-parkTony is getting away with stealing cars, burglarizing homes, raping women, committing violent crimes, etc.

And let me tell ya’ what happenes to Tony if by some miracle a cop is patrolling a white neighborhood.

In one study done by the ‘Social Science Research Network’, they found that in several american states Black people were incarcerated for convicted felony offenses 51% of the time, while whites convicted of felonies were incarcerated 38% of the time. So if Tony does get caught, more than likely, his crime(s) will be reduced to a misdemeanor and he’ll be back at his trailer park in time to eat his fried bologna sandwich for dinner.

Now, I said I’d only debunk one ‘Bald-faced lie’…but since I'm feelin' the skin I'm in, let’s go for two…

As of late, white pundits are saying that cops shoot more white people than Black people, so there’s no bigotry involved in american policing. But let me show you why that’s a completely bogus theory.

According to recent data, there’s 160 million more white folks in america than Black people. whites make up 62% of the population and roughly 49% of police officer shooting victims. Black people however, account for 24% of police shooting victims, while only making up 13% of this country’s population.


So don’t let whitey bamboozle you with that non-sense!

And I’ve said all that to say this…if you’re a Black man or woman reading this post, you must understand that EVERY facet of the american social order is engineered to make you hate yourself and everyone who looks like you, ‘til the day you die.

And convincing you that our people commit the majority of this country’s crimes, is yet another way white fascists have set about doing this.

So let’s break out of this anglophilic stupor that’s been bred into us, so we can seek out the truth…and I’m not talking about a white fascist truth, but several of our own melanated ones.

And like Sam L. Jackson said in Spike Lee’s film, ‘Do the Right Thing’: “That’s the double truth, Ruth.”


MontUHURU Mimia


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