Sunday, July 10, 2016

The cult of Black and white Cinematic Symbolism (Part 9)...3 reasons why Marvel comics turned Iron Man into a Black woman...

A couple of days ago, I looked at my Twitter page and came across an errant ‘tweet’ reading: ‘Exclusive: Marvel’s New Iron Man is a Black woman’.

I thought I’d read it wrong, so I looked at the tweet a second time. Then I clicked on the tweet’s link. It led me to a ‘CNN’ article stating that a new character named, ‘Riri Williams’, will be taking the place of ‘Tony Stark’ as the new face of Iron Man. Now, according to the article, Riri’s backstory is that she’s a science prodigy who enrolled in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at age 15. And she came to Tony Stark’s attention by way of building an ‘Iron Man suit’ in her dorm room.

The article was written by Lisa Respers, a Black woman who’s a senior producer for CNN’s digital entertainment space, and she’s stationed in Paris, France. And they chose Lisa to write this article, so the world would think Black women universally agree with this decision.

After shaking my head for a minute, I uttered two words to myself: “It figures.”

With that said, let me give you 3 reasons why Marvel turned Iron Man into a Black girl…

Reason#3: Iron Man being a Black girl not only reinforces the stereotype of Black females being hyper-masculine, but it also makes the white feminist ideal of single womanhood more palatable to younger Black females.

In the 80’s and 90’s especially, Black women adopted the “I don’t need no man” mantra. And this was made popular to them by america’s white fascist social order, post-integration.

Uncle S(L)am showed and proved to Black women that he’d indeed take care of their food, clothing and shelter, under one condition: They couldn’t have a man in the house. This condition fostered the sentiment that Black women could be the mother AND father of their children, which further reinforces reasons why they’d never have a need for a man in their lives.

Also, when you think of iron, you immediately think of a substance that’s cold and inflexible. And these attributes are ones that white fascists want the world’s men to ascribe to Black women. Elites want the world’s men to think of Black women as emotionally unavailable, abrasive, argumentative and ultimately, unapproachable.

And ideally, white fascists want to keep Black women in three states of being—they want to keep them well-paid, oversexed and alone. And ‘Scandal’s’ Olivia Pope is a prime example of this.

Reason#2: Making Iron Man a Black girl promotes gender confusion and homosexuality to younger Black females.

Another consequence exacted on Black americans via the white elitist trick of integration, was Black women cohabitating with other Black women as a means of forming something resembling a traditional ‘nuclear family’. And post-integration, a lot of Black girls were raised in these households. Thus, this is the only kind of family they know. And more than likely, this is the same kind of ‘family’ they’ll create as adults.

Thus, for this kind of Black girl, reading this comic or seeing a movie with this version of Iron Man in it, will reinforce reasons why they should adopt a masculine ‘nature’. And what white elites are hoping to do, is get more Black girls feeling that they not only don’t need a man, but that they’re actually men themselves.

Thus, homosexuality and gender confusion go hand-in-hand.

Reason#1: And the number one reason Marvel comics turned Iron Man into a Black girl is…in an age where so many white women are doing everything they can to look like Black women, white fascists have got to denigrate the Black woman’s femininity, so the world’s men can be kept believing that white women are still the world’s prettiest.

California based model Priscilla Caputo, seen left, paid for several collagen lip injections over the course of three years. While she thought this would boost her career, her manic obsession with bigger, fuller lips caused her to over-inflate them to inhuman looking sizes.

Now, I’ll never forget how in my freshman year of high school, a sista openly said to me, “Man, God didn’t give us nothing, he gave us big lips and nappy hair…” And I didn’t respond, cause the american (mis)educational system taught me to feel the same way.

Fast forward to today, when literally millions of white women like Priscilla are getting butt and lip injections trying to look like the very people that young sista thought God had forsaken. It boggles my mind to see pics of white women ‘twerking’ and obsessively squatting themselves off in gyms to have bigger behinds, when we were told how gross and disgusting these physical features were supposed to be.

Now, the public at large might think this is a harmless trend, but this spells trouble for white fascists. And here’s why…

white fascism has conditioned nearly everyone in the free world to think of the white woman as the epitome of feminine beauty. So what happens when this woman spends millions of dollars trying to look like another type of woman?

And let me put that in more layman’s terms—what happens when white women show us that Black women are the world's most attractive females?

I’ll tell you what happens…it not only shatters the notion of the white standard of ‘classic’ beauty, but it says that everything we’ve been taught about the white fascist status quo is a lie.

But what’s even more detrimental to white fascists than this, is how this may affect the psyche of Black women.

See, if a Black woman realizes that she’s the epitome of feminine beauty, then a woman like Olivia Pope wouldn’t allow herself to be used like a sex toy for the gratification of a white man, who she thinks is god. And if that happens, then she would give a person like Fitzgerald Grant III an ultimatum: Either marry me, or we’re done having sex. Point blank, period.

And if this happens, Black women would see God in themselves more and in white people less. Thus, she’d be more liable to fight against the same patriarchal white fascists that white feminists want her to defend. She’d also see that the overwhelming majority of white feminists were not only seeking out and marrying the same oppressive white man they’d been railing against for years, but she’d understand how white feminists only speak out against misogyny when Black men are their targets.

Additionally, a Black woman who knows that she’s the standard of feminine beauty wouldn’t want to put someone else’s hair on her own. Nor would she want to bleach her own hair or skin. And she'd stop putting colored contacts in her eyes.

But even more frightening to the elites, is a Black woman who behind liking her looks, would want to create a family that looks more like herself.

And even more threatening, is a Black woman who’d want to marry someone who looks more like herself, a Black man.

So turning Iron Man into a Black girl basically keeps a new generation of young Black women thinking that their femininity will never equal that of a white woman’s. And this in turn, keeps them thinking that the white woman’s man, the white man, is still god.

So if you’re a Black woman reading this, I hope you now know that white women are telling you emphatically by their lip and butt injections, and obsessive tanning, that YOU are the world’s prettiest woman.

But here’s the real, real question: Will you ever think of yourself that way?

Can you come up out of your conditioned self-hatred enough to see that you are being acknowledged as the world’s prettiest woman?

Cause let me tell you, it’s IMPERATIVE that you do!

And it’s not only important for your own self-esteem, but it’s necessary for the very survival of the Black Diaspora.

And like Sam L. Jackson said in the Spike Lee movie, ‘Do The Right Thing’: “That’s the double truth, Ruth.”


MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to read the CNN article that inspired this post, you can see it here.


  1. And the thing about this is that the white boys emulate
    black women more than they do black men due to there Greek culture conditioning.

    1. 'Sam'...

      About a week ago, I responded to a comment some white guy made about homosexuality starting with our ancient ancestors.

      I told this dunce to look up the Greek island of 'Lesbos' cause this is where we get the term 'lesbian' from. Then I told him that on this island, Greek men were having so much sex with boys and each other, that the islands women starting following suit and having sex with other women.

      So we all know the deal about why so many 'straight' white boys dabble with and indulge in so many homosexual misadventures.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. As a black woman, I thank you for writing this piece. Please write more on this topic.